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Securing Our Future: Project 16:49 - 2014-15 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation


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Project:Update the look and information on Project 16:49 marketing materials (website, brochures and assorted print materials) and develop an annual fundraiser that will assist in the creation of a future home for boys.
Members: Erin Betley, Matthew Bosen, Tammy Kolovitz, Adam Loris
Description: After our group agreed to choose a project that helped children, we visited the Robin House and got a feel for all of the good work being done by Project 16:49. We were astonished by the number of teenagers in Rock County that were without a home and it inspired us to try and help. We spoke with staff, identified areas of need for the organization and created an action plan. One of the immediate needs identified was in the delivery method used to provide vital information to homeless teens. We found a few partners with expertise in the marketing field and were able to secure Fetch Graphics to assist with a complete redesign of the brochures used to solicit assistance from donors and provide information to teens. We also partnered with a web designer to create a more user friendly and welcoming environment for their web presence. The second area of need was the desire of Project 16:49 to create a home for teenage boys similar to the current home for teenage girls (Robin House). We have arranged for a benefit concert to be headlined by South Bound on September 12th at The Rock Bar and Grill in Beloit. Details of the day will follow soon, but the plans include a free concert with a portion of all sales benefitting Project 16:49, a volleyball tournament, silent auction, 50/50 raffle, and more. This project was made possible because of the wonderful assistance we received from our partners, and we look forward to staging an amazing benefit in September that will lead to the creation of a much needed home for teenage boys.

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Securing Our Future: Project 16:49 - 2014-15 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

  1. 1. Securing Our Future Project 16:49 Erin Betley Matthew Bosen Tamara Kolovitz Adam Loris
  2. 2. National Statistics on Unaccompanied Youth • 34% are under 24. • Over 50% said that their parents asked them to leave • 8 out of 10 use drugs or alcohol • 1.7 million teens experience homelessness each year • 32% attempted suicide at some point
  3. 3. National Statistics Continued • 50% of adolescents aging out of foster care will be homeless within six months • Adolescents ages 12-17 are the most likely to become homeless • 46% left their home because of physical abuse. • 17% left because of sexual abuse. • 4 in 10 are under 18
  4. 4. What is 16:49? • 16:49… The time between school ending one day and starting the next. • Robin House: A safe place for girls between 17-21. Stay in school to help them get a diploma • Boy’s Home: 16:49 needs an annual increase in revenue of $60,000 a year. • Community case management is available for ages 14-21
  5. 5. Rock County Statistics • More than 1,000 students are identified as homeless each year • There are currently 280 unaccompanied teens • Approximately 4 out of 10 will not graduate high school on time without intervention • Upwards of 25% of girls will become pregnant • High risk for sex trafficking and assault
  6. 6. Why us • How and why did we decide to work with 16:49
  7. 7. Robin House • Supervised transitional living. • 7 girls at a time • Up to an 18 month stay • Goal planning • Independent living skill • Social and emotional wellbeing
  8. 8. Time to Shine Project 16:49 • Educating the community • Robin House in Beloit • Start a boys home in Janesville Our Project • Redesigned website • Updated marketing materials • Created annual event
  9. 9. Updated Material Current 16:49 Website Updated 16:49 Website
  10. 10. Rock on the Rock • Volleyball Tournament 12:00pm-5:00pm • Charity Concert featuring SouthBound 6:00pm- 8:00pm • Rock Bar and Grill – Beloit, WI • Saturday, September 12th • 10% of proceed of sales goes to Project 16:49 • Signature drink • Raffles, live music, fun and a good cause
  11. 11. Take Aways
  12. 12. Questions?