Social Media & Web for Business


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Rewiring the understanding of marketing and traditional marketing efforts and mapping them to current social media and web marketing tactics.

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Social Media & Web for Business

  1. 1. Justin McCullough Turning
  2. 2. The Change - Technology  Control: Gave control back to the customer  Information: Expedited the availability and spread of information  Attention: Removed (traditional) media channels domination of attention  Creation: Made everyone a creator, collaborator and critic.
  3. 3. What Do You Care About?  Customers • Vendors  Sales • Stability  Cost • Benefits  Image • Quality  Reputation • Performance  Competitiveness • Growth
  4. 4. It’s not about you!It’s about your customer.
  5. 5. What Do Customers CareAbout?  Wants • Avoiding Pain  Needs • Personal Growth  Friends • Survival  Family • Get through the day  Lifestyle • Relationships  Happiness
  6. 6. Today’s Business is AboutThe Customer.  Understand Them  Their Wants  Their Motivations  Their Interests  Their Challenges
  7. 7. Use the Web And Social Media forAttraction.  Speak their language  Answer their problems  Give to them in order to get them  Appeal to interest  Be approachable  Facilitate and collaborate  Participate with them
  8. 8. This is not New!  Know, Like, Trust  AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action  Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You!
  9. 9. What Drives NormalPeople  Entertain • Humor  Inform • Design, Look, Feel  Educate • Story  Solve • Emotion problem • Referral from Friend • Deals • Wants and Needs
  10. 10. What To Do Now? Think Like a BusinessDeveloper and a Marketer. Assets vs Expenses Relationships vs Transactions Experiences vs Attention
  11. 11. Purpose and Value Know what you stand for, what problems you solve and how that helps customers
  12. 12. WIIFM “What’s In It For Me”Everything you do needs to be aligned with theWIIFM of your customer. Not you.
  13. 13. Profile your CustomerTypes Demographics matter Their lifestyle and interest matter Their problems and patterns matter Their buying habits matter Their interests matter
  14. 14. Know your BOB “Best of Best” Customer BOB’s talk to you, come backrepeatedly, refer you. They Love you!
  15. 15. You need to leverage online
  16. 16. How? Create websites, social media activities, and content. That speaks to your customers with their language! Create assets.
  17. 17. Think About Attracting • Followers • Subscribers • Readers • Advocates • Testimonials • Positive Reviews • Inbound Links
  18. 18. Online Marketing Assets Search Engine Optimized Pages Lead Generation Forms Mailing Lists (email addresses) Social Networks (and followers) Sharable Content Domain Name(s) Downloadable content WIIFM content
  19. 19. Use Social Media To Maintain visibility Create authority Promote your customers Address Pain Points and WIIFM ideas Entertain, excite, motivate Foster feedback and conversation Create a platform
  20. 20. Engaging Content Images Questions Interesting content (on topic or off) Personal experiences Request for feedback Purpose, charity, or cause awareness
  21. 21. Social Media is not the Goal.Instead you want: Customer interaction Customer satisfaction Authority and availability Demonstrate value and purpose Be there when they need you Know you before they need you
  22. 22. How To Do This?1. Know What You Stand For2. Know Your Customer Types Their Needs, Wants, Interests3. Know Your BOB4. Speak Their Language (Not about you)5. Attract Them Via Social and Web
  23. 23. Website Easy to navigate Creates interest Provides value to customer with WIIFM focus Relevant and sharable content Leads to action (form signup, download, comment, email, join social network, etc) Search Engine Optimized pages
  24. 24. Social Networks Promotes customer interest Occasionally promotes your product / service Provides value to customer with WIIFM focus Relevant and sharable content Leads to action (form signup, download, comment, email, join social network, etc) Use Images, Video and Other websites
  25. 25. Remember, We Are Attracting: • Followers • Subscribers • Readers • Advocates Which lead to • Testimonials more sales and • Positive more BOB’s. Reviews • Inbound Links
  26. 26. Be Intentional • Have a content Plan • What to say, when, where and why and for which customer type. • Keep a Schedule of Activities • Engaging in social networks, blogging, email broadcasts etc. • Measure interest and response • Use Tools, Apps, Services to help
  27. 27. Grow Your Marketing Assets: • Lead Generation • Drive New Emails, Followers, Shares and Referrals. • High Interest Content • Video, Audio, InfoGraphics, Story, PDF’s, Whitepapers. • Landing Pages and Conversion • Headlines, Content, and Offers
  28. 28. Facebook Ad - WIIFM
  29. 29. Ad – Landing Page
  30. 30. Questions and Answers Justin McCullough 409-550-6681 cell