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Radar Warning Receiver Briefing During the 2015 F16 TCG WWR


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This presentation shows work being done by Duotech for a Radar Warning Receiver (RWR). This presentation was given at the 2016 F-16 TCG in Ogden, UT. Watch video of the presentation here >

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Radar Warning Receiver Briefing During the 2015 F16 TCG WWR

  1. 1. Outpacing  Obsolescence
  2. 2. Current  Conditions • OEMs  pushing  new  systems  beyond  current  demand • Significant  customer  demand  for  current  system   sustainment • Results:  lack  of  support  and  soft  upgrades The  Duotech  Solution • Sustain  current  systems • Provide  alternative  to  OEM  system  replacement  push • Affordable  upgrades   • Sustainable,  long-­term  support F-­16  Radar  Warning  Receiver
  3. 3. • Sustain current  systems  via  repair • Leverage  advanced  technology  to   provide  maximum  value What  does  this   mean?_____________ • Minimal  modifications  to  current   systems • Maximum  capability  and   sustainability  improvement F-­16  RWR:  The  Duotech  Solution
  4. 4. F-­16  ALR-­69  Sensitivity  upgrade Solution  Approach ALR-­69  Sensitivity  Upgrade  for  F-­16  MLU OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS CONCEPT   DEFINITION PROJECT CYCLE ILS  (spare  parts,   manuals,  training) SUPPORT
  5. 5. Requirements  and  Considerations A. Minimal  installation   modifications  required B. Avionics  system   interface  compatibility A. Ultra-­wide  band   instantaneous   frequency  measurement B. Improve  2-­18  GHz   pulsed  mode  sensitivity C. To  solve  logistic   obsolescence Requirements Considerations ALR-­69
  6. 6. Preparing  for  Your  Installation • Low  sensitivity     • Identify  limitations • System  technical  and  installation  documentation  review • Assembly  at  laboratory • System  characterization  at  laboratory  using  emitters   simulator • System  ground  and  flight  testing  to  be  scheduled • Current  installations  need  to  be  characterized Activities Relevant    issues Low  RWR/radar  ratio  for  current  airborne  fire   control  radars Limited  narrow  pulse  width  discrimination
  7. 7. ALR-­69  Sensitivity  Upgrade: BASIC  SOLUTION Basic  Solution:  Upgrade  E/J  Amplifier  Detectors • Other  LRUs  remain  the  same • No  External  cable  modifications AD   modification AD   modification Power  supply   board  added   inside  SP Requirements: • Sensitivity  improvement • Sustainment  improvement • Capability  improvement  without  F-­16  software  changes
  8. 8. AD  E/J:  E/J  Band  Amplifier  Detector C/D  AD:  C/D  Band  Amplifier  Detector EWMU:  Electronic  Warfare  Management   Unit EWAP:  Electronic  Warfare  AGE  Panel EWPI:  Electronic  Warfare  Prime  Indicator FSR:  Frequency  Selective  Receiver IBU:  Interference  Blanker  Unit RC:  Receiver  Controller Upgraded  ALR-­69 Basic  Solution ALR-­69  Sensitivity   Upgrade: BASIC  SOLUTION
  9. 9. ALR-­69  sensitivity  upgrade • Improved  situation  awareness  and  early   warning  by  detecting  enemy  radars   before  they  detect  you • The  Increment  in  detection  range,   compared  with  original  system,  is   according  to  operational  requirement. • Pilot  resource  management  and   awareness  alarms  have  to  be  considered. • Increasing  sensitivity  to  2x  the  detection   distance • Improved  false  alarm  rate • Increased  probability  of  detection  for   narrow,  weak  pulses • The  replacement  of  old  components   improves  the  logistic  capabilities
  10. 10. Right  Product  – Right  Time • Importance  of  the  RWR  system • OEMs  pushing  expensive  upgrades • Invalidate  current  repair  structures • Overhaul  of  current  test  equipment  and  processes • Your requirements  should  dictate  the  solution • Long-­term  sustainment • Easy,  effective  capability  enhancements • Low  total  cost  of  ownership • Responsive,  receptive  support  provider  – Duotech!
  11. 11. Your Military Electronics Solution With or Without Documentation! Daniel  Rogers Vice  President Come  visit  us  at  Booths  150,  151,  and  152!