Generate Traffic Utilizing Free Classified Ad Websites


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How To Generate FREE Traffic on FREE Classified Websites. So why post ads on these classified websites? Well the answer is simple. Every business needs just two things: TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS. Period! Free online classifieds are a great way to help you welcome more traffic to your site.

Promoting your business targeting the US population can give you faster profit. Cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and other power hubs should be your focus as these cities can help in shooting up your business or service at a faster pace.

Considering the US market one of the best ways to get your traffic going is to place your ad on the online classifieds websites. These classifieds sites have become very popular among the common public and provide users with a never before experienced browsing and posting experience.

Apart from the bigwigs there are many new upcoming sites that are still in their beta version and doing remarkably good in the online classified industry. Most of them are exclusive sites for classifieds and since they cover all the interests and needs of their users hence you won't pose any problem in finding a segment for your classified. Generally the online classifieds sites have sectioned Classifieds which are categorized according to the country or region.

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Generate Traffic Utilizing Free Classified Ad Websites

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Here Are A Few
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Scroll Down The Page Until You Find Atlanta, Georgia
  5. 5. Always Post Under Services & Biz Opps
  6. 6. Click On “Post an Ad”
  7. 7. Now Click On Atlanta
  8. 8. Template Ads Created On A Notepad
  9. 9. Copy & Paste Your Ad
  10. 10. Scroll Down Your Page
  11. 11. Scroll Down The Page
  12. 12. Scroll To The Bottom
  13. 13. Scroll Down The Page To Check Your Ad
  14. 14. Check Your Ad For Accuracy
  15. 15. Now Complete The Captia
  16. 16. Create Another Ad
  17. 17. Repeat The Process
  18. 18. Now Begin Step Number 4
  19. 19. Click The Blue Link To Post Ad
  20. 20. Now You Are Done
  21. 21. • Additional Information •Additional Tools •Additional Strategies or