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Reading Time With Shelter Buddies presentation - LDA Class of 2018


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This team worked with the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin and local school districts to aid in expanding their reading program into a traveling curriculum through a partnership with both the Janesville and Beloit/Beloit Turner School Districts. Children will be reading to puppies and kittens.

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Reading Time With Shelter Buddies presentation - LDA Class of 2018

  1. 1. Class of 2017-2018
  2. 2. TEAM 6 DEGREES JoLynn Burden Casey Bellard Darlene Ramirez Dana Simmons Brentan Vivian Team picture
  3. 3. “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” Bishop T.D. Jakes JoLynn Burden - Forward Janesville / ARISE Now
  4. 4. Casey Bellard - Town of Beloit Fire Department JoLynn Burden “Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different test paper. Be yourself and do what drives YOU!”
  5. 5. Darlene Ramirez - First Community Credit Union “Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” Michelle Obama
  6. 6. Dana Simmons - School District of Janesville "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" Mahatma Gandhi
  7. 7. Brentan Vivian - Baker Tilly “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. 8. Project Evaluation / Identification Community needs Previous LDA projects Funding needs Build on existing programs Team Member Passions / Experiences
  9. 9. Project Evaluation / Identification Rock County Cancer Coalition SSM Health Volunteers / Pet Therapy Program BookMobile Expansion (previous LDA project) Humane Society of Southern WI Chemo Cargo
  10. 10. Each Project was Selected Based on: Our individual team members passions Potential community impact Low funding mechanism Collaboration among existing organizations Sustainability
  11. 11. Team 6 Degrees Dynamics Utilized designated team time during monthly LDA class sessions Met monthly outside of class Communicated regularly through email Updated and met with mentors on a regular basis Delegation of team responsibilities
  12. 12. Team Challenges Project identification Feasibility Loss of a team member Constant adaptation of pilot program Aligning of schedules amongst team members and potential clients
  13. 13. Project Description ● 6 week Pilot Program ● Addresses literacy in elementary aged children ● Collaboration with the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin ● Partnership with the School District of Janesville ○ Developed sustainable partnership between these 2 entities ● Expansion of current reading program into a traveling curriculum ● Post program evaluation via reading scores ● Future expansion possibilities
  14. 14. Humane Society
  15. 15. Why Reading Time with Shelter Buddies? ● Serves the community by bringing two worlds together ○ Animals and Kids ● Addresses childhood literacy ● Creates opportunities for animals to be loved and socialized ● Outreach opportunity for a local/regional non-profit ● Minimal funding, maximum impact and long term, expansion potential
  16. 16. Research ● Animal Shelter in Berks County, Pennsylvania ● Dr. Lori Friesen Program - more of an empathy program ● Reading with Shelter Buddies ● Bubba the Cat ● ● Washington Whiskers Program - Created by Kim Hayward
  17. 17. Research / Impact Impacts on the kids and the skills they obtain through the program ● Reading / Literacy ● Emotional ● Social
  18. 18. Literacy ● Non-judgemental audience giving them motivation to read more at school, home, ETC… ● Minimize “forced reading” and build a love for reading/books ● Fluency and less errors ● Comprehension of reading materials becomes easier
  19. 19. Emotional ● Confidence and acceptance ● Animals can’t laugh or make fun of them ● Youth have a chance to LEAD the audience and feel in charge ● Research alone has proven that simply petting an animal can reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. It increases levels of the stress reducing hormone Oxytocin and decreases production of the stress hormone Cortisol
  20. 20. Social ● Opportunity for some one on one communication with other students and staff on reading materials ● Devices and today’s society has decreased communication skills amongst the youth (social media and texting) ● Responsibility skills gained while caring for an animal
  21. 21. Project Scope In Scope Identify school Identify students Identify volunteers Ensure policies and procedures are being met with the school district Out of Scope Identify resources such as books, pet carrier, playpen, and other potential transportation costs
  22. 22. Project Goals To further develop the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin’s reading program into a mobile program via an initial pilot program, where the organization can visit one identified school in the Janesville School District.
  23. 23. Milestones September thru December: Research & Analyze Ideas January 15: Meeting with Brett at the Humane Society to discuss vision and scope of the project January 20: Identify school and discuss necessary policies and procedures to ensure a successful program January 31: Develop various marketing materials February 1: School to identify the students to participate in the pilot program and create baseline reading test scores March 6: School District approved the proposal April/May: Initiate 6 week pilot program where kids can read to kittens May 8th: Final day of program; re-test for reading test scores and collect testimonials from students, teachers and parents May / June: Evaluate for future expansions and 2018-2019 plans and youth orientated summer programs September: Kick off school year with programs
  24. 24. Reading Time with Shelter Buddies Channel 3 - Reading Time with Shelter Buddies
  25. 25. Project Measures for Reading Time with Shelter Buddies ● Testimonials - Kids, Humane Society and 6 Degrees ● Graph with DRA(Developmental Reading Assessment) Each Trimester ● Graph with STAR Assessment - Normed Assessment taken in January and April/May ● Graph with Pre and Post results of the Reading Interest Inventory - 6 Week Pilot Program
  26. 26. Project Measures - Testimonials - Kids ”I helped them get adopted.” ”I helped make a difference.” ”They were fluffy and they made me happy.” ”The kittens made me feel happy to read.” ”Super Fun!” ”Sad they have to go, but happy we helped them.”
  27. 27. Project Measures - Testimonials - Humane Society ● CONFIDENCE in the kids! ● Humane Society: “It was a great program. Each year the Humane Society has 700 - 800 kittens that need adoption. It is key to ensure interaction with people early because it helps them develop a personality. In turn, increase their chances of getting adopted.”
  28. 28. Project Measures - Testimonials - 6 Degrees
  29. 29. Project Measures - Developmental Reading Assessment
  30. 30. Project Measures - STAR Assessment
  31. 31. Project Measures - Reading Interest Inventory
  32. 32. Reflection on Outcomes & Future Opportunities ● Market Program: Inform community of program and impact potential ● Expansion Opportunities: ○ Janesville School District ○ Other school districts within Rock County ○ Youth Organizations / Summer School ○ Humane Society’s Community Resource Center ● Volunteer Recruitment ● Manage Material Needs ● Pilot Program based on kittens ○ Future programs could include dogs or other animals
  33. 33. Conclusion: Project Alignment & Community Impact ● Addressed the growing youth literacy problem ● Increased awareness of the Humane Society’s mission ● Created partnership between the School District of Janesville and Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin ● Educated the kids / community about animals, needs for socialization and adoption process ● Opportunity for students to identify roles in our community that allow them to make a difference
  34. 34. Questions?