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Healthy Campus                     Lynette Clower                                Fall 2008
Healthy Campus                    Lynette Clower                                Fall 2008
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Student TL Survey


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Student TL Survey

  1. 1. Healthy Campus Lynette Clower Fall 2008 Transformative Learning at Healthy Campus Dear Student, Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lynette Clower. I am sure most of you know me from our Organizational Communications class with Dr. Vincent. I am soliciting your participation in my qualitative survey concerning Transformative Learning at Healthy Campus. You have been offered this participative opportunity because of your coursework or workgroup involvement with Healthy Campus. The information gathered will be used confidentially in regards to Healthy Campus’s transformational experiences through either direct involvement and/or coursework integration. Thank you for your assistance in this research and I look forward to reading your replies by the 20th of November. (Danielle Dill’s last day to visit our class). Instructions: Use the space beneath each question to fill in your response. Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. If any question does not apply to you or you desire to not answer that particular question, please make note of this in the space provided beneath the question. When finished, please return this email with your answers attached or inserted in the email. 1. What is your major as of fall 2008? 2. What is your desired career choice upon graduation? 3. In your own words, what is Transformative Learning? 4. How were/are you involved in Healthy Campus during the fall 2008 semester? (Workgroup, Coursework, Both) Transformative Learning is a holistic (considering all factors) process that places students at the center of their OWN active and reflective learning experiences. 5. Which of the following six tenants of transformative learning do you feel best represents your experiences with Healthy Campus? Six Tenants (accepted as important truth) of Transformative Learning o Discipline Knowledge o Leadership o Problem Solving (Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities) o Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  2. 2. Healthy Campus Lynette Clower Fall 2008 Transformative Learning at Healthy Campus o Global and Cultural Competencies o Health and Wellness 6. Healthy Campus has six main student learning objectives listed below. Did your experience with Healthy Campus meet each of these objectives? If so, how? Student Learning Objectives (Please comment beneath the addressed objective) o Be able to learn at the level of one’s potential. o Choose and exhibit behaviors that promote health, reduce health risks, and strengthen relationships. o Understand and can explain the relationship between health and one’s capacity to meet personal, academic, and long-term goals. o Understand the essential connections between personal health and the quality of the natural, campus, and human environments. o Can articulate how the health of individuals is linked to the health of the natural environment and their community. o Identify and utilize campus and community health wellness resources and support available to the UCO community. 7. From your perspective, how is Healthy Campus important to Transformative Learning? 8. During your course, or workgroup involvement with Healthy Campus, what Transformative experiences have you had? 9. Do you feel that these experiences have better prepared you for your career choice?