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Tokens 4 Teens - Class of 2015-16 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation


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Tokens 4 Teens is a transportation program through the Janesville School District that provides bus tokens and gas gift cards to low-income families so they are able to get to and from school and school-related activities. Our team agreed that we wanted to work on a project that benefited youth. We conducted a search to determine what the needs were in Rock County and contacted the Homeless Liaison through the School District of Janesville for some ideas. She mentioned that developing a marketing plan for the Tokens 4 Teens program would be beneficial as a way to receive more donations. As a group we decided we would create a logo, brochure, and website to expand the brand of the program. We presented to the Janesville School Board and the City Council our accomplishments with the program. In addition, we created 12 Facebook posts that the School District of Janesville Facebook’s Administrator may copy and paste throughout the year as a way to increase donations to the program. In rebranding of the Tokens 4 Teens program, as well as increasing awareness about the challenges low-income families face in regards to transportation, we hope the program will receive many donations from the community for years to come.

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Tokens 4 Teens - Class of 2015-16 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

  1. 1. Tokens4 teens
  2. 2. aLeadershipdevelopmentacademy collaborativeproject Stephanie Aegerter Festival Foods Bill Frisbee City of Beloit Jane Golberg Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change Jim Hartwig ANGI Energy Jillynn Niemeier KANDU Industries
  3. 3. Whatistokens4teens? ➔ A transportation program through the School District of Janesville that provides bus tokens or gas cards to low- income families that have limited access to transportation during the winter months. ➔ Program runs strictly on donations from individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, etc ➔ Thank you to City of Janesville for creating the Youth Token half-price bus fare, allowing more tokens to be provided to students.
  4. 4. Theneed 48% of students qualify as economically disadvantaged within the Janesville School District during the 2015-16 school year - Wisconsin Information System for Education
  5. 5. Testimonials From the parents: “Tokens for Teens was a Godsend! I needed help with transportation to get my two daughters to school for a couple of weeks. I had to buy medicine and could not afford bus fare for my girls.” “My vehicle recently broke down and I had no way to get my daughter to Craig High School. She would have had to walk 3 miles to school every day during the winter months. Thanks to Tokens 4 Teens, she was able to ride the nice warm bus.“
  6. 6. Testimonials From the students: “My mom had to go to jail and I’m staying with my aunt. My aunt has to drive 4 kids to school and doesn’t have much money for gas. The gas cards we received from Tokens 4 Teens have helped a lot.” “My dad had been out of work for months, I needed help with bus tokens until he could find another job. I only used them for a couple of weeks, but it made all the difference.”
  7. 7. 23ELEMENTARYSTUDENTS Receiving assistance for at least 3 months 200tokensand15gascards Distributed to 2 high schools 150tokensand10gascards Distributed to 3 middle schools 100tokensand10gascards Distributed to 5 charter schools 2015-16STATS
  8. 8. CHALLENGES ✖ No marketing plan or brand ✖ One person usually asks for donations ✖ Brochure was outdated and listed statements that lacked follow through ✖ Need for the program continues to grow
  9. 9. OURPLAN
  10. 10. CreateaLogo
  11. 11. LOGO-veryroughDraft
  12. 12. WithSomehelp Designed by Elizabeth Lee Designer
  13. 13. DesignHandout
  14. 14. CHANGENAME?
  15. 15. Createawebsite Linked to School District Website
  16. 16. Socialmedia: facebook Create 12 Social Media Posts to be added by School District of Janesville Facebook Administrator
  17. 17. Media: CreatePressRelease Sent to: Big Radio Milton Courier WCLO & WJVL Edgerton Reporter JATV Janesville Area Convention & Visitor Bureau Forward Janesville Beloit Daily News Community Shopper
  18. 18. Presentedtocommittees SDJ Truancy & Transportation Committee Janesville City Council SDJ Board of Education
  19. 19. Lessons Learned... ✖ Long process ✖ Google Drive was easier than meeting in person, but meetings were very productive ✖ Statistics are important in creating outreach materials for a non-profit ✖ Working in a small group of professionals, we are able to be very productive using individual members’ strengths ✖ Presenting our plans to different organizations gave us publicity and feedback on expanding our visibility ✖ We enjoyed working together
  20. 20. ThankyoutoT4Tsponsors Data Dimensions Blackhawk Community Credit Union Alpha Delta Kappa Chi Chapter Thrivent (grant) Donations from 8 individuals
  21. 21. HowYouCanHelp! Donation Amount Numberofstudents served/month $3,000 or more 75+ $1,000- 2,999 50-74 $400-999 10-49 $40-399 1-9
  22. 22. A Big Thank You To…. Carrie Kulinski Rebecca Smith Donna Klingaman Elizabeth Lee
  23. 23. THANKYOU! Any questions...