Prospects for the development of fiber optic sensors


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Prospects for the development of fiber optic sensors

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Prospects for the development of fiber optic sensors

  1. 1. Prospects for the development of fiber optic sensorsAs a physical device or biological organ, the sensor can feel the measurement information, feeland be able to detect, according to certain rules to transform electrical signals or other forms ofinformation required output to meet the information transmission, processing , storage, display,record and control requirements.With the advent of the new technological revolution, the world began to enter the informationage. In the course of the use of information, we must first solve is to obtain accurate and reliableinformation, the sensor is to obtain information in the field of natural and productive ways andmeans. In modern industrial production, especially the automated production process, use avariety of sensors to monitor and control the various parameters in the production process, sothat the equipment in the normal state or the best condition, and achieve the best quality.Therefore we can say, not many good sensor, modern production lost.In recent years, sensors have been moving sensitive, accurate, adaptable, compact and intelligentdirection. In this process, a new family of fiber optic sensors this sensor times favorites.Optical fiber has many excellent properties, such as: the performance of the anti-electromagneticinterference and atomic radiation, the diameter of fine, soft, light weight and mechanicalproperties; insulation, the electrical performance of the sensor; water resistance, hightemperature, corrosion-resistant chemical properties reach the place (such as high temperaturearea or harmful to the people of the region, such as nuclear radiation area), it can play the role ofthe eyes and ears, but also beyond the physiological limits of human senses of the recipient donot feel outside information.Basic working principle of fiber optic sensors is the light from the light source through the opticalfiber into the modulator, the test parameters and the modulation area light interactions, leadingto the optical properties of light (such as light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase,Polarization state, etc.) changes, known as the modulation of the signal light through the opticalfiber into the photodetector, after demodulation, the measured parameters.Fiber optic sensors used in the physical quantity of magnetism, sound, pressure, temperature,acceleration, gyro, displacement, surface, torque, light sound, current and strain measurement.Its scope of application is very extensive, involving almost all important areas of the nationaleconomy and national defense and people daily life, in particular, can safely and effectively usedin harsh environments, and solve technical problems in many industries over the years there hasbeen. Therefore, we can say with great market demand for fiber optic sensors, not long, at leastthe next five years, optical fiber sensors will have broad prospects for development.Resourse:electronics store