Leadership & Networks Call v2


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Leadership & Networks Call v2

  1. 1. + Leadership for a New Era (LNE) Leadership and Networks Publication By: Leadership Learning Community April 2011
  2. 2. + Agenda  Welcome – Check in exercise (5 minutes)  Review project goal, audience and where we are now (5 min)  Discuss draft synthesis: What’s needed to move this forward and make it a really great report? (40 minutes)  Writing and co-branding strategy (5 minutes)  Timeline and next steps (5 minutes)
  3. 3. + Project Overview Increase the impact and scale of social change work by fostering the leadership competences, mindset and What skills needed to use network strategies and tools or exercise leadership in a network context. Dominant thinking in the leadership field is still biased Why towards supporting individuals in an organizational context. There is an untapped opportunity to support a network mindset to help social change leadership reach a higher level of impact. Individuals, organizations, and groups that are supporting leadership & network development Who strategies. Can we really serve both audiences?
  4. 4. + Where we are now  Online resource directory  Writing partners recruited and engaged  Collaborative website  Joint webinar with Monitor Institute for Network of Network Funders  Face-to-face meeting in San Francisco with Monitor Institute w 45 people and great feedback  Second round of synthesis edits
  5. 5. + Reflection Question  If you had to pick the one most important idea to convey or question that would move the audience of this report to an important edge of learning that would help us to achieve our purpose, what would it be?
  6. 6. + Content Strategy
  7. 7. + Synthesis Testing In addressing these questions please keep in mind purpose of the report and its primary audience?  Are we supporting a new edge of learning or rehashing a lot of good work already available? What is the edge? Is the leadership point of view coming through strongly enough?  Should we be proactive in raising common concerns, (e.g. accountability, decision making, control, power) and how should we address them?  What case studies would be most helpful to this audience?
  8. 8. + Co-branding
  9. 9. + What & Why?  Endorse the publication at the organizational-level  Logo on cover page  Listed as a co-author  Increase your reach into the leadership community  Help to validate the importance of the thinking proposed by the report, and ultimately, increase the leadership capacity to develop and support networks in the social sector
  10. 10. + Next Steps
  11. 11. + Next Steps and Timeline  What needs to happen to move the report forward?  Who can help: Assignments and Timelines  What makes sense as a timeline for a final author review?