MCS Presentation May 15


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Informational meeting regarding school closings. Hyperlinks to shared documents included.

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  • Welcome… Informational meeting only…At the end of the presentation, we will give you ways to review the material again and even make comments that will go directly to the board and administrators. We want to hear your thoughts after having time to process the proposal.
  • The solution presented this evening has been a product of a collaborative effort by all administrative staff. They have been working diligently on this for quite some time, gathering and analyzing data from every possible source. Goal 1 – student population has been the driving factor for our necessary action.Goal 2 – General fund but the others are effected as wellGoal 3 – stress long-term
  • In order to understand our situation better, we have to look at the demographic picture of our district. Student enrollment plays a significant part in our future funding.
  • State data tells us that Madison is in a similar situation as every other district out there.
  • Link to the .pdf of the excel document with the breakdown of student enrollment since 2005. Note grade levels (elementary decline). These are reported numbers to the DOE, where Kindergarten students count as 0.5 and certain special-ed students are not included because they are reported by their home district and we do not receive their funding.Will annotate slides as we talk…
  • Stress the elementary decline. Once the 5th grade class moves up, the numbers go down dramatically. Our KG enrollment isn’t going to be near the 275 but more like 220.
  • Explain this is the fund where salaries are paid. We cannot move dollars from transportation or CP – it is against the law.
  • No raises in salaries, fuel, or utilities. No new business and no business closings.
  • Hyperlinks to exhibit data from Department of Education finance office. Most current 2012 data available.
  • Federal Jobs Stimulus Funds .pdf link to MCS breakdown. More information about stimulus funds can be found at
  • DPI-54 tied to enrollment mainly. Stimulus is soft money that is going away.
  • Shows two options – 30 students and 40 students. The next few slides all illustrate a best case/worst case scenario. Dollars come in separate so they aren’t overlapped during presentation.
  • Based on numbers provided by CAC.
  • We hope this isn’t the case but need to be prepared for the potential loss. School vouchers may be utilized more.
  • This is most likely the best it will be – and what we are hoping for. The $1.15 million is a rollover from the DPI and Stimulus loss.
  • The worst scenario which we feel is too gloomy but it is a possibility which we had to consider.
  • We do have some good news and are hopeful for the future continuation of this funding. Based on projected enrollment of 220 in KG, the top number is grant dollars for full day Kindergarten. The cash balance needs to be left alone. If we had a “worst case” scenario situation, we would even have enough to cover the funding deficit.
  • We are banking on the best case scenario. This will require our communities continued support and commitment. With the changes that we will recommend tonight, we feel like MCS will be a better school system in its entirety and children in all schools will get a much better education.
  • As we press forward, we have to consider all students in all schools. None of these recommendations were made lightly or without much thought. We didn’t choose the easiest path but what we feel is the best path for all involved.
  • Link to pie chart of population breakdown.
  • It will have to be a combination of retirements and rifs. The salary reductions will happen when a person retires at the top of the pay scale but the new hire is at a lower salary.
  • Link to the bar graph of ration comparisons. The 24:1 is still a good ratio and lower than the state average. The secondary level is much higher than 24:1 as they took a big hit in past years.
  • The 17 is a round number based on the $72,000 average for certified positions. If we have high salary retirements and low salary replacements, the number could go down (or vice versa). We have to cut where the declining enrollment is – at the elementary level. The non-certified positions could be classroom aides, custodial, and clerical.
  • The administration tried to close three schools but couldn’t maintain a 24:1 ratio. Hyperlink to map which shows the breakdown of the dividing line for redistricting.
  • Hyperlink to map which shows the breakdown of the dividing line for redistricting.
  • Connectivity in town is much cheaper than in rural areas.
  • Hyperlink to information on TITLE I. Internet connectivity in town is much cheaper than in rural areas and travel costs can be significant. Our current eRate project is tied to three buildings: Rykers, EOM, and Lydia. If we close one of those buildings, we risk loosing the funding for all three ($250,000).
  • If numbers decline more than expected, we would recommend closing Deputy as well.
  • Wrap up…contact info next
  • We will be posting this presentation with all the links on our school website. Please review and then comment on the proposal by clicking on the link on the next slide.
  • Link to
  • Thanks for coming!
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  • MCS Presentation May 15

    1. 1. Educating ALL students to reach their potential.
    2. 2. Review demographics of MCS student populationConvey a realistic financial picture of MCS’ General FundShare a proposed long term solution for MCS
    3. 3. MCSDemographicPicture
    4. 4. 291 Public SchoolCorporations Approx. 250 have a declining enrollment MCS is the norm, not the exception
    5. 5. Average Daily Membership Report Indiana Dept. of Education
    6. 6.  Since 2003, we have lost 300 students The decline is at the elementary level If current trends continue, in the next six years 175 or more will be gone!
    7. 7. MCSGeneralFund
    8. 8. Assumptions  No increase in wages or benefits  Enrollment trends continue  Steady operational costs  Tax base stays the same  No major changes in community
    9. 9. DPI-54 DataDecember 15th, 2011 $ 20,004,289April 16th, 2012 $ 19,528,506Why? • Declining Enrollment • Declining Special Ed Funding
    10. 10. Federal Jobs StimulusFunds Soft money 2011-2012 school year only Saved 14 jobs this school year
    11. 11. Projected Funding Loss  Declining Enrollment
    12. 12. Additional Potential FundingLoss  Canaan Academy Charter
    13. 13. Additional Potential FundingLoss  Parochial Schools  Neighboring Corporations
    14. 14. Enrollmen Canaant (slide 13)(slide 12) Other Schools (slide 14)
    15. 15. Enrollmen Canaant (slide 13)(slide 12) Other Schools (slide 14)
    16. 16. GOOD NEWS!  FDK funding increases for 2012-2013 (projected 220 enrollment)  MCS has a reasonable cash balance as of 1/1/12 that needs to be maintained
    17. 17. How do webecome asoundcorporation forthe future?
    18. 18. We have to look at theeconomy of scale…  3 buildings house 70% of the student population  Projected elementary student/teacher ratio without changes is less than 20:1  Average teacher cost is $72,000 (includes
    19. 19. In order to save $1.5 million, positions must be reduced viaretirements, RIFs, and salary reductions. We must look at a long-term solution!
    20. 20. 24:1 ElementaryStudent/Teacher Ratio  More balanced class numbers  Previous reductions already taken at secondary level
    21. 21. Administrationrecommends a reduction of$1.5 million in general fundexpenditures  15-20 Certified Positions  $100,000-$200,000 in non-certified position cuts
    22. 22. Administration recommendsclosing two schools… Dupont Elementary • Redistrict Dupont students • Students will attend EOM & Deputy • Maintain 24:1 average ratio
    23. 23. Administration recommendsclosing two schools… Anderson Elementary • Redistrict Anderson students • Students will attend EOM, Lydia & Rykers • Maintain 24:1 average ratio
    24. 24. Restore/Enhance Programs  Art, Music, PE • Restore to year-round in elementary  30 minute increase in elementary instructional day • Administration recommendation • More time on task for instruction • Enrichment/remediation opportunities • No monetary effect on transportation
    25. 25. Restore/Enhance Programs  Increased Collaboration & Interventions • Equitable use of TITLE I funds • More program options  Technology Support • Consolidated operational costs • eRate Priority 2 Federal grant dollars  Rykers, Lydia, and Muncie
    26. 26. ALL buildings would then…  Have more balanced ratios  Qualify for TITLE funds & support  Allow for more tech funding & support  Hit our target savings of $1.5 million  Be a long-term solution provided enrollment decline doesn’t escalate • In a worst case scenario, the administration recommends Deputy to close as well
    27. 27. Educating ALL students to reach their potential.
    28. 28. Where tofind it…Main page of MCS sure to leave yourcomments! Comments will only be shared with board & administration
    29. 29. Share yourthoughts…Follow the link below and leaveyour comments on the proposalpresented. Remember, yourcomments will only be sharedwith the school board andadministration. Please onlycomplete one entry per family. Click Here
    30. 30. 30252015 Current10 Proposed50
    31. 31. Anderson 8% Deputy 3% Dupont HS 4%32% EOM 15% Lydia 7% JHS Rykers 23% 8%