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Project first light presentation


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Project First Light group project presentation from the LDA class of 2016-2017

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Project first light presentation

  1. 1. Project First Light Team RCRS Julie Gietzel | Blackhawk Community Credit Union Stephanie Bailey | City of Beloit/GBEDC Jenny Ryan | Applied Ecological Services Sgt. Bryan Hasse | Town of Beloit Police Department Nate Fuller | Rock County Historical Society
  2. 2. Bridging the gap between resources; that is what first light is designed to do.
  3. 3. What is project First Light? ★ Provides resources for First Responders to help people in unique, short term situations. Specifically, law enforcement. ★ Collaboration between private Hotel partners and area First Responders. ★ Fulfill the basic human need of having a safe roof over one’s head. ★ Fill a gap in resources. Many different charitable entities in the county deal with the long term needs of individuals. ★ Educational component that aims to inform people of resources to help them in their unique situation.
  4. 4. The Genesis of an Idea
  5. 5. The Original Idea. Offer food vouchers Hotel Vouchers But how big do we want to make it?
  6. 6. Let’s focus on one need at a time.
  7. 7. What challenges/obstacles did we face? ★ Finding Hotel Partners ★ Building the Process ★ Spreading the Word ★ Connecting People to Resources ★ Keeping it Going and Growing!
  8. 8. Challenge: Finding Hotel Partners
  9. 9. Our Awesome Hotel Partners! Best Western Located right off I-90/I-39 interchange in South Beloit. Ramada Inn Located right off I-90/I- 39 and Highway 26 in Janesville Baymont Inn Located right off I-90/I- 39 and Highway 14 in Janesville
  10. 10. Challenge: Building the Process
  11. 11. Logo Design Process
  12. 12. Connecting People to Resources
  13. 13. Law Enforcement Vetting Process ★ Persons must be in an extreme temporary crisis situation, for example; ○ A sudden furnace outage during winter months ○ Passing through town, vehicle breaks down and no auto or financial services are available. ★ Every effort will be made to find assistance from friends, family, or local services before the First Light service is activated. ★ All persons must have official identification with them and all persons will be run through NCIC/CIB to verify identity and check for warrants, criminal record, etc. ★ No signs of alcohol or drug impairment. ★ Persons will be escorted to and checked into the participating hotel by law enforcement. Law enforcement will provide their contact information to the hotel in case further law enforcement assistance is required. ★ Persons must provide ID and contact information to the hotel.
  14. 14. How do the vouchers work?
  15. 15. First responders at the scene. ● Try to find family and friends who can help people in the situation ● Activate First Light ● Designated liaison of First Light Program at local police department, who will be able to connect to Bryan ● Bryan will keep track of the number of vouchers utilized and track which Police Departments are using program ● Call hotels participating in program and ask for room availability and indicate their intentions ● Direct or drive people to the specific hotel How do the vouchers work?
  16. 16. keeping it going and Growing!
  17. 17. TESTIMONIALS - Spreading the Word ...I have seen the need for services like this firsthand. I have personally witnessed officers pay out of their own pockets for hotel rooms, meals and even bus tickets for people in dire need. We have attempted to find placement for people in the past at the Rockford Rescue Mission or Sparrow’s Nest only to be told they don't have beds available especially during colder months. This service would definitely help the most vulnerable people during crisis until more permanent services can be obtained. Officer Daniel Kutz - South Beloit Police Dept.
  18. 18. tESTIMONIALS - Spreading the Word ...The services of this program would have been used in a situation that we first responders and a citizen found ourselves in this last winter. I was dispatched to a multi- unit residential fire at approximately 11pm one night. Upon arrival most of the second story rear half of the home was fully engulfed in flames. The families of the residence had been placed in police cars to keep them warm, most with nothing but the clothes they had on at the time of the incident...The First Light Program would have helped in this situation as well as take stress off of a person in need who was already under a great deal of stress after losing their home. The First Light Program is needed for those in need to bridge the gap between business hours and after business hours. Officer Terry Borgwardt - City of Beloit Police Dept.
  19. 19. Plans for the future? What if other businesses want to help grow the reach of First Light? How can other hotels reach out and be a part of the project? Circle back and add a food component to the program. Donations from businesses. Biannual reevaluation and resecuring of commitments made. We are all committed to sustaining and growing this program.
  20. 20. What did we learn throughout this process?
  21. 21. Any questions? Any Comments?
  22. 22. Special Thank Yous Liz Holtz, Best Western | Karl Anderson, Ramada | Kim Jacobs & Missy Schroeder, Baymont Inn Rock County First Responders, especially Police Departments Sherri Stumpf, Blackhawk Community Credit Union Celestino Ruffini and Matt Bosen, Visit Beloit LDA Leaders/Mentors/Fellow Students Jen Degarmo, FIDO, for our logo design Joel Chappelle, Nowlan & Mouat for guidance Officer Terry Borgwardt and Officer Dan Kutz for testimonials Diane and Bill Slonecker for photographs
  23. 23. Our awesome employers Blackhawk Community Credit Union City of Beloit/Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation Town of Beloit Police Department Applied Ecological Services Rock County Historical Society
  24. 24. A special thank you to Blackhawk Community Credit Union for providing the partnership plaques!
  25. 25. Project First Light Team RCRS (Rock County Rock stars) Julie Gietzel | Blackhawk Community Credit Union Stephanie Bailey | City of Beloit/GBEDC Jenny Ryan | Applied Ecological Services Sgt. Bryan Hasse | Town of Beloit Police Department Nate Fuller | Rock County Historical Society