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Ghana At A Glance


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Ghana At A Glance

  1. 1. Leadership Africa USA in Ghana: Brighter Futures Through Leadership Training The ECHOES Alliance
  2. 2. Mampong, the site of Leadership Africa USA’s Ghana initiative, is nestled in the hills of the Akuapem-North District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is a center of cocoa production and rumored to be where Tetteh Quarshie, father of the Ghanaian cocoa industry, planted his first cocoa seed. Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  3. 3. Leadership Africa USA partnered with the Tetteh Quarshie Educational Fund (TQEF) to launch its leadership training initiative in Mampong as part of the ECHOES Alliance with support from the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Participants at Graduation Ceremony Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  4. 4. Nearly 180 students from over 25 different schools and approximately 15 towns in the Akuapem-North District participated in Leadership Africa USA’s training initiative, which was part of the Summer Vacation Science School sponsored annually by TQEF. Registration Campaign Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  5. 5. The leadership training initiative, Securing Their Future: Youth Leadership Training Initiative in Ghana, contained five main components: teacher training workshops, a leadership launch ceremony, the leadership training course for students, a graduation ceremony & LMS beta-testing. Students at Presbyterian High School
  6. 6. Teacher training provided instruction on both effectively delivering the curriculum and conducting future teacher training sessions. The “train the trainers” model was tailored to the rural education environment of Akuapem-North and built the capacity of Ghanaian teachers while laying the framework for training numerous teachers to deliver the leadership training curriculum. Teacher Training Workshop – Presbyterian High School Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  7. 7. The Leadership Launch Ceremony invited community leaders, government & religious officials, private sector groups, teachers and students to learn about the leadership training initiative and provided them with the opportunity to become involved in advancing leadership as an important component of youth development in Ghana. Leadership Launch Ceremony Presbyterian High School, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  8. 8. The training provided Ghanaian youth with the critical leadership skills necessary to face the challenges and opportunities encountered on the path to improving their country. Increasing self-esteem, building confidence and providing mentoring & coaching relationships empowered participants to become positive agents of change in their community. Street Shop/Marketplace Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  9. 9. Leadership Circle Clubs were developed as an extracurricular activity to provide students with the opportunity to work with each other to embrace and reinforce their leadership roles and to find opportunities for the practical application of concepts and skills from the leadership training course. Presbyterian High School Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  10. 10. The graduation ceremony for the Summer Science School and the leadership training initiative was attended by local community and religious leaders, officials from the Ghana Education Service, the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders. Graduation Ceremony, Presbyterian High School Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  11. 11. Participants were awarded with certificates from Leadership Africa USA recognizing their completion of the leadership training course and the success of their Leadership Circle Club community service activities. Graduation Ceremony, Presbyterian High School Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  12. 12. Leadership Africa USA conducted a beta-test of its leadership training curriculum for middle school students through a unique online Learning Management System (LMS) with educators, students and Ministry of Education officials. Online LMS Beta-Test Okuapemman Senior High School, Akropong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  13. 13. The online LMS is designed to increase the number of students and teachers who receive leadership skills training and provide greater opportunities for students to engage one another across the globe to overcome barriers through dialogue and leadership training. Online LMS Beta-Test Okuapemman Senior High School, Akropong, Akuapem- North District, Ghana
  14. 14. During the leadership training initiative in Ghana, students learned about the roles and characteristics of a good leader; developed public speaking, verbal communication and listening skills; learned to exchange ideas and share opinions; understood the importance of accepting and appreciating differences; and developed skills to serve their communities. Walker A. Williams, President & CEO of Leadership Africa USA Mampong, Akuapem-North District, Ghana
  15. 15. Support Leadership Africa USA’s activities in Ghana. Ghanaian Kente Cloth