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Presentation for etutors

  1. 1. Students before Tech They are the ones that matter. Focus on their learning and then choose your tech.
  2. 2. Mind the workload
  3. 3. Safety and Rewards are a must Encourage your students to take risks but make sure they are safe. Make your students participate but don’t forget to reward them for their hard work.
  4. 4. Be a role model Earn their respect. Keep your promises Observe proper netiquette. Never reuse student’s material without their consent.
  5. 5. Be consistent and organized • Keep the space you created organized. • Use your space consistently. • Don’t move things around unless you have to. • Create proper learning routines. • Allow students to customise their learning environment.
  6. 6. Establish Protocols • How can students save/upload documents? • How are students assessed? • How do they format posts? • How can blogs be used?
  7. 7. Credits       