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Think tank

  1. 1. What will delight today's customers who are mobile lifestyle travelers? <br />Léa Bonnin- MBA 2 A<br />IEMI - CMH<br />
  2. 2. The App concept<br />This digital appisdesigned for smartphonsand Ipad, for the Plaza Athénée in Paris, but canbeadapted for anyhotel.<br />This appis a virtual tour around the hotel.<br /> It replaces pictures on the hotelwebsite. <br />Hotelappsalreadyexist, but I do not know if they have the samefunctionality.<br />
  3. 3. Benefits of the app<br />Throughthisapp, guestswillbe able to have a virtual look around the hotel, and chose whichkind of room theyprefer. Indeed, the Plaza Athénée has 2 kinds of atmospheres in itsrooms: classical and art deco<br /><ul><li>Companiesinterested in organisingevents in the hotelwillbe able to check virtually the meeting roomsratherthancoming to the hotel. Theycan have a quotationwith a vitual tour.</li></li></ul><li>Benefits of the app<br />It is a good marketing tool for the hotel.<br />It encourages guests to book a room and visit the hotel in real.<br /><ul><li>It is more significant and welcomingthanpictures</li>