MCB Corporate Background


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Corporate presentation of Malakoff Corporation Berhad

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MCB Corporate Background

  1. 1. Brief History Malakoff Corporation Berhad Incorporated on 9 October 1975 Listed on the then KLSE (now Bursa Malaysia) on 12 February 1976 Ventured into Power Generation in early 1990s V t di t P G ti i l 1990 Taken private in April 2007 by MMC Corporation
  2. 2. S a e olde sShareholders 3
  3. 3. Core Business p power g generation water desalination operations and maintenance Electricity Distribution Project Management
  4. 4. Corporate Structure
  5. 5. Corporate pStructure
  6. 6. Local Generation Capacity Malakoff 5,020 MW 25%
  7. 7. Project Highlights - Malaysia oject g l g ts Malays aLumut Power Plant (SEV) 2 x 651.5 MW CCGT (1,303 MW) COD 1 month and 6 months ahead of schedule for Blocks 1 and 2, respectively and within budget (actual of RM3.8 billion vs. budget of RM4.0 RM4 0 billion) One of the largest CCGT plants in Asia Equity interest of 93.75%GB3 Power Plant (GB3) 1x 640 MW CCGT Completed 2 months ahead of schedule & within budget (actual f RM1.37 billion vs. b dg t of b dg t ( t l of RM1 37 billi budget f RM1.50 billion) Equity interest of 75%
  8. 8. Project Highlights - MalaysiaTanjung Bin Power Plant (TBP) 3 x 700 MW coal-fired (2,100 MW) First private coal-fired plant in Malaysia and biggest coal-fired IPP in South-East Asia Incorporates the latest clean coal technologies (e.g. ESP & FGD) in Malaysia The only power plant in Malaysia to purchase Plant-specific Training Simulator before COD Equity interest of 90%Port Dickson Power Plant (PDP) Acquisition of 25% interest of the 440 MW CCGT power plant
  9. 9. Project Highlights - MalaysiaPrai Power Plant (PPSB) 1 x 350 MW CCGT Single-shaft plant and the first of its kind in South-East Asia Highest thermal efficiency rate in MalaysiaKapar Power Plant (KEV) 2,420 MW Multi-fuel Acquired 40% of power station Project financing of RM3.4 billion Islamic bond in 2004: ¬ largest bond issue in Malaysia ¬ largest non recourse IPP debt financing in Asia non-recourse ¬ Won the prestigious “PFI Bond Deal of the Year”
  10. 10. Project Highlights – KSA oject g l g ts SShuaibah Phase 3 and Expansion First independent water and power plant (IWPP) under development 900 MW crude oil-fired power plant and 880,000 880 000 m3/day (plus 150,000 m3/day 150 000 expansion) water desalination plant Project cost USD2.5 billion (plus US$232 mil expansion) p ) 12% effective stake in the Project Company
  11. 11. Project Highlights – AlgeriaDesalination Plant in Tlemcen Build, own and operate a 200,000 m3/d desalination facility Project cost of USD230 million 37.5% effective stake in the Project Company 25 year Water Purchase Agreement with AEC Financial Close achieved in January 2008 Expected COD in October 2010
  12. 12. Project Highlights – Jordan oject g l g ts Jo daCECGO in Jordan 12.75% interest in privatisation of Central Generation Company, Jordan with generation capacity of 1 680 MW 1,680 Malakoff, Jordan Dubai Capital and Consolidated Contractors Ltd of Greece own 51% in CEGCO, with 49% owned b h d by Government of Jordan
  13. 13. Power Plants Location
  14. 14. Equity ownership of over 330 MW and 194,000 m3/day.
  15. 15. Financial Highlights a c al g l g ts
  16. 16. What does CSR mean to Malakoff? Anything that requires additional resources in terms of time, effort and money, beyond statutory and legal requirement (or business as usual)
  17. 17. What is Malakoff Community Partnerships? The Malakoff Community Partnerships celebrates the achievement of Malakoff Corporation’s long- term and continuous commitment to being a responsible and active participant of our community.
  18. 18. Commitment to Community & EducationInvesting in the community through philanthropy and education to ensure that all Malaysians can benefit and participate in nation building. Education F d Ed ti Fund Chairman’s Awards University Excellence Awards Adopted Schools Education T i Ad t d S h l Ed ti Trip Empower for Life Adopted Charity Homes
  19. 19. Commitment to Environment Raising awareness and participation of the community in conserving theenvironment by collaborating with stakeholders dedicated to specific causes. Malakoff Mangrove Initiative ( nd Phase) g (2 ) Publication of Mangrove Booklet Ikan Siakap Initiative Mangrove Research Grant g Guidebook to Tanjung Piai
  20. 20. Commitment to SportsBring together people of varied background through community participation that inculcate and encourage competitive spirit and camaraderie. Malakof 26km, Penang Malakoff University Duathlon Series (MUDS) Charity Ride 2010 MAD Charity Ride 2010 Powerman Malaysia Malakoff 12km, Kuala Lumpur Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride
  21. 21. Media Coverage
  22. 22. Publications
  23. 23. Thank you