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Second Life Highlights


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A visual array of the many aspects of Second Life by resident Chimera Cosmos

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Second Life Highlights

  1. 1. Second Life Highlights Chimera Cosmos and Spiral Theas Pictures from: Metanomics with Robert Bloomfield (Cornell)
  2. 2. Affordances Art Government Business Live Music Travel Education Colleagues Global Politics Science
  3. 3. Mapping Second Life Sigma
  4. 4. Education
  5. 5. Physics Regulars Assemble
  6. 6. NMC Conference
  7. 7. Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry
  8. 8. Weather Map - NOAA Data NMC Mashups Symposium Hilary Mason (Ann Enigma) Mashups Conference NMC
  9. 9. NMC Teacher’s Buzz Critical Care Simulation
  10. 10. Wash U MSP Students
  11. 11. Spiral’s Electron Transport Tutorial
  12. 12. The Islands of Jokaydia Spiral (Robin) Chimera Gardening on Jokaydia Chimera (Liz)
  13. 13. Rhodopsin Meeting Space for Zha Ewry (IBM) and the Architecture Working Group
  14. 14. USA Election Day Federal Reserve Bank Campaign Headquarters
  15. 15. Entrepreneur Panel Thinkbalm on Jokaydia IBM
  16. 16. Travel
  17. 17. Music, Television & Theater Beyers Sellers Sings Jazz Second Question The Rings Dizzy Banjo The Oddball
  18. 18. Immersive Environments AM Radio (Artist & builder)
  19. 19. Bettina Tizzy: X
  20. 20. Art- Art and Museums
  21. 21. Virtual Land and Terraforming
  22. 22. Avatar Adornment
  23. 23. Vietnam War Memorial Liz Dorland Washington University