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LDA Project Presentation 2017- Project 1649

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LDA Project Presentation 2017- Project 1649

  1. 1. 2016-2017 Our Project, Our Journey
  2. 2. LDA SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 + =
  3. 3. INTRODUCING: “ROCKIN’TOP SHELFERS” Joe Rose Ashley Rosenbaum AlexHanson Bobbie Kedrowski Tammy Eliszewski Kelly Willoughby
  4. 4. TAMMY ELISZEWSKI  Works at Town Bank  Marketing Manager/Vice President  Lives in Clinton  Favorite Top Shelfer Drink: Cosmo!
  5. 5.  Works at the Town of Beloit  Director of Public Works  Lives in Beloit  Favorite Top Shelfer Drink: Grey Goose & 7 JOE ROSE
  6. 6. •Works at Blackhawk Community Credit Union •Director of Credit •Lives in Janesville •Favorite Top Shelfer Drink: Captain & Diet Coke! BOBBIE KEDROWSKI
  7. 7. •Works at ANGI Energy Services •Engineering Control Specialist •Lives in Brodhead •Favorite Top Shelfer Drink: Jack & Coke (Make it a Double Tall!) ALEX HANSON
  8. 8. •Works at the City of Beloit •Compliance Specialist •Lives in Beloit •Favorite Top Shelfer Drink: Rum & Pink Lemonade! ASHLEY “ROSIE”ROSENBAUM
  9. 9. KELLY WILLOUGHBY •Works at the Gordon Flesch Company •Senior Account Executive •Lives in Janesville •Favorite Top Shelfer Drink: Captain N Diet or Blue Moon!
  10. 10. OUR PATH • September 8,2016–Our group was formed! • October 14,2016–Linda encourages our teams to really thinkabout finding a project that makes a difference in RockCounty yet is also something we are all passionate about. Our team was unanimous in helping youth homelessness. • October 18,2016: LDATeam Meeting -Met with Robin Stultzof the School District of Beloit. Find out about the State Statute. • October 19,2016: LDATeam Meeting -Met with Tammy DeGarmo of Project 16:49;tour of Robin House;few hours of learning more about the organization and their challenges;“The Rock”afterwards to discuss • November 8,2016: LDATeam Meeting -Met at Jersey’s for project work • December 5,2016: LDATeam Meeting –Met with Tammy from Project 16:49at Jersey’s to get on track • December 28,2016: LDATeam Meeting • January17,2017: Met with Amy Loudenbeckregarding homeless youth in RockCounty;find out about W orkPermit Statute and other programs available • February6,2017: Attended Project 16:49Board Meeting (RockCounty Courthouse) • February7,2017: Lip Sync Practice;BHCCU Lombardi Room (2+hours –lol!) • February14,2017: Lip Sync Practice;Angi Energy • February18,2017: LIP SYNC PERFORMANCE!Crowd favorite and raised $3,000.00! • February27,2017: LDATeam Meeting –Boundaries • March 22,2017: LDATeam Meeting with Tammy from Project 16:49 • April 3,2017: Attend Project 16:49Board Meeting to Present Advocacy Project • April 24,2017: LDATeam Meeting –Bazingas • May3,2017: LDATeam Meeting –Grand Avenue Pub
  11. 11. To Empower Rock County’s unaccompanied homeless youth to take action to achieve their goals and be successful. Homelessness Poverty Unaccompanied Youth It’s Real.
  12. 12. PROJECT 16:49 16 Hours and 49Minutes… The time between school ending one day and starting the next. Where do you go if you have nowhere to go??
  13. 13. BELOIT LEARNING ACADEMY Robin Stuht -School District of Beloit Homeless Liaison
  14. 14. ROBIN HOUSE Tammy DeGarmo –Executive DirectorTammy DeGarmo –Executive Director
  15. 15. THE PROJECT STARTS TO COME TOGETHER Take Action, Create Awareness.....Advocate!
  16. 16. LandlordsBanking Relationships StatuteNewsletter Establish Partnerships  Janesville & Beloit  Reliability  Safety  Consistency Newsletter  Quarterly  Consistent Message  Recognition of Donors  Recruitment of Donors  Highlight All Services  Needs  Stories  Challenges  Events 16 Hours and 49 Minutes… The time between school ending one day and starting the next.  Challenges  Classes/Education for Girls  Partnership with Local Banks  Government Awareness • Create Opportunities • Checking Accounts – 16+ Years Old • Auto Loan – 18+ Years Old • Referral from School District  Government  Robin Stuht  Amy Loudenbeck  Letter  Work Permits “Take Action. Create Awareness. Advocate!”
  18. 18. ADVOCACY COMMITTEE  2-3 C ha irsfrom LD A 2016-2017  M a rk etin g M em ber: Eric Ku zn a cic (W TFTechn ica l Solu tion s)  P a stStu den t/Robin H ou se Residen t  H olly Ja ck son – B la ck ha w k C om m u n ity C reditUn ion  A m ericorp  Represen ta tion from P roject16:49  Focu s: Q u a rterly New sletter,Em a il B la st,W ebsite,P ressRelea ses,Socia l M edia ,Videos,A llia n ces/P a rtn erships/C oa lition s,P olitica l C om m u n ica tion
  19. 19. Member Name Company Title Bobbie Kedrowski Blackhawk Community Credit Union Director of Credit Tammy Eliszewski Town Bank - Clinton Market Manager/Vice President Joe Rose Town of Beloit Director of Public Works Alex Hanson ANGI Energy Systems Engineering Control Specialist Kelly Willoughby Gordon Flesch Company Senior Account Executive Ashley Rosenbaum City of Beloit Compliance Specialist Holly Jackson Blackhawk Community Credit Union Eric Kuznacic Why the Fuss? Technical Solutions Owner Tammy DeGarmo Project 16:49 Executive Director Past Student/Robin House Resident Americorps MEMBERS
  20. 20. NEWSLETTER  Q u a rterly  C on sisten tM essa g e  Recog n ition of D on ors  Recru itm en tof D on ors  H ig hlig htA ll Serv ices  Needs  Stories  C ha llen g es  Ev en ts  P a rtn erships  M a ilC him p
  21. 21. STATE STATUTE  Explored Su pportin g New W iscon sin Sta tu te 48.024  Robin Stu ht– B eloitSchoolsH om elessn essLia ison  Ta m m y D eGa rm o(P roject16:49)  Tou rRobin H ou se (B eloit,W I)  Represen ta tiv e A m y Lou den beck  W ork P erm its  LRB 0094/1  Low erin g the A g e Requ irem en tfora W ork P erm ittoUn der16 Yea rsof A g e  Un n ecessa ry La yerof B u rea u cra cy  Keep C u rren tSta te/Federa l H ou rs/Tim e of D a y a M in orM a y W ork the Sa m e  W IisO n e of 15 Sta testha tRequ ire a W ork P erm itforThose Un der18  Letterof Su pport  A ssem bly B ill 25
  22. 22. BANKING RELATIONSHIPS  In v estig a ted C ha llen g es  P a rtn ership w ith Loca l B a n k s  B la ck ha w k C om m u n ity C reditUn ion  M odified C IP Verifica tion P rocess  C heck in g A ccou n ts– 16+ Yea rsO ld  Referra l from School D istrict  A u toLoa n – 18+ Yea rsO ld
  23. 23. LANDLORDS  Esta blish P a rtn erships  Ja n esv ille & B eloit  Joe H a n sen (B eloit)– 100 P ropertiesin B eloit  B eth Kru eg er– Spea k tothe Girls: W ha tLa n dlordsLook For  Section 8/A bility toRen tC ha llen g es  Relia bility  Sa fety  A fforda bility  Requ irem en tsforthe Girlsin the Robin H ou se •M y FirstA pa rtm en tC heck listQ u estion s
  24. 24. FIRST APARTMENT CHECKLIST  My First Apartment Checklist Questions  What’s your budget? How much is Rent? How much is the Security Deposit?  Common Questions to Ask About an Apartment  What’s the term limit? How do I pay rent? Are pets allowed? Is there heating/ac?  Questions to Ask About Your Lease Agreement  Is there a fee if you have to break your lease? Is your rent pro-rated on half months?  Questions to Ask and Things to do as you tour an Apartment Complex  How much cell phone reception do you receive? Do the other residents say hello to the leasing agent?  Questions to Ask in Order to Get an Understanding of the Area and Location  How convenient is transportation? Is there a college/school nearby? How close is food? Gas Stations?
  27. 27. LIP SYNC BATTLE: CROWD FAVORITE Raised Just Over $3,000.00!!
  28. 28. LIP SYNC BATTLE -A HUGE THANK YOU TO: •Those tha tdon a ted du rin g ou rLD A lottery tick etfu n dra iser! •Joe Jim en ez forbiddin g on the B a dg erTick etsdon a ted by Gordon Flesch! •Lin da Rossforou rv ery first$100.00 don a tion ! •Tow n B a n k (C lin ton ) •B la ck ha w k C om m u n ity C reditUn ion •FirstNa tion a l B a n k & Tru st •A NGIEn erg y •C lin ton Kiw a n isGrou p •C lin ton Key C lu b •Sherri& C hrisStu m pf •D ebbie D u cha rm e A g en cy •A n d cou n tlessothers– TH A NK YO U!!
  29. 29. THANK YOU!!