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Nigeria At A Glance


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A visual presentation of Leadership Africa USA's youth leadership program in Nigeria.

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Nigeria At A Glance

  1. 1. Leadership Africa USA in Nigeria: Publishing the Voices of African Youth
  2. 2. Nigeria is an oil-rich country in West Africa. The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria has been under civilian rule since 1999. Admirable progress has been made in institutionalizing democratic principles; however, strong leadership is required to continue Nigeria’s transition to a fully open democracy. Youth Leadership Workshop University of Nigeria – Nsukka Campus Enugu State, Nigeria
  3. 3. Leadership Africa USA’s program in Nigeria featured a student essay competition on the theme of “Leadership: The Key to the Development of a Nation”. More than 90 students submitted essays, and 10 student winners were selected. Essay Competition Winner Nigeria
  4. 4. A second component of Leadership Africa USA’s involvement in Nigeria was a youth leadership workshop supported by LEAP Africa and hosted at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus in Enugu State. Leadership Workshop Participant Nigeria
  5. 5. As part of this project, a book – “Africa’s Youth Define Leadership” – containing 11 essays by students from nine African countries was compiled and published. Leadership Africa USA published this book in collaboration with AASBEA Publishers and USAID. Leadership Workshop Breakout Session Nigeria
  6. 6. Support Leadership Africa USA’s activities in Nigeria. Leadership Essay Student Winners Nigeria