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Data Foundations for Digital Cities


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Presentation at Open Data Cities conference. Brighton 20th April 2012

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Data Foundations for Digital Cities

  1. 1. The Data Foundations for Digital CitiesLeigh Dodds@ldodds20th April 2012Open Data Cities, Brighton
  2. 2. Robert Hooke (Hacker)
  3. 3. Civitas Londinium
  4. 4. Vision of a New London
  5. 5. A Lack of Funds
  6. 6. And to the end that all Builders may the betterknow how to provide and fitt their materialls fortheir severall Buildings Be it enacted That thereshall be onely fower sortes of Buildings and noemore...about 346 years ago from An Act for Rebuilding the Citty of London Charles II
  7. 7. Time Passes...
  8. 8. Digital Cities
  9. 9. Data Hubs
  10. 10. Community Engagement?
  11. 11. Identifying...Things
  12. 12. Links Build Context
  13. 13. Digital Grafitti
  14. 14. Data Infrastructure
  15. 15. Photo Attribution● Memorial portrait of Robert Hooke● Civitas Londinium● Wren Map of London● Charles II 1667 Medal● Charles II● Canary Wharf● Miniature Manhatten● Wordle● Hands Pointing● Linked Data● Tree 2.0● ://● Weird Grafitti