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McGraw-hill Recommendation


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McGraw-hill Recommendation

  1. 1. February 18, 2011To Whom It May Concern: This letter is being written as a recommendation for Donovan Smith I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Smith over the lastseveral years as I am the credit analyst for In that time I havecome to respect Mr. Smith and the job he has done. Mr. Smith is a greatcommunicator and always available to me when I need assistance. He makesdoing my job much simpler and I wish more of my customers were as easy towork with. Mr. Smith has done a great job of keeping his account current and getting hisbills paid on time. He has supplied a high level of customer service and workedwith me in all situations to get any issues resolved. I have enjoyed working withDonovan Smith for the last several years and know our continued relationshipwith be equally beneficial to and The McGraw-Hill Companies.Thank you,John FloydCredit AnalystThe McGraw-Hill Companies609-426-5574