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  1. 1. ПасхаПредмет :английский языкКласс: 5-11 классыЗадачи разработки :познакомить учащихся слексическими единицами, с историей происхожденияПасхи, с традициями православияАвтор разработки: Дегтярева Елена АлександровнаОбластное государственное общеобразовательноеучреждение «Верхотурская гимназия » городаВерхотурья Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 1
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  4. 4. History of Easter The word "Easter" has its origin from the name of the Old Testament feast of the Passover, which was so named from the Jewish word "Pasach" ("passes") - in memory of the events of the ancient Jewish exodus from Egypt and from slavery in Egypt when the angel , smote the Egyptian firstborn, the sight of blood on the door of the Passover, Jewish homes passed. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 4
  5. 5. On the third day after the burial of Christ early Sunday morning,several women with Maria went to the tomb to bring incense, designedfor the body of Jesus. Approached, they saw that big stone, stopped theentrance to the tomb, rolled back, the tomb was empty and on thestone angel of the Lord was sitting. His countenance was likelightning, and his raiment white as snow. Angel proclaimed that Christwas not here, He was risen, as he said. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 5
  6. 6. "Christ is risen! - Truly He is risen". Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 6
  7. 7. Easter Sunday is the day of the feast. This day, the third since crucifixion, the Christ is believed to have shown up himself. And not just that, Jesus also joined his disciples on a meal! Easter comes at the end of the six days of the Holy Week which came to be associated with the life of Jesus before the Resurrection. This is when Christ is believed to show himself up after his death through crucifixion. He had risen up from his tomb that was guarded by the sentries. And met his disciples to get them prepared to carry out his works in his absence.Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 7
  8. 8. Drapanki KrapankiKrashenko Coloring Easter eggs - this is the real art. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 8
  9. 9. Even today in Britain people decorate Easter eggs and very often hang them with ribbons or strings on beautiful egg trees. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 9
  10. 10. The tradition of the Easter Hare, or Easter Bunny comes from a Northern European legend. Long ago in a small village the mothers had no money to buy their children presents for Easter. They painted eggs with lots of beautiful pictures and hid them in the forest near the village. When the children went to play in the forest on Easter Sunday they saw the eggs but they didnt know where they came from. Suddenly a hare ran out from behind a pile of eggs and the children started shouting: " They are hares eggs!".Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 10
  11. 11. Easter royal in creamEaster cake Many families have a traditional Sunday roast, particularly roast lamb, and eat foods like Simnel cake, a fruit cake with eleven marzipan balls representing the eleven faithful apostles. Easter Kulich Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 11
  12. 12. On the fields of black and flat,Earth and the sun, Again, I am God, and no-one!Fields and Forest - Tomorrow, Easter, the smell of wax,All praise God: The smell of warm cakes.Christ is risen! Before my life has flowed so Light changing exact days And now a balanceIn the smile of the blue One happy patient.Live Heaven After all, winter, spring and summer,All the same joy: Easter, Christmas and Post,Christ is risen! If you can look into it In the small drop - the Godhead. Let small, albeit foolish, Assume that we will of proud But in the throat of mushroom soup Joy of the same turn. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 12
  13. 13. Mary had a little lamb Hot cross buns!Mary had a little lamb. Hot cross buns!Its fleece was while as snow; Hot cross buns!And everywhere that Mary went One-a- penny, Two-a-penny,The lamb was sure to go Hot cross buns!It followed her to school If you have no daughters, one day, Give them to your sons,That was against the rule: One - a - penny,It made the children laugh Two -a-penny, Hot cross buns! and playTo see a lamb at school. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 13
  14. 14. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 14
  15. 15. "Egg rolling" is an old Easter game,traditionally played on Easter Monday. Childrenroll eggs down a grassy slope and the first egg toreach the bottom without breaking is the winner.If the eggs reach the bottom without breaking itis said to bring good luck. A famous egg-rollingcontest takes place on the lawns of the WhiteHouse in Washington DC, every Easter Monday.Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 15
  16. 16. The symbol of resurrection answer №1answer 1 The day when The Mother of our №2 Christ is risen God 2 answer №3answer 3 The place where Christ was born №4 Who told to the 4 shepherds about the birth of Christ answer5 №5 Who was born answer 6 Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье №6 16
  17. 17. Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 17
  18. 18. • www.pozdravlyu.ru• www.abc-people.com• www.greatsite.com• www.paskha.gatch• Спецвыпуск журнала Лена 2002 Пасха Коллекция идей Дегтярева Е А Верхотурье 18