EmployAbility Post Rally Report


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This document shares data on the first US Rally celebrating having disability and obtaining living-wage employment as a community issue. It walks the reader through who was involved, what worked and how to improve it for those who would aspire to conduct a similar event in their local communities

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EmployAbility Post Rally Report

  1. 1. POST EMPLOYABILITY RALLY REPORT167 People officially pre-registered for the October 28, 2010 EmployAbility Rally 45 People registered in person at the event.Of these, the following agencies were represented:  ACYR  Goodwill  SequelCare of az  ADHS/BHS  H.P. Consulting  SMMHC  ADHS/DBHS  Life Development Institute  Southgate Academy  Anthem College Online  Magellan Health Services  Southwest Behavioral  Area Agency on Aging  Marc Center of Mesa Services  AZ Commission for the Deaf Arizona  Southwest Network and Hard of Hearing  Maricopa Association of  TecMarc  AZ Dept of Health Services Governments  Tetra Services  Brookline College  Maricopa County  The Arizona Department of  Career Counselor To Go  Maricopa Workforce Administration  Cenpatico Behavioral Health Connections  The Real Deal Re-Entry of Arizona  MIKID Program  Chapel Haven West  National MS Society  Ticket to Work w/Goodwill and  Chartis  NAU / IHD Rebecca Burt  ChoicesNetwork  NCADD  TRBH  City of Tempe Diversity Dept.  Parent of a spectrum Child  UCP of Central Arizona  CPSA  Partners In Recovery  Untapped Arizona  Designed for living inclusive  People Of Color Network  USDOL/OFCCP communities  PIR  Valleylife  DK Advocates  Retired,Seeking  YMCA / HomeBase Youth  Environarts, nc. Opportunities Services  Family Partners  Save the Family
  2. 2. Following the event, a Post-Rally Survey was sent 5out to everyone who registered prior to and on the 9day of the event. Forty-five (45) people respondedto this survey. The results are as follows: 301. Did you attend the EmployAbility Rally?39 of the 45 who responded to the survey stated thatthey attended all or part of the event. If the Yes-Whole Event Yes-Part of the Event No-Did not attendresponded answered “No” they taken directly to theend of the survey to answer te the e ffe c tiv e ne s s o f v a rio us a s p e c ts o f the Emp lo y Ab ility Ple a s e e v a lua the final questions. R a lly .2. Please evaluate the effectiveness of various aspects of the EmployAbility Rally. 4.28 4.14 4.11 4.09 4.19 4.14 4.17 4.50 3.97 3.86 4.00 3.59 3.31 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 g ty g nt g s s ns ls lly ) ay le es in in in c ia ili ve io Ra ab at rk aw oc kd ib at lE er Se Pa rT Pr ss of ee Dr od om al ce to n n (w er m ad t io tio Ac nf bi Ov m lly iP rI hi ca ra co Ra Ex so st Lo Ac gi on of Re Sp y Da
  3. 3. 1. Infomercials should have been at the end of the event as we began losing people in the middle of the rally. Tables should have been closer to stage and not so spread out. 2. Sun was a bit bright, but so was the mood of the audience! 3. It would have been nice to see more local businesses there looking for resources. 4. Great Job 5. I was very pleased with the event! I just wish that I would have heard about it sooner so that I could have spoke to others about the event. I would love to see a lot more people next year, we need these events so badly. Thank you all for hosting this, and I would love to be more involved next year. 6. Shade will make a big difference next year! 7. I was told my entry was in there but did not put it there myself. Was it? I think that it definitely needed more employer representation and maybe if you didnt charge the amount you were charging some would have came. Isnt that the point? 8. Would have been better to have seating in the shade since it was a bit hot that day. Also seems there were no "infomercials" on TV (or I didnt know where they were!)... definitely need more marketing. Recommend better partnering with government agencies to ensure better message- spreading and attendance. 9. I need to know more about the hard-line goods available to the hearing impaired. Is there an event somewhere I can attend to learn about what is available to people who are hearing impaired in the Phoenix metropolitan area? Thanks.10. The heat was a bit of an issue. I think perhaps greater efforts to move the chairs out of the sun earlier may have been helpful.11. More general seating and shade. Food options would be nice.12. for more feedback, please call me...480.588.8428. Barbara
  4. 4. 13. I wish the Exhibitor Tables had stayed available longer. As soon as the speeches ended the exhibitors closed up and I didnt get a chance to spend as much time as I would have liked gathering information and familiarizing myself with services being offered.14. I thought that this was about Veterans, since I was invited via a leading Veteran. I think that this needs to be inside on a hot day, and on an even flooring for those in wheel chairs and who are blind, for bouncing or tripping on grass does not support a sense of well-being. As for parking, I have a handicap decal as I cannot walk a great length and I had to walk two blocks from the parking lot as whatever Handicap parking spaces there might have been, were blocked off by a wire which was closer to the event. Last, if you want to have the event outside, then find a place that has more covered seating or rent a canopy. Hope this was all helpful. Sincerely, Barbara Samuels3. Please evaluate the effectiveness of the Speakers: 4.3 4.22 4.2 4.16 4.13 4.1 4.1 4.06 4 3.94 3.9 3.84 3.8 3.7 3.6 Rob Ken Jacuzzi Col. Kathy Larry Thomas Andy Crawford Strickland Martinez Clausen Means Imparato
  5. 5. 1. Would have liked to see as much energy from each person speaking as Andy showed 2. I left early and did not hear the last 3 presenters. 3. I was pleased to see those speakers who struggle the most give effective speeches of hope for themselves and others. Their mentors have done an excellent job of helping them overcome their handicaps and to inspire them to move forward even in tough economic times. We all need that hope to have a better quality of life. Life is too precious to ignore and it is wonderful to know that there are people out there in a position to help others find that better quality of life throughout lifes journey. 4. All had great energy and targeted messaging. 5. Those were the three I heard....4. If you have specific feedback for any of the Rally speakers, please provide that so we can passthat along to each of them.Rob Crawford  Great  Fun and kept it moving along nicely  Thank you--more time is needed for next year. Maybe start at 8 am? Felt rushed at the tables of information.  Thank you for keeping the message positive- a real celebration!Ken Jacuzzi  His speech was very moving  Ken, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done and are doing. And it was great to finally meet you and a pleasure to hear you speak. Thanks, Michael Carpenter mike.carpenter@marccenter.com  GREAT! A hero of our time.  Too many dates  Thank you--more time is needed for next year. Maybe start at 8 am? Felt rushed at the tables of information.
  6. 6.  Inspirational-I need a Friend exactly like him to exchange business ideas & Creative Writing How- Tos  Thank you for asking people to work and vote. Sometimes it is all about expectations!Col. Strickland  Col. Strickland was an outstanding speaker and is a great voice for Veterans and Native Americans  Very military oriented and I was never in the service, but helpful for many, I assume.  Great motivational speaker  Thank you--more time is needed for next year. Maybe start at 8 am? Felt rushed at the tables of information.  Thank you for being open and sharing about your life.Kathy Martinez  It was great to meet Kathy and her speech was inspirational  Interesting but too long  Thank you--more time is needed for next year. Maybe start at 8 am? Felt rushed at the tables of information.  Thank you for coming to Phoenix. You inspire, therefore a true leader!Larry Clausen  Great  Thank you--more time is needed for next year. Maybe start at 8 am? Felt rushed at the tables of information.  Loved the people sharing their success.Thomas Means  Great  Very powerful, especially for us deaf and hard of hearing folks!  Thank you--more time is needed for next year. Maybe start at 8 am? Felt rushed at the tables of information.  You are a stellar young man!
  7. 7. Andy Imparato  Great  Thank you--more time is needed for next year. Maybe start at 8 am? Felt rushed at the tables of information.  Passion and wisdom- thank you!5. If you are getting this survey question, you signed up for theEmployAbility Rally but were not able to attend. Please help us Couldnt leave It was too farunderstand why so we can hopefully address any issues that work, 1 away, 1hindered your attendance: No transportation ,0 Emergency, 16. How can next year’s EmployAbility Rally be more effectivefor you? 1. Get more people to show up that have disabilities, employers to show support & recruit, factor in the sun if it is outdoors. All in all a wonderful event I was proud to be part of! 2. More local business representation 3. Still wish to be part of the committee 4. We need more involvement from the community, local politicians, news outlets, community based organizations who work to employ the disabled. 5. Start marketing sooner to grow attendance. Other than that it was outstanding! 6. Hopefully Ill be able to attend! 7. Maybe having more media coverage and getting the information out to people sooner. 8. Shade would be the biggest thing! :-) Keep the wide range of speakers, great to hear from a
  8. 8. diverse range of folks about their situations and successes. Keep it real with personal stories. In short this years EmployAbility Rally was a success and really did a great job in uplifting all of us lucky enough to attend. 9. Better outreach to those who would not otherwise be aware of the event or have a vested interest in it. I saw several community organizations present who specifically deal with disability awareness or employee recruitment, and good representation from political figures and select government agencies, but very little representation from other employers such as large corporations, small businesses (whose mission/purpose is not directly related to disability employment), and institutions of higher learning. It was a nice rally but I felt like attendance was small, and those who did attend were also in some way participating already, or aware of many of the issues discussed. (It felt a little like "preaching to the choir.") Next year I think it would be great if there could be people in attendance from ALL of our downtown banks, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, retailers, etc -- theres no reason why they shouldnt be out there representing their businesses mission, policies, and practices!! Getting ASU involved might be nice too as I bet they have on-campus advocacy groups and student populations that could make a lot of positive impact.10. More more more!!!!11. We need to determine how we can better market the event to staff who work with people with disabilities, as well as people with disabilities as well. By partnering with agencies to provide transportation, I suspect we might have better attendance.12. The speakers were very effective, the setup was good and the trees were very beneficial for those who could sit under them in the heat of the sun. I had hoped to have more time to visit the tables of information made available to those who needed to see what was available to them. More information needs to be presented about the types of help available to those with disabilities. Where to contact that help or the different health formats and hard-line goods available that are safe to use.13. I dont know at this point other than I hope to be able to attend.14. Could use Catering because of my Semi-Diabetic condition15. Ask other people that come their too, if they are taped or untapped instead of just ones that where
  9. 9. picked before the day of the EmployAbility Rally.16. I do not know at this time. I am currently looking for a place to live.17. By having actual employers there to possibly contract with organizations that have there people ready.18. allow time either before or after the speakers presentations for interaction with the Exhibitor booths19. Maybe have a bit more seating arranged.20. More resources for East Valley residents.21. Began on time22. I probably wont attend since I learned which agencies do what.