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Car navigation products purchase


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Car navigation products purchase

  1. 1. Car navigation products purchaseNavigation products overall performance of the bleak situation, experts suggest, should bepassed as soon as possible to promote the introduction of national standards for satellitenavigation equipment, the establishment of the navigation performance threshold, out of thoseconvenient products to consumers. The same time, through the implementation of thecertification system of navigation products, allow consumers to recognize the superiorperformance of the product, to avoid low-quality navigation products import lost.1) chip election: navigation products, we are most concerned about the absolute received star, ie,the signal reception. Currently on the market most of the automotive GPS will SiRFStarIIIthird-generation chip, the advantages of such chips have obscured and adverse weatherconditions can capture and track the signal to reduce the interference of skyscrapers brought.In addition, the chip is good or bad is directly related to the fast and accurate calculation of thepath is good or bad. Go to the same destination, the chip may appear different route, we needthe best route.2) The election map: electronic navigation map is another important component of the GPSnavigation systems rely on the work of electronic navigation map is correct or not directlydetermine whether the owners more quickly, more easily reach their destinations. In the currentmarket, whether domestic or fully imported car GPS products built-in map is nothing but only afew map of the resources, the quality is uneven, and often can not update the map informationto the user inconvenience.In general, regular brands of GPS navigator will provide one year of free updates, or according tothe number of terms, support 2 times around the free update service. After this update the mapyou need to pay a fee, in general, the map updates for GPS map provider to maintain thehalf-yearly level, there are some manufacturers to update the data once every three months, theupdated cost of the hundred or so. Upgrades through the network to download, but alsorelatively simple.3) Select speed: the speed mentioned here, including the speed of closing star, boot speed andreaction speed. Should always pay attention to safety due to the car and the car moving at highspeed, so speed can improve the accuracy of vehicle navigation, but also can save the usersoperating time, saving time and more peace of mind.4) Select brand: buy big brand products not only their own quality assurance, but also can enjoy afree upgrade service for a certain number of years. International brands include any of my travelseries we are familiar with the Garmin, Mio the Dentsu mio series, as well as from Europe andTW brands like NAVMAN and Leadtek, of course, Nokia join the board GPS even more attention.Election brand is actually selected aftermarket GPS navigation products, the follow-up service ismore important, because the map is updated in real time. Different vendors, access to map data
  2. 2. from different sources, free updates are also a variety. Do understand the time of purchase, avoidthe use of do not avoid trouble.