Csa small groups spring 2011


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Csa small groups spring 2011

  1. 1. CSA Small Groups Spring 2011
  2. 2. Mens Accountability Project (MAP) Time: Determined by accountability partners Location: Determined by accountability partners Description: Set up men with other men to be accountabilitypartners in groups of 2 or 3. Accountability partners meet weeklyto pray, discuss scripture, confess, encourage and fellowship with one another. Occasional combined get-togethers or outings periodically over the course of the semester. Facilitator: Paul Woodard, Jonathan Strysko Contact: jstrysko@gmail.com, 405-6201
  3. 3. Wednesday Nights
  4. 4. To Study the Bible... Time: Wednesday Nights at 7pm Location: Top floor of SD4 (Right side)Description: Each week, we analyze a verse of scripture by using the Inductive Bible Study method. If you are unfamiliar withInductive Bible Study, this is a great place to learn not only aboutthe Bible, but also how to one day eventually lead your own BibleStudy. This term, we will be covering the John series, starting with 1 John. Facilitators: Kristin Lau (SVM 6), Megan Greer (SVM 4)Contact: Kristin 406-4023, Megan, basicgrl@iglide.net, 414-9548
  5. 5. Time of Prayer and Bible Study... Time: Wednesday Nights at 8:15pm Location: Top floor of SD4/ St. David’d dormDescription: Anyone is welcome to come for a time of prayer andBible study. This term we will learn more about what the Bible hasto say about God’s character and who He wants to be in our lives. This will be a time of worship, encouragement and prayer. Toencourage and encourage one another as we learn more about our God, sing and pray together. Facilitators: Grace Emenogu Contact: 534-9799, gemenogu@yahoo.com
  6. 6. Thursday Nights
  7. 7. For Term 3/4 and Term 5 MD Students... Time: Thursday night at 8:00pm Location: SD4 (top floor, right side)Description: Every week discuss various topics to encourage one another and to better understand God’s plan for us. Mainly for Term 2 and 4 medical students. Facilitator: Christie Youssef (MD, term 3/4) Contact: Cyoussef@sgu.edu
  8. 8. Friday Nights
  9. 9. For New Students... Time: Friday Nights at 5:30pmLocation: Glovers Balcony (overlooking basketball courts)Description: For new students and significant others of new students. Facilitator: Karen Chung and Marissa Contact: kchung@sgu.edu, 418-5838
  10. 10. For Women... Time: Every Friday night at 6pm Location: Gazebo between N and O buildings, with the white benches. Description: This is a small group for women to fellowship anddiscuss a topic every week. The purpose is to grow spiritually andin the knowledge of who we are in Christ by learning more of theword of God and also from each others life experiences. It is open to women from all schools, terms, etc. Facilitator: Njambi Mathenge Contact: matnja@sgu.edu (414-2148)
  11. 11. Saturday Nights
  12. 12. For Men... Time: Every Saturday night at 8:00pm (Subject to change) Location: Study Room of Super Dorm 4 (Subject to change) Description: The purpose of this group is to view Christianity from the perspectives of Christian men who live in today’s society. It is open to any male who is willing to spend timewith other men to sharpen their understanding of the roles males play in various communities of across the world Bible era to recent events. It is a time of fellowship, ‘sallowship’ and having fun while seeing Christ and God ‘s grace, understanding and teaching be manifested amongst us. Facilitator: Tremayne Heallis (Life Science – Final Semester) Contact: heallist@hotmail.com, heater@sgu.edu 456-2142
  13. 13. Sunday Mornings
  14. 14. To Pray... Time: Every Sunday morning at 10am Location: B building behind Bourne HallDescription: Open to everyone. We share a word of encouragement and pray for requests. Facilitator: Moemedi Tshekedi (MD, Term 2) Contact: mtsheked@sgu.edu (458-0053)