The red balloon project and the next gen


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Created to support the Fort Hays State Business and Leadership Symposium, September 27-28, 2012

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  • The re-imagining of higher education is tied to the explosive growth of technology. Visit the AASCU web site for more information Visit this Vimeo site for added detail
  • Prezi if free for up to one year.
  • This is a view of the presenter’s Prezi site.
  • Notice how the one student did not fill in the description of the Prezi. And please check out the screencast-o-matic created by the presenter to help students work on Prezi. Teams were created to create Prezi’s on textbook Learning Objectives, one objective per group. They then presented in class, with 5 quiz questions at the end of their presentations.
  • Collaborative technologies emerge as we speak. For example, the presenter discovered the new YouTube feature as he was preparing this slide pack. And the presenter believes apps will emerge as a collaborative communication tool. Publish5 allowed the presenter to create a class app well within an hour.
  • The red balloon project and the next gen

    1. 1. Application of Digital Native Tools to Steer Collaboration, Choice and Learning Dr. James (Skip) Ward Assistant Professor, FHSU
    2. 2. The American Association and State Colleges andUniversities (AASCU) higher education association ofnearly 420 public colleges, universities and systemsThe Red Balloon Project- Re-imaginingundergraduate education
    3. 3. Tools for Collaboration and Choice -Prezi- A zooming PowerPoint -PowerPoint- In teams, fill in the notes sections of the slides, present and test audience comprehension with 5 questions. -Student-generated YouTubes S2igQcMU&feature=plcp
    4. 4. from Good to Great with Prezi
    5. 5. Prezi Lessons Learned-The digital native generation requires little orientation tothe tool. Teams collaboratively engage and intuitivelymake guesses and take risks in order to figure the tool out.Thus, the tools foster analytical thinking, risk taking andcollaboration, critical skills required in the work place.-As with PowerPoint, learners have to work with a fontsize that is readable at the back of the room; avoid colorclashes that make the font unreadable; and avoidreading the Prezi to the audience.-Impromptu instructor mini lecture based on studentgenerated Prezi
    6. 6. YouTube Lessons Learned-It appears that a team made up of three works best asstudents are able to more easily make time to engage withteam mates.-Skype is the tool of choice. Other means ofcommunication include email, texting, VOIP conferencecalls, and project Facebook pages-A YouTube link on the “how tos of YouTubing” wasprovided. No pushback
    7. 7. -The most common issues are around the type of web cam topurchase. Participants are encouraged to purchase of amicrophone to ensure acceptable sound recording. Learners arereminded to look into the camera and to review the finalproduct. Production quality is a communication process-In order to ensure that the final set of three videos form acohesive whole, directions were provided.
    8. 8. Where from here?
    9. 9. Further Tools