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Tweet & Pin It!

  1. 1. Using Twitter & Pinterest as aPersonal Learning NetworkTweet &Pin It!
  2. 2. What is a Personal LearningNetwork (PLN)?• A group of people with whom you sharecommon interests and with whom youregularly interact through an exchange ofideas, information, and resources centeredaround your common interests.• PLNs can have a professional or personalfocus.Kendell, Sandy. "Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) Using Social Media." 15 Oct. 2011. Prezi file.
  3. 3. Why Cultivate a PLN?• PLNs will connect you with people whoshare your interests.• Interacting with your PLN will help yougrow professionally and allow you to helpothers grow professionally.• You dont have time to find all of theresources you need on your own!Kendell, Sandy. "Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) Using Social Media." 15 Oct. 2011. Prezi file.
  4. 4. How Do I Become Part of a PLN?• Create an account for a Web 2.0(technologies that focus on usercollaboration, sharing of user-generated content, andsocial networking)resource.• Start looking around and find people andgroups with the same interests and you.
  5. 5. Great Video on Using Twitter toBuild a PLNPrincipal Twitter
  6. 6. What is Twitter?• An information network made up of 140character messages from all over theworld.Definition from the Twitter Glossary from the Help Center on
  7. 7. Who Uses Twitter?
  8. 8. Twitter Fun Facts• Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world by activeusers according to a Global Web Index Study.• 44% growth from June 2012 to March 2013• 288 million monthly active userso That means that 21% of the world’s internet population are using Twitter everymonth• Over 500 million registered accounts• Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 yearolds, registering an increase in active users of 79%Bullas, Jeff. "21 Awesome Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics for 2013." Web. 13 June 2013.<>.• Twitter Statistics from Statistic Brain
  9. 9. Twitter Fun Facts• Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry havemore Twitter followers than the entirepopulations of Germany, Turkey, SouthAfrica, Canada, Argentina and Egypt.• 60% of Twitter users are female.• 75%, or three out of four, heads of state areutilizing Twitter.AllTwitter: The Unofficial Twitter Resources. Web. 12 June 2013. <>.
  10. 10. Twitter Lingo
  11. 11. One of the most importantsymbols!@
  12. 12. The hashtag#
  13. 13. Retweet vs. Modified TweetRT - MT
  14. 14. Direct MessageDM
  15. 15. Step 1:Create a TwitterAccount• Go to and find thesign-up box.• Full name, email address & passwordTIP: Twitter’s Help Center hasstep-by-step directions for creating anaccount
  16. 16. Step 2: Write a Bio & Choose aPhotographMalespina, Elissa. "Using Twitter and Pinterest as as Personal Learning Network." Elissa Malespina. Web. 13 June 2013.<>.Be more than the egg!
  17. 17. Step 3: Follow• Find people with similar interests• Look through their followers and see if anyof them are interesting• Find a hashtag to followMalespina, Elissa. "Using Twitter and Pinterest as as Personal Learning Network." Elissa Malespina. Web. 13 June 2013.<>.
  18. 18. Step 4: Make sure to read andreact• If you see something interesting, Retweet it (RT)• Share links, ideas, ask questions, answer questions• Become part of the social conversationMalespina, Elissa. "Using Twitter and Pinterest as as Personal Learning Network." Elissa Malespina. Web. 13 June 2013. <>.
  19. 19. Step 5: Join a Twitter ChatA Twitter chat is a pre-arranged chat that happens on Twitterthrough the use of Twitter updates (called tweets) thatinclude a predefined hashtag to link those tweets together ina virtual conversation.
  20. 20. Why Chat?• Meet people with similar interests• Learn about a topic• Build an audience
  21. 21. Chats• Best resource to find educational chats:• What does a Twitter chat look like?
  22. 22.
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Image CitationsChris Christie. Twitter. Web. 13 June 2013.Jamie Moore. Twitter. Web. 12 June 2013.Joyce Valenza. The Never-ending Search. Web.12 June 2013.Justin Bieber. HD Wall Papers. Web. 12 June2013.Lady Gaga. Nairaland. Web. 13 June 2013.Sir Ken Robinson. Sir Ken Robinson. Web. 12June 2013.Teresa Giudice. Teresa Giudice. Web. 12 June2013.
  25. 25. Using Pinterest to Build aPersonal Learning NetworkKathy Parker-Jones and Lauren DavisHilliard City SchoolsFETC 2013Download presentation materials, share ideas, and discuss conceptsshared in this session by joining our Edmodo Groupwith the following code: CS3290
  26. 26. Real Life Pinterest
  27. 27. What is Pinterest?• A virtual pinboard where you canorganize anything!• Visual-see your collection as images.• Social- collaborate and learn with others.
  28. 28. Why Pinterest?• It attracts 1,090 visitorsper minute.• 3rd most popular socialmedia networking site• People like it.• Repinly statistics
  29. 29. What is a Personal LearningNetwork?• n. – the entire collection of people withwhom you engage and exchangeinformation, usually online.
  30. 30. Here are some ways educatorsare using Pinterest PLNs:• Professional development – learn from content area specialists• Locate resources for your classroom, such as free websites andsoftware• Get lesson plan ideas from master teachers• Learn about new technology and how to integrate it into yourteaching• Find collaborative solutions• Find interesting links to education news
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Who should I follow....
  33. 33. Ideas for Using Pinterest• Pin images• Pin videos• Pin quotes• Pin websitesBuild boards for content areas, topics, etc.Collaborate with others on boards.Invite others to follow you on Pinterest.
  34. 34. The Basics• Add the Pin It tool to your bookmarks barto do basic pinning• Chrome users: add Shot Pin extension• Create boards to organize your pins• Explore others boards to get ideas• Comment or like other Pins• Follow other people or just their boards
  35. 35. A little fancier....Pin a website using a URL and
  36. 36. A little fancier....Pin text/quotes using
  37. 37. Creating and Managing BoardsClick the Add button to add Pins or create aboard
  38. 38. Creating and Managing BoardsTo edit an existing board, go to your boardsand click on "Edit Board" to see thesettings.
  39. 39. Creating a Collaborative BoardHow to let other people contribute to your board• To add contributors to a board, go to that board and click the Edit button.• Type his/her username into the text field. Potential matches to thisusername will begin to load; when you see the person you want, click theirname. Click Add.• You must follow at least one boardbelonging to a user in order to add him/her.• When you are finished, click Save.
  40. 40. Things to keep in mind.... respectfulBe authenticCredit your sourcesReport objectionable contentGive Pinterest feedback
  41. 41. Things to keep in mind....To make Pinterest the most useful to yourselfand others, follow best practices whenpinning:1. Pin from the original source.2. Pin from permalinks.3. Give credit and include a thoughtful pindescription.
  42. 42. One final note• You cant block people from seeing your pinsor boards• Create private boards for pins you dont wantothers to see• You may want to create a professionalPinerest account separate from yourpersonal account.Happy Pinning!
  43. 43. Using Pinterest to Build aPersonal Learning NetworkKathy Parker-Jones and Lauren DavisHilliard City SchoolsFETC 2013Edmodo code: CS3290 Follow me on Pinterest: Kathy Parker-Jones