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Creating space launch strategy 022113-action-learning-group


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Creating space launch strategy 022113-action-learning-group

  1. 1. Creating Space | X 2013 Breaking New Ground: Leadership Development for Social Innovation & Impact May 8 - 10, 2013 Baltimore, MarylandMEASUREMENT PILOT DESIGN|EVENT PROMOTION & PARTICIPANT ENGAGEMENTOE Peer Group #1Measuring the Networked Nonprofit:Action Learning ProjectBy the Leadership Learning Community@leadershipera #CreatingSpace2013 1
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONFor the action learning project, we have decided to focus on the promotion andengagement around LLC’s national conference – Creating Space. The theme forthis year’s event is Breaking New Ground: Leadership Development for SocialInnovation and Impact. Drive participation in Goal 1: the event through Measure campaign email, social results and Awareness & media, blogger registration outcomes Registration outreach, and print campaigns Engage participants Measure Goal 2: via social media engagement via before, during, and social media Engagement following the event platforms 2
  3. 3. GOALGoal 1: Awareness and Registration “WHY?”We want to know what ‘works’ in terms of driving event registration, and gettingpeople talking about the event (We are inviting up to 100 registrants fromleadership development programs, funders, evaluators, researchers andconsultants to share ideas and build connections)Goal 2: Engagement “WHY?”We want to connect event registrants with one another before, during and afterthe event (Our event literature promises: You will have the opportunity to networkwith other stakeholders and remain connected for purposes of learning andcollaboration.) 3
  4. 4. GOALExternal impact:• Increase awareness about the role of leadership development in advancing social impact• Be a catalyst for strengthening participants’ leadership development practice and more broadly the social sector leadership development field• Create a transformative learning experience that allows participant to consider a broad range of leadership development perspectives and experiences - both ‘tried and true’ and unconventional ones - that might elevate participants’ work to a new level of social impactInternal impact:• Inspire conversations about the topic• Collaborate with key champions to plan the event – we have identified and invited ~10 influencers to help us plan and promote the event• Secure ~100 registrations that include a diverse group of participants (funders, nonprofits, researchers, consultants, etc) 4
  5. 5. KEY POINTSThe main, new components of this year’s eventpromotion include:• Champions program: work with the design team to plan and promote the event• Survey and case study about the event• Twitter chat/activity – perhaps with one of the event catalysts • Webinar series• Documentation: Prezi about key ideas/learnings from the event 5
  6. 6. TEAMProject Lead Communications Logistics Content/Design Design Team(Natalia) Coordinator Coordinator Team Leads • Help develop• Work with team to (Eleanor) (Miriam) (Deborah and content/agenda meet deadlines Milano) • Promote the event • Conduct • Coordinate venue,• Oversee implementation of food, etc • Help recruit catalysts • Recruit design team development and promotional strategy • Manage registrations implementation of • Develop • Develop of event content/agenda for promotional strategy documentation • Help document the event• Develop metrics materials event report • Recruit catalysts• Work with team on • Provide feedback documentation around promotional strategy strategy • Oversee documentation and evaluation strategy 6
  7. 7. AUDIENCELeadership development programs (mostly in the nonprofit sector) across thenation. Example: Rockwood Leadership Institute, Ashoka, Center for Ethical Leadership • Participate in the event • Engage with other participants around key ideas and questions • Help promote the eventFoundations investing in leadership development and in networks across thenation. • Participate in the event • Engage with other participants around key ideas and questions • Help promote the event“Champions”: Thought leaders that will be part of the design team (such asJune Holley, network weaving) • Help plan the content and structure of the event • Help identify and recruit catalysts • Help with key initiatives (Twitter chat, etc.) • Help promote the event 7
  8. 8. MARKETING PROCESS Evaluation/Documentati Planning Awareness Engagement on• Finalize promotional • Develop and launch • Before • Develop Prezi with strategy print campaign • Webinar learnings from event• Develop messaging and • Launch CS|X on LLC • Twitter chat • Analyze survey theme Web Site and • Post discussions and • Develop metrics report Newsletter ideas in communications• Identify relevant blogs channels and hashtags • Promote event via LLC • Collaborate with design• Coordinate logistics channels team to write about the • Promote event via event design team channels • Identify & recruit design • Blogger outreach team • Identify & recruit catalysts • During • Participate in interviews • Use hashtag to share ideas • After • Share experience through survey • Blog about the event • Participate in discussions about the event 8
  9. 9. TIMELINE Engagement: Engagement: Engagement: Planning Awareness Evaluation Before Event During Event After Event February - February –January - February May May - June June April April 9
  10. 10. LADDER OF ENGAGEMENTCREATING SPACE PARTICIPANTS Register for the Join LLC/LNE Sign up for Promote the event event website newsletter Participate in Share experienceProvide ideas for Write about the conversations about with ‘eventtopics/catalysts event (before/after) the event reporter’ (before/after) Donate to the Take survey Equity Fund 10
  11. 11. LADDER OF ENGAGEMENTCREATING SPACE DESIGN TEAM Provide ideas Register for the Promote the event for event topics/catalysts Write about the Host Help document event conversations learnings of (before/after) about the event event 11
  12. 12. CHANNELS• LLC website• LNE website• LLC newsletter• LLC webinar series• Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn• Design team channels• Relevant blogs• Print campaign (for funders)• Interviews during the event• Survey• Prezi 12
  13. 13. SMART GOALS/OBJECTIVESAwareness/Registration• Secure 100 registrations for the event (based on historical data) • ~5 design team • ~15 funders • ~80 nonprofits/researchers/consultants• Secure 200 new newsletter subscribers, driven by report download• [TBD] Page views (event page on LLC site)• 1,000 Bitly click throughs• Secure at least 20 online placements and mentionsEngagement• Recruit ~10 thought leaders for design team• Recruit ~5 innovators/catalysts for the event• ~20 comments and Twitter conversations (use of hashtag)• ~20 comments and conversations in online platform (LinkedIn?)• Secure 100 participants in webinar about report• 20- 50 participants in Twitter chat• 10 participants in interviews during the event with ‘event reporters’• 75 survey responses• 1 case study about the event (secure quotes/feedback from event participants)• 1,000 in donations for Equity Fund• [TBD] Prezi views 13
  14. 14. KEY BENCHMARKS Metric 1 Metric 2 Metric 3 Metric 4 Metric 5 Metric 6Awareness Registrations Registrations Pageviews link click- Online Referring site for event for newsletter throughs placements/mentions stats TOOL Brown Paper Constant GA or GA Tickets Contact similar toolEngagement Design team Catalysts for Twitter Hashtag use Comments (on FB, Webinar event conversations/ LinkedIn, LLC, LNE, etc) participants mentions TOOL Count Count Topsy Hashtracking Each channel, also Gotomeetings google formEngagement Survey Quotes Donations Prezi views Quality of coverage Twitter chat responses (content analysis): key participants message alignment, accuracy of facts, frequency of positive mentions TOOL Google form Survey Groundspring Prezi Content analysis Hashtracking 14
  15. 15. METRICS TOOLS• Brown Paper Tickets• Google Analytics (GA)• Constant Contact••,• Each channel (Linkedin, etc)• Topsy• Hashtracking• Content analysis• Gotomeetings• Groundspring• Google Form• Survey Tool• Prezi 15
  16. 16. COSTS: PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Category Hours Cost Outreach and 90 $5,200 recruitment Documentation 60 $2,800 Promotional plan 25 $1,250 Report of 40 $2,400 event/metrics Project 20 $1,000 management Printing/promo $1,000 materials Other fees $2,409 TOTAL $16,059 16
  17. 17. INSIGHTS/LEARNING• We will monitor and analyze the promotional activities on an ongoing basis and implement changes in real-time• We will produce a report that highlights the outcomes and learnings• We will leverage the learnings for future launch efforts 17