Macro mode shooting


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Macro mode shooting

  1. 1. Macro mode shootingWhen the hope of shooting close-ups of tiny objects, you can use the macro mode. Can be morecloser to your subject using macro mode shooting zoom imaging, small flowers or jewelry, andmany other things, very simple to use.Macro mode can shoot images using the Macro mode can shoot larger image The usual mode to shootBecause usually shooting mode can not be sufficiently close to the subject, it can only be taken asshown on the right as a whole bouquet. Macro mode, you can fully close the subject, close-upshots. Outside to shoot flowers, macro photography mode for shooting small items such as food,wide range of applications. After the usual shooting modes is close to a certain extent, in anycase can not coke, please switch to macro mode.To the small items to photograph, close to the subject is the keyNeed to take a small subject close-up. Is the most representative flowers. Relatively largebouquet can be directly shot, but close-up shot of a flower you need to use the macro mode toget the desired effect. Macro mode is set, even when very close to the camera and the subjectfocus on a special shooting mode. Normal photography mode will focus blur, and must maintain acertain distance with the subject. Macro photography mode, the internal of the lens canautomatically adjust to complete the close-up shots, the camera can be closer to your subjectand shooting so that small items went for. The macro mode is very simple to use, only thecameras shooting mode to macro mode (usually a flower-shaped mark) can. When the zoomfunction is still valid, so it can be to distinguish according to the distance and size of the subject.The wide-angle end and telephoto end of the macro close distance wide-angle end macroWhen shooting using the wide end, the subject can be enlarged to such an extent. Performanceenough to make a small bud or coins is full screen.The camera used to shoot examples in the wide-angle end of the macro mode, you can fully closethe subject until only 3 cm from the front of the lens. Telephoto end of the macroWhen using the telephoto end of the shoot, compared with the wide-angle end, can not besmall-scale amplification to that extent, but because of the unique imaging features of the
  2. 2. telephoto lens, the subject shape does not produce the deformation of the advantages.The camera used to shoot the examples in the telephoto end of the macro mode when shootingdistance of about 50 cm. Very convenient when shooting can not be close to the subject.TopIn principle, to turn off the flash for macro photography flash openBuilt-in flash. Flowers around the flower of the impact of their own shadow to become a mass ofblack. Petals and lost the three-dimensional sense, did not show the unique feeling of roses. Inthis case lost the significance of macro photography. Flash OffClose the flash photography, rose petals full three-dimensional ideal. And spend a whole havebeen exposed to light. As long as the light above the light from the camera to the subject on, youcan avoid the shadow of the photographer into the picture.Attention to themselves or the cameras shadowMacro photography is close to the subject to shoot, so you want to turn off the flash, use onlythe scene of natural light to avoid glare so that the subject is loss of stereoscopic. But if the sun islocated in the camera behind the shadow of a large area, so you want to adjust the shootingposition so that the sun is located just above and to the shooting.