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Why T Mobile For Small Business


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T-Mobile products, services and solutions for Small Business Accounts.

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Why T Mobile For Small Business

  1. 1. Why T-Mobile for Small Business? Confidential and Proprietary Information of T-Mobile USA 1
  2. 2. T-Mobile USA Aspires… To be America’s most highly-rated service companyAward-winning customer serviceDeploy the “My Trusted Brand” strategyEasy-to-use products and servicesStraight-forward, competitive pricingTechnology innovationA corporate culture entrenched in service T-Mobile Internal Use Only
  3. 3. We Are a LeadingWireless Service Provider Customers  33 million T-Mobile USA subscribers  Approximately $18.7 billion in service revenue for 2010 Network  Domestic reach with 309 million POPs  T-Mobile is America’s largest 4G network*  One of the largest carrier-class Wi-Fi broadband networks Products & Service  First major U.S. carrier to offer voice services over Wi-Fi  Nationally-recognized customer service *T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network is not available everywhere. See coverage details at T-Mobile Internal Use Only
  4. 4. T-Mobile’s Small Business SolutionsRate Plans Simple and flexible rate plans – great value!Products and Services Business class products • Devices – 25 leading 4G devices in 2011 plus smartphone products starting at $99 • Services – Wi-Fi calling, International, Messaging, and moreNetwork 4G network • 200 million pops with 140 million pops to be covered by 42 mbps speeds in 2011
  5. 5. We Offer A Unique Approach toMobility Solutions Looking at Network & Coverage Differently  National and global network designed to deliver productivity and reduce wireless costs Addressing Today’s Workforce Needs  Features and services to stay connected and informed wherever business happens Partnering With Customers  Service-oriented account teams to make it easier for you to do business Delivering Unique Cost Control Solutions  Comprehensive, flexible and scalable pricing options plus Wi-Fi Calling to help reduce enterprise mobility costs T-Mobile Internal Use Only
  6. 6. Our Network Rivals Other Major Carriers T-Mobile map applies to postpaid service only. Certain services not available in all areas included in map. Competitive maps reflect voice coverage as shown on respective web sites as of 12/1/09. T-Mobile Internal Use Only P age 6
  7. 7. We Have America’s Largest 4G Network Delivering Blazing Speeds And it’s on the move across the nation…our 4G network already covers 200 million POPS in over 100 markets! *T-Mobile’s 4G network is not available in all locations. See coverage details at T-Mobile Internal Use Only
  8. 8. We Have Unique Advantages That Deliver Real Value Wi-Fi Calling – The first major U.S. Carrier to offer Wi-Fi Calling • Improve coverage – coverage anywhere worldwide when users access Wi-Fi network • Control wireless mobility costs by placing calls over Wi-Fi1 o Calls over Wi-Fi will not decrement domestic billable minutes o Helps reduce international calling costs while traveling abroad • Converge office phone functionality and wireless to lower telecom operating/capital costs International Ties – Leverage Deutsche Telekom relationship • Robust roaming partner network • Discounted calling costs on DT footprint Unlimited Plans –flat rate plans that no other major carrier can beat2 • Affordable unlimited voice • Predictable monthly wireless costs • Simplified billing management1 No charge with a minimum size commitment and applied to converged device2 Claim based on comparison of monthly charges for T-Mobiles Even More for BusinessSM plan against 5-line cost of comparable post-paid unlimited voice plans offeredby AT&T and Verizon; does not include taxes and fees or cost of phone. Plan features, service limitations, and requirements may vary among carriers. Data obtainedfrom AT&T and Verizon websites as of January 2010. T-Mobile Internal Use Only
  9. 9. We Offer the Latest in Smart Phones Gal axy S 4G Bl ac kBer r y ® Bol dTM 9780 HTC HD7 MyTouc hTM 4G LG Opt i m TTM us Bl ac kBer r y ® Bol dTM9700 w t h W - Fi Cal l i ng i i HTC HD2 T- Mobi l e® G2 ™ w t h i Googl e TM Bl ac kber r y ® Cur ve TM 8520 T-Mobile Internal Use Only P age 9
  10. 10. Why T-Mobile is the Right Choice Exceptional, Part of a Network Dedicated Large Global CoverageExceptional, Account Organization and QualityDedicated ServiceAccountService America’s A Focus Easy-to- Largest 4G On Value Deploy Network Solutions T-Mobile Internal Use Only