Lessons learned in learner collaboration


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Sharing what I have learned about online learner collaboration

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Lessons learned in learner collaboration

  1. 1. Skip WardInstructional Lunch, December 3, 2012
  2. 2. Basic Assumptions- Adult Learner Preferences•Choice•Application to past, present or future professionWhat are the instructional implications?Basic Assumptions on How Business Operates•Teams•Technology- emerged, emerging, and not yet around,but on its wayWhat are the instructional implications?
  3. 3. So how does choice, applicability,team work and technology cometogether to promote collaboration?Lesson Learned: Cooperation is notthe same as collaboration
  4. 4. Lesson Learned: Teams Need Structure atTeam Kick-Off•First team meeting tool Freeconferencecall•Go forward tools Google + Google Hangout Skype Team FB page•Agreement on charter (dysfunctional teammembers)
  5. 5. In your first team meeting-Re-introduce one another.It will be useful if you have every team member’s slide in front of you to add afew notes about them. What are your technical skills and team strengths?Go through each of the six topics.Every team member should give an opinion on what they think of each topic. Settle on the topic.Decide on a team lead for this activity.The lead will have to keep all on track- OTIF- On time and in full!Who does what by when?When and how will you meet next?
  6. 6. Your team will create a 2 page, single spaced Ariel 12 briefing paper on one of the following topics.•Each team should embed a Prezi or (no more than 6 slides) PowerPoint in their paper.•If you do a PowerPoint, create a SlideShare account and link to the slide pack that you have uploaded toSlideShare.)•Each paper must end with 5 insightful, “makes you think”, discussion questions.•Go to TED Talks, TED Ed, go to You Tube, put in a topic, select a video related to your paper and then flip it!•Put the link to your flipped video in your paper.•You cannot just repeat what is in the book. You must go beyond the book with other information thatsupports your thoughts from other legitimate web based sites.•List your information sources at the end of the paper with hyperlinks.
  7. 7. Lesson Learned: Need to built team review ofeach individual’s work as a step in thecollaboration process. QA/QC
  8. 8. Lessons Learned: New tools emergein non-business settings that willenhance collaborationLinoit
  9. 9. 1. Cooperation is not the same as collaboration2. Teams Need Structure at Team Kick-Off3. Need to built team review of each individual’swork as a step in the collaboration process.QA/QC4. New tools emerge in non-business settingsthat will enhance collaboration