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Preparing for e-Books - revised 10-12


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How to use OverDrive's e-Books on an e-Reader, updated for Adobe Digital Editions 2.0

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Preparing for e-Books - revised 10-12

  1. 1. Preparing for eBooks using an eReader This presentation was prepared using a Nook eReader and a Windows XP computer. Most information in it should apply toother eReaders and computer operating systems, though some details may vary.
  2. 2. Before downloading eBooks,make sure you have plugged inyour eReader to the computeryou are using for the downloadsso that you have gone throughthe registration process for youreReader.Using the Quick Start Guide onthe digital downloads page,proceed to Step 1 – Downloadand install free software. (Youonly need to go through thisprocess once.)
  3. 3. Click on the “To download andinstall Adobe Digital Editions, clickhere” link to begin the installationprocess.
  4. 4. The link will take you to theAdobe Digital Editions page. Clickon “Download now” in the NextSteps section at the right side ofthe page.
  5. 5. Choose the installer for your computer’s operating system.Mac Users: The next several slides illustrate the process of installing Adobe Digital Editions in Windows. Fordetailed instructions on how to install the software on a Macintosh computer, please visit
  6. 6. Choose “Save as” to save theinstaller file in a location whereyou will be able to easily get to it,such as the Desktop. Find theinstaller or setup file and run theinstaller.
  7. 7. Accept the License Agreement tocontinue installation.
  8. 8. The installer will ask you whatoptions you want. Be sure tochoose at least one shortcut soyou can easily open the softwarewhen you need to.It is especially important that youleave the checkmark in the boxthat says “Associate .acsm and.epub file types”.
  9. 9. The installer will ask you whereyou want the software installed.Accept the default location andclick “Install”.
  10. 10. If you have an older version ofAdobe Digital Editions installed onyour computer, you’ll be askedwhether you want to migratebooks from the older version tothe new version, or skip this step.
  11. 11. If you have an older version ofAdobe Digital Editions, you’ll alsobe asked if you want to removethe old version; OverDriverecommends that you remove it.
  12. 12. The first time you open AdobeDigital Editions on your computer,you should be prompted toauthorize your computer with anAdobe ID. (If you arent promptedto authorize ADE the first timeyou open it, you can go to Help >Authorize Computer.)You will have to read through theinstructions and decide if youwant to authorize the computeryou are using for different aspectsof the Adobe Digital Editions. Ifyou don’t already have an AdobeID, you’ll want to first get one byclicking on the link andcompleting a short registrationform to take full advantage of theoptions available.After completing the information,click “Authorize.”
  13. 13. Now that Adobe Digital Editionshas been registered on yourcomputer, go back to the DigitalMedia Home on the libraries’website to select your book(s).
  14. 14. You can search specific titles orgenres to find eBooks. Each bookwill have an option to either put iton eReserve (if all copies arealready in use – you will then benotified when it is available) oradd it to your eCart for immediateaccess.
  15. 15. Clicking on “Add to eCart” willtake you to your cart, listing whatbooks you have chosen. You havethe option to continue looking formore books or to check out.
  16. 16. In order to check out, you willhave to enter your library cardnumber (all 14 digits, no spaces).
  17. 17. After entering your library card,you will be asked to confirm thecheck out before continuing. Youare able to change the lendingperiod, if desired, before clickingon the “Confirm check out”button.
  18. 18. After confirming the check out,you will be shown a list of thebooks that are currently available.It will give the check out date andwhen your use of the book willexpire. Click “Download” to getthe book to your computer.
  19. 19. Make sure the file is set to openwith Adobe Digital Editions andthen click “Ok” to continue withthe download.
  20. 20. Your downloaded book willappear in the Adobe DigitalEditions.Click on “Library” to switch toLibrary View.
  21. 21. Plug your eReader into thecomputer to transfer the bookfrom your computer.If the eReader is plugged inproperly, it will show in your listunder “Devices.”To move the eBook from thecomputer to the eReader, click onthe book cover in the rightcolumn. Hold it and drag it overthe eReader icon under“Bookshelves,” letting go of thefile when it is above the icon witha small plus sign indicating that itis okay to drop the item.This will automatically authorizeyour eReader with your Adobe ID.
  22. 22. Be sure to “Safely Remove” youreReader before unplugging itfrom the computer! Lincoln City Libraries, 2010, 2012. Some content in this presentation is from OverDrive, Inc.