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About Us Leadership Africa USA


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Learn more about Leadership Africa USA and its youth leadership development programs in Africa and the Diaspora!

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About Us Leadership Africa USA

  1. 2. Leadership Africa USA’s mission is to provide Africa’s youth critical leadership skills to face unprecedented challenges as they are called to build post-conflict societies. Leadership Africa USA’s programs empower African youth through leadership development training.   The goal is to help African youth, especially young girls, emerge as future leaders of Africa.  At the heart of Leadership Africa USA’s development agenda is a commitment to the cultivation and transformation of youth by fostering self-confidence and choosing to accept responsibility. Mission
  2. 3. Leadership Africa USA’s vision is to enable the youngest generation of African leaders to overcome the challenges facing post-conflict societies through leadership training and character building skills to lead their countries into a peaceful and prosperous future. Vision
  3. 4. Leadership Africa USA addresses leadership challenges facing effective African leaders with a mandate to develop leadership curricula and provide skills training through public-private partnerships for future African leaders. Leadership Africa USA, working with compatible local partner institutions and organizations, addresses personal leadership qualities, reviews effective leadership models and implements programs and projects to help overcome leadership challenges in Africa. Leadership Challenges
  4. 5. <ul><li>Senegal: Successfully launched a Leadership Training Program in collaboration with local key partners that directly targets middle school students to be active participants in the peace and reconciliation process in Senegal’s Casamance Region. </li></ul><ul><li>Liberia: Collaborated with international organizations and local high schools to enhance leadership skills through an essay competition and leadership workshop. The program focused on the qualities of good leaders, and the role effective leadership can play to reduce conflict. </li></ul>USAID Supported Programs
  5. 6. <ul><li>Nigeria: Launched a high school workshop with a goal to address challenges facing African leaders and position young people to play an active role in shaping their nation. </li></ul><ul><li>Ghana: Developing a leadership training program for junior secondary school students enrolled in a summer science program. The program integrates leadership development as an important component of strengthening science education among students. </li></ul>USAID Supported Programs
  6. 7. Interns
  7. 8. Walker A. Williams – President and CEO Shehnaz Rangwala – Program Director Karelle Samuda – Research Associate Susan Birell – Office Administrator Our Washington Team