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Final lesson plan

  1. 1. Final Lesson Plan for Educational Technology Patterns, sorting and classifying Lynda R. Dickerson Preschoolers 3-5 year old / Math***this lesson plan template is an altered version of ODE’s standard template for Ohio k-12 lesson plans. Standards and Benchmarks and indicators: Standard: Patterns, Functions and Algebra for Early Childhood. Also use patterns, relations and Functio Indicator 1: Identify, copy, extend and create simple patterns or sequences of sounds, shapes and motions (ODE Standards, pg.32). Indicator 2: Sort, order and classify objects by one attributes: size, color or shape (ODE Standards, pg. 3 Lesson Summary: The child will be given colored blocks and the child will be able to finish and create patterns using the to choose two different colors and then add another color to create patterns with three colors. The chi groups. I have included ipad that children can play a math computer game. There will be iPod and doc computers in the classroom will be open for children to do activities. A digital camera will be availab activity. Estimated Duration: Preparation time: No time needed. Activity time: I am planning for Four groups of four children working on tables in the classroom, Ea activity. The second day of the lesson will take a hour of using iPads and sharing pictures from the di Commentary: I notice that some of my friends are playing with the colored blocks in the block area, table with ipads, digital camera and some computer math games that will included the colored blocks with me.? I problem that will arise am that more than four children wanting to play at once and child I will have a sign-up sheet for those wanting to plan next. I will supervise the activity at first to be sur safety if needed. Instruction for the Math Lesson 1
  2. 2. Final Lesson Plan for Educational TechnologyDay 1Introduction: I will sit at the table and begin to put the blocks of the same color together and say We havmade this fun activity we can play together ! We get to pattern, sort, classify, use baskets, take pictures, uiPod. Let’s see how long it takes for us to do our block activity.What will the teacher do/say? Include open-ended questions, scaffolding comments, vocabulary orchildren do during activity?Before beginning the activity ask the children, “ How many blocks can we match? Wait for their responsNow can you show me the way you would match the blocks. Wait for children to identify their match.Children (4 at a time)will begin taking turns at the table matching, sorting, playing on the ipads doing cotheir own pattern they made. And the children will be allow to work the iPod for music during the activitTeacher will comment during the activity to scaffold play:-I noticed you have 2 blocks of the same colors in the basket. How many more blocks of the same color cLook at your friends’ basket. Can anyone see if they have the same colors in their basket.How many more blocks need to be put in your basket? How many blocks are already in your basket.During this time of play I will introduce vocabulary words during conversation.Match: I see you are able to find a match. Do you know what the word “match” means? A match is two oComparison: We are doing a lot of comparisons. That’s a big word; does anyone know what “comparisdifferent things and sees what the same about them is and what is different.I will encourage children to take pictures of their activity that they will share with the class on the secondI will set about from table to observe what the children will so on their own and I will write down observDay 2:Continuance of activity but we will include ipads to do matching computer games for young children anwith the blocks and baskets. And there will be a time of sharing for the children that participate in patterand ask them to explain their picture. How did the activity make you feel while doing it..Pre-Assessment:I will make a pattern first with the blocks to see if the children understand that you can make patterns wione child to volunteer to see if they are getting the concept that I am teaching them. Then I will ask the cput all the big blocks together for classifying .I will also be able to get some andectols written for the chi Scoring Guidelines: I will make a checklist with every students on the list, I will also list colors to see if the child can 2
  3. 3. Final Lesson Plan for Educational Technology just to see if the can identify the same and different sizes. This checklist will help me know if the activity. And to see if I need to make any changes for the children to be successful. .Post-Assessment:Questions will be asked to see if the children understood the strategies in the lesson. I will be able to telllesson. This is key that they are learning, when the don’t stay with the activity lets me know that they ma Scoring Guidelines: I will be using a Activity Plan Rubric which will include activity is developmentally appropriate area, objectives match curriculum area and are observable, Standards & Indicators are appropriate complete and signature is complete.Differentiated Instructional SupportDescribe how instruction can be differentiated according to learner needs. I will work one on one with children that do not understand the concept of the lesson. I will may will use the color of blocks they know even if it is one color and use different colors. I will take t show them how to use the apps and touch tone screen. My students that are work beyond the specified indicators will be my peer leaders and will be ass struggling.ExtensionIn the class I will include number building blocks, this is blocks that are shaped as numbers to continue tencourage plays to have magnet numbers on the refrigerator at home for children to put numbers in ordertopic -- in class or outside of class. I Provide links to sites or sources that may assist students and parents Options and Home ConnectionsThe children will be given Math/Number Awareness worksheet to work on with their parents. Example owebsite: : ConnectionsThe content area that will also be included in this lesson will be language, cognitive, and fine motor develearning process for success in future grade levels. 3
  4. 4. Final Lesson Plan for Educational TechnologyMaterials and Resources:For teachersJournal, pens,notepads anddigital cameraFor studentsSmall coloredblocks andbaskets, iPads,digital camera,iPod and dock,computer mathgames andinternet.Key VocabularyMatch ,Comparison, blocksResearch ConnectionsI find a great article that goes along with this lesson and validates, using blocks for patterning for teachinbelow and read. This is article is an easy read for busy teachers.LINK HERE: RESOURCES/PRODUCTSChecklist and Rubric Chart. Observation Sheets with children’s name on it. Journal will be used to note my observations.The children will be using the internet because of work on computer games on the ipad. 4
  5. 5. Final Lesson Plan for Educational Technology Digital Camera in the classroom to take project of their final activity; Observation taking in the classroom will be taken in a journal Children will play computer math games on the iPad there will be many apps to choose from the link is b, Lesson plans, etc. 5