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Transparent Is the New Black


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Real life crisis communication tips and tools for PR professionals.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Transparent Is the New Black

  1. 1. TransparentistheNewBlackLisa Du Bois LowDirector, Communications & MultimediaTexasTech Alumni
  2. 2. WhoAreYou?TwitterNetworking, breakingnews, knowledge base/resourcesLinkedInNetworking, exchangeexpertise, increase yourvisibility, special interest groupsBlog/WebsiteShowcase your talentsFacebookPersonal space#AWCConnect
  3. 3. WhoamItotellyouabout crisiscomms?Scott Pelley is my BFFNot really. But he is aTexasTechDistinguishedAlumni!TechAlert!I was involved in thesourcing, integration andimplementation ofTexasTech’s firstalert system.18Years of Comms/MktgYes I am that old. I remembernetscape.Mike Leach‘Nuff said.
  4. 4. Transparentisthenewblack…
  5. 5. Areyoureadyforacrisis?There’s nothing like a crisis to bringout the worst (and the best) of yourorganization. No matter howprepared you think you are.Bad news: You can have the perfect planand still feel unprepared …Good news: The more you plan andpractice, the more efficient andtimely your response will be.
  6. 6. Read,learn,ask…
  7. 7. ProtectYourBrandThe EASIEST way to protect your brand is preparation.How quickly you respond to a situation makes all thedifference.The new media landscape demands quick, detailedinformation. Without it, media will prolong the storyuntil they get the information they want. What are youwilling to share and with whom?Getting accurate information out quickly allows you tostay in control. The longer you wait to releaseinformation, the more the negative sentiment builds.
  8. 8. ProtectYourBrandTransparently, through valuable, honest communication.Consistently, through clear and aligned messaging in onestrong voice.Credibly, through trustworthy, authentic and effectivespokespersons.Rapidly.Rapidly!RAPIDLY!!!!!
  9. 9. Ifyourplandoesn’tincludepositive,ongoingPR,you’llbethisguy…#winning
  10. 10. Howtransparentisyourleadership?Don’t wait to find out during a crisis.Work through scenarios in brief training exercises.Gain support…talk through current examples.ExecutiveTeamBoard LeadershipUniversity LeadershipTransparentisNOT“onesizefitsall!”
  11. 11. Don’tHangYourHatonOneMessageIf you promote one aspect of your brand it could backfire.Choose diverse elements of your value proposition.Ongoing, positive earned media relationsworks…reporters are human beings.
  12. 12. What’sinyourgobag?Pad/pencil/staffdirectoryMophie/extra chargerApps (synced)EvernoteGoogle DriveNative Notes/ContactsTwitter/PagesWordpressAngrybirdsUSB Flash DriveBackend websiteSample CommsReleasesSocial ResponsesDistribution ListsAsset ListsOwnedEarnedSharedMultiple, redundant!
  13. 13. We’resmallshops…whatcanwedo?Have a plan.Get out of your office.Practice, practice, practice.#AWCConnect
  14. 14. Doyoutweet?Keep it clean. Don’t be snarky.Remember if you mentionsomeone, they are probably listening.Tweet: 140 characters or less@: Sends a tweet directly to anothertwitter user (public)DM: Sends a tweet directly to anothertwitter user (private)RT: Retweet someones tweetHashtags:The # symbol is used tomark keywords or topics Find interestingTweets Connect with like-mindedTweeple Virtually attend conferencesand events without leavingyour office#AWCConnect
  15. 15.  Take a breath, count to10, play angry birds. Talk to a colleague. Stick to yourpolicy/guidelines.Don’ttakethetrollstooseriously.
  16. 16. LockandLoad! 1: AcceptanceStep 2: Check your settings andTOSStep 3: Stay informedStep 4: Know thy friendsStep 5: Have a planStep 6: Rinse & RepeatFacebook Privacy SettingsApps (FB + Others)Geo-basedSyndication#AWCConnect
  17. 17. Drawtheline,orsomeoneelsewilldrawitforyou.#AWCConnect
  18. 18. Email: the deck: