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Ten characteristics of excellent internal comm


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Just so you'll know it when you see it, a good communications system will look something like this.

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Ten characteristics of excellent internal comm

  1. 1. TEN CHARACTERISTICS OF EXCELLENT INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS Better Companies through Better Communications
  2. 2. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 1. Glasnost Remember the end-of- the-Cold-War term glasnost? It means openness. Mikh ail Gorbachev, the then-leader of the Soviet Union, came up with the notion that openness was critical to survival. It's the same with Internal Communications. It requires the management team of the organization to level with the employees, especially those on the front line who might not have access to email or other systems.
  3. 3. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 2. Consistent You could spend a few days coming up with a one-off newsletter that might satisfy your employees for a few days, but you need to follow it up with regular updates. In the absence of information, employees will fill the void with whatever information — whether it is true or not — that happens to float past.
  4. 4. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 3. Two-Way As well as management passing info down the line, employees must be able to pass ideas (and sometime bad news) back up the proverbial chain of command. It's a type if "field intelligence" that the leaders of an organization need when they are making decisions.  Did you know that the XBox was an idea germinated by two entry-level employees, who then brought it to the attention of Microsoft's top level management?  Clearly the company had a channel whereby good ideas, and lots of useless ones that would never see the light of day, found their way to company management.  The XBox is now a multi billion-dollar blockbuster.  A company may still squander a good idea by way of poor execution, but at least, you need to have access to those ideas.
  5. 5. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 4. Technology Based Nothing will ever replace MBWA (Management By Walking Around), but you can leverage technology to increase your reach by an order of magnitude. There are so many technologies out there that can help you. For example, there can be an electronic equivalent of the time-honored suggestion box.
  6. 6. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 5. Inclusive Make sure everyone in the organization gets a chance to benefit from your new internal communication methodologies.  When was the last time you spoke face-to-face with your front line employees? That might be where the next great idea comes from. It might be an idea that takes your company to the next level. You won't know who has that killer idea until you hear it, so you have to listen to everyone.  And, you have to reach everyone with your message.
  7. 7. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 6. Easy Whatever solution you adopt to improve internal communications in your organization, it must be easy to use.
  8. 8. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 7. Time-efficient Sometimes a kiosk-style terminal is all that's required, and it can be shared by many employees. You want a way for front line employees to connect, but not by putting them in front of a desktop computer to push and pull emails all day long.
  9. 9. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 8. Analytics A good internal communications system will have a mechanism for management to know if a message is getting through to its intended audience. Typically, you will want to know how many "reads" a given news story or bulletin gets, as well as metrics about the company's operations.
  10. 10. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 9. Safe Likely, if you are reading this, you are already open to the notion of receiving feedback. Employees will need to feel safe enough to give you feedback.
  11. 11. EXCELLENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 10. Cost-Effective Last but not least, the benefits of your new internal communications initiative must far out weigh any cost associated with it!  See PDP’s Cost of Poor Internal Communication presentation on SlideShare.
  12. 12. Better Companies through Better Communication