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How to get social on Facebook and generate leads is a great venue for the growth of any business. For the past several years we have been working with clients who's number one goal was to get more fans and generate leads. Facebook for business can be accomplished with some very important strategies.
Marketing is a little different than how it use to work. Back a few years ago in the dark ages around 5 years ago. Businesses use to advertise great prices to entice people to come into their establishment. After they arrived they would engage with them working on building a relationship while they were deciding on making a purchase. Social media has made this process much easier, however many business owners have not embraced the social media as a viable marketing business plan. You see change is never easy.

Now is the time to take the process of attract, entice and engage to the social media platforms. Many businesses I see don’t have a foundation to build on because they don’t start with a strategy. The social media allows you to reach a much larger audience in a much shorter time and time is money. Building a fan base is extremely important because it widens your circle of influence.

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How to get social on facebook & generate leads power point

  1. 1. “How To Get SocialOn Facebook &Generate Leads”by Lloyd
  2. 2. Social Media marketingis a great way to boostinterest in your brandand increase leads andsales.
  3. 3. So . . . .With ThatSaid Let’s DiscussFacebook InParticular.
  4. 4. Are You Aware of ThePrecise Types ofContent That WillMake Your MarketingSuccessful?
  5. 5. What is content strategy? It’syour mindset, culture &approach to delivering yourcustomer’s information needsin all the places they’researching for it, across eachstage of the buying process.
  6. 6. It takes a solidplan to pull thisoff.Winston Churchillonce said, “He whofails to plan isplanning to fail.”
  7. 7. Nothing could be truerwith respect to yourSocial marketing. It’s theplanning that mustcome first before youmove out into the worldof Social Media.
  8. 8. There are 3categories ofcontent that aremost ideal andshould factor intoyour overall Socialmarketing plan:
  9. 9. 1. Personality. This type ofcontent focuseson subjects outside of your store, yourproducts and your services. We’re talkingabout fun, humorous and engagingcontent that people generally enjoyseeing and interacting with.
  10. 10. Irresistible community-relatedstories and interesting subjectsthat peak peoples’ attentionare what you’re going for. It’sthe hardest type of content toproduce and it gets you thehighest engagement.
  11. 11. 2. Brand. This type ofcontent revolvesaround yourdealership’s brand –the characteristics thatcompel people to buy from you. Thiswould be things like interestingstories about your customers (withpictures), video interviews &
  12. 12. testimonials, coverage of local eventsthat you’re participating in, your blogposts, “How to” videos and certainlyanything focusing on employee oraffiliate recognition. (Percent oftotal content: 20%)
  13. 13. 3. Product. Here’s where you get toshare specials and spotlight coolfeatures of your business.
  14. 14. Most everyone knows by now thatSocial is not a broadcasting tool,but don’t be afraid to post sales-related content. You’ve workedhard to build trust with theaudience and you’re allowed toreap the benefits. (Percent oftotal content: 10%)
  15. 15. Take action now. Develop yourSocial marketing plan utilizingthese 3 valuable types ofcontent. You’ll see the resultsyou’re looking for sooner andwith more consistency. Build itthe right way and they willcome.
  16. 16. CEO & Founder ofGlobal Apps Network &NetDivvy
  17. 17. www.LloydDobson.comFREE 8-Day Boot Campor If YOU Want In TheExploding Mobile App
  18. 18. “Remember It Is NotWhat YOU Know, ButWhat YOU Do WithWhat YOU Know”