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New Braces


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Published in: Technology, Business
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New Braces

  1. 1. 1 (877) 99 Big Smiles 1 (877) 992-4476 19847 Century Blvd., Suite 215 Germantown, MD 20874 ** Presentation materials supplied by American Orthodontics
  2. 2. (instead of braces)
  3. 3. INTRODUCING the HARMONY System,the world’s most advanced digitallycustomized, invisible solution forstraightening teeth. Using the latest inorthodontic technology, the HARMONYSystem attaches BEHIND your teeth, so noone will know you are wearing braces but you. Make your smile the best it can be, with the world’s finest, most advanced invisible orthodontic solution
  4. 4. “As an orthodontist,I felt that theHARMONY Systemshould adapt to thetreatment philosophyof every clinician,providing doctors withthe ability to design eachcase to meet theirindividual treatment goals.After successfully treatingmore than 1,000 cases with theHARMONY System, doctors havediscovered just how easy lingualorthodontics can be when usingadvanced CAD/CAM and precisionwire bending technologies.”
  5. 5. A Solution Created Just for YouYour personal treatment plan is designed by your orthodontist, who utilizesHARMONY’S advanced technology in computer assisted treatment, resulting in a fullycustomized, invisible solution created exclusively for you. Your new smile begins with a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth. Using proprietary technology, each tooth is moved to its ideal position, generating a digital simulation of your desired smile.
  6. 6. Digital set-upFrom this simulation, advanced CAD/CAM technologies produce a customized systemthat adapts seamlessly to the shape and contour of your teeth.Computer controlled, robotically formed arch wires are produced for each phase ofyour treatment – all resulting in the highest level of orthodontic precision andunparalleled accuracy in tooth correction – deliveringthe ultimate esthetic solution just for YOU.
  7. 7. Before treatment Initial placement
  8. 8. Fourth appointment and Finished case6 months into treatment 9 months / 6 appointments Individual results may vary
  9. 9. B AE FF TO ER RE
  10. 10. The Harmony System benefits from self ligating technology – the latest advancement in orthodontics – to get you in and out of treatment quickly and comfortably. Even the most difficult cases can be treatedFor more information about the HARMONY system, ask Dr. E. Robles, (Specialist in Orthodontics)1 (877) 99 Big Smiles 1 (877) 992-4476