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Windows Store apps development


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Introduction to Windows 8 development.
Presented by Laurent Duveau on February 9th during a Montreal .NET Community special event.
Parts of the presentation were taken from existing Microsoft presentations.

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Windows Store apps development

  1. 1. Windows Store app developmentLaurent DuveauWindows 8 InstructorMVP / MCT / RD @laurentduveau Montreal February 9th, 2013
  2. 2. AgendaToolsControlsOrientations & display modesTiles & NotificationsContracts (Search & Share)
  3. 3. Tools Visual Studio 2012 + Expression Blend Get Blend with: • Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 • Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone 8 Requirements • Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 SDK
  4. 4. ControlsButton Radio button Combo box List box SliderHyperlink Progress bar Progress ringCheck box Password box Viewbox
  5. 5. Presenting Data
  6. 6. Semantic Zoom
  7. 7. Commanding surfaces
  8. 8. Devices
  9. 9. Different display sizes
  10. 10. Different resolution / DPIs As the resolution goes up, elements become smaller.
  11. 11. Different resolution / DPIs When the DPI/PPI hits a certain threshold, Windows scales all of the UI to 140% or 180% of the original size. Assets: Code: Images/en-us/logo.scale-100.png Images/logo.png Images/en-us/logo.scale-140.png Images/fr-fr/logo.png
  12. 12. Display modes
  13. 13. Orientation
  14. 14. Orientations and displaymodes
  15. 15. Live tiles Local, scheduled, periodic and push updates
  16. 16. Alive with activity without apps running 1. Issue direct updates, perhaps using queue,There are three scheduled, and expiring updatesways an app 2. Tell Windows a service URL where it can go toconfigures this obtain periodic updatesto happen 3. Obtain a Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) channel and have a service send notifications to that These actions can happen from app code or background tasks
  17. 17. What makes an update?Tiles, badges,  Choices:and toasts are Tile template catalog / toast template catalogbits of XML thatcome frompredefined  Whoever issues an update builds the XMLtemplates (toavoid chaos) • URIs for images can use http[s]://, ms-appx:///, or ms-appdata:///local/  Notifications Extensions Library provides an object model Reduces mistakes that cause updates to not show
  18. 18. Live Tiles
  19. 19. Toast templates MSDN: The toast template catalog
  20. 20. Search Anatomy1. Search box is scoped to the main app screen2. Query suggestions provided by the main app on screen3. List of installed apps that have implemented the search contract
  21. 21. Search Anatomy4. Result suggestions provided by the main app on screen • Must include thumbnail and title • Indicates a strong or exact match • Takes users directly to the details of the result
  22. 22. Implementing Search
  23. 23. Implementing Share Source