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Generally, now-a-days, everyone wants to complete any course in short period. Number of computer hardware and networking institute and laptop repairing institute in Delhi, India offer course in long term that is 1 year - 2 year course but Laptop Care Institute of Information Technologies (LCIIT) is first and only laptop repairing institute in Delhi, India which has started computer hardware course and laptop repairing course in fast track or short term.

We offer Laptop chip level repairing course, computer hardware and networking course, computer hardware chip level course in fast track. Generally duration of these courses is 3/6 month but you can complete these courses within 15 days or 1 month.


Mainly, our short term Laptop chip level repairing course up to BGA level and computer hardware chip level course are designed for busy persons as there is no availability of time for them. These short term courses helps to such people. These courses may also help you to get job in IT industry. The advantage of this courses you do not need any higher qualification and hi-fi English. Some of banks and NGOs offering loans for such candidates to start their small business in the field of laptop repairing service center. Hence it’s a great opportunity for those want to start their own shop or business. Hence many of working people and students doing fast track course in laptop training and computer hardware training when ever got extra time.

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Laptop Chiplevel Repairing Institute

  1. 1. Welcome to Laptop Care Institute of Information Technologies India’s one of the best Information Technology Training Institute Head Office: E-183a, Opposite Metro Pillar No. 180, Shastri Nagar, New Delhi-52 Contact: 011=6463221, 9811654676, 8802402428
  2. 2. About LCIITNow days after passing 12th every student think of doing a course which can settletheir career without much expanses. Computer and Laptop Chip Level RepairingCourse is a best option for those students. But these courses are much for that reason only Laptop Care Institute of Information Technologies (LCIIT)has started a short term course in which a student will be given Chip LevelTraining in Computer and Laptop, Computer Application Computer and LaptopHardware and Networking Technology. as you all know number of people usingcomputer and Laptop are increasing day by day. But there is not any institutewhich offers chip level training to students in short term and less fee. But Laptopcare is the first and only institute which offer CHIP LEVEL Training in Computerand Laptop in short term. we will train our students in 3/6 Month in which BasicElectronics, SMPS Repairing, Computer and Laptop Hardware Concept, All typeof Hardware and Software Solution, Desktop motherboard and LaptopMotherboard Repairing, Networking will be include. this Institute can train theirstudents for real market scenario and bring confidence in them with its practicalapproach to not only start his own business but also to get the best availableplacements.One of our unique features is that our students have real field experience duringcourse because we have a service centre and our student can practice here.
  3. 3. Our ProposalWe introduce ourselves as the Indian’s one of the best LaptopRepairing Training Institute in Delhi. We have complete infrastructure forTraining and Development, most efficient faculties for providing state of arttraining to all of our students and qualified and experienced managementprofessionals for look after the entire circle from admission of a student totraining and placement.We offer our students Six Months LCT (Laptop Chip level Technology)course, 3 Months ALCT (Advance Laptop Chip level Technology), 3Months CHT (Computer Hardware Technology) etc. which based ontheoretical and practical training. There is no limitation of education andage for this course. The course fee is very low and easy to pay ininstallments. We provide huge discount on course fee.We provide them a certificate and placement as per their requirementsafter completion of the course. Along with we provide Life Time TechnicalBackup Support to each and every student from across the country throughOnline Services and Telephone.The course modules of this course is very simple designed by our expertsfor easy to understand by every student (Unemployed, housewife, retired,VRS, less qualified, qualified, every one who wants to earn his bread).
  4. 4. Our courses1. Laptop Chiplevel Technology 6 Months2. Advance Laptop Chiplevel Course 3 Months3. Computer Hardware Technology 3 months4. Mobile Repairing Course 3 months5. MCSE 3 months
  5. 5. Our Courses and their DemandsLaptop and Computer Hardware Chip level Repairing course: No. of Engineers in whole world = 6 Lac No. of Engineers in India = 50,000 Required Laptop and Computer Chip level Engr. till 2015 = 85 Lac A Laptop have motherboard problem which will cost about Apr Rs.13000/- for a new Mother board in order to service it, So a Hardware Engineer will suggest to the customers to buy a new Laptop Motherboard where as a chip level service engineer will suggest to repair the faulty motherboard at Approx Rs.1500 and bill at Rs.2000/- to the customer. Therefore the demand for the chip level repairing is there all over India. A Chip level service engineer will get highest salary in any firm a compared to (Card Level) hard ware Engineer. So those who know the chip level Repair Technology are the prestigious and elite ones. Generally any Hardware Engineer who after learning chip level repair course should get an increment of about 30% to 70% on his salary.
  6. 6. Course wise scopeLaptop and Computer Chip level Repairing Course This course provides the following opportunities.. Those individuals who have completed strong Laptop and Computer Chip level Training are routinely able to demand higher salaries and achieve higher levels of job satisfaction in the market. Jobs in reputed organization such as HCL, IBM, India bulls, Maruti, JP Groups etc. Can execute own business like Service Center, cyber café, IT Hardware Solutions, Sale/Purchase and many more.
  7. 7. Why LCIITIndia’s one of the best IT Training Institute.LCIIT is the only Institute which provide Live Practical Training to their students.100% job and business support.Life Time Support for students.Training by Modern Technical Equipment.Equipped Lab with Oscilloscope, SMD Machine, Diagnostic Card etc.Quality Training in Less Fee.More than 80% practical session.Web Support to students.
  8. 8. Our SupportSupport in Training :- Comprehensive standard training in Laptop and Computer Hardware Chip level related subject to prepare faculties for successful teaching.Support in Lab Designing :- We will try to give our best to establish, design an attractive classroom and labs.Support in Marketing :- Help in Advertisement, Wall posters, Main flex, Additional flex etc.Support in Job Placement We help our partners in planning events ,seminars and other college level activities. Complete guidance on the business development and technical side
  9. 9. Total Income In Laptop Chip level Repairing Course: Suppose, 100 students joined this course in 1 year, then our income will be 100 x Rs. 25000(Course fee) = Rs. 25,00000 After Deduction of Franchisee Royalty (15%) Our Net Income will be……. 2500000x15% Rs. 2500000 - 370000 = Rs. 21,25000 After Deduction of all Expenses of the year (Rent, Electricity, Faculty Fee, Infrastructure Development, other running cost) Our Net Income will be…….. Rs. 21,25000 - Rs. (50000x12 = Rs. 600000) = Rs. 15,25000
  10. 10. Total ExpensesStaff Salary Expenditure : Rs. 15,000/- Per MonthAdvertising Expenditure : Rs. 10,000/- Per Month (Print and E-media)Branch Running Expenditure: Rs. 25,000/- Per Month (Electricity, Rent, Telephone etc. )
  11. 11. Franchisee Scheme 1 Franchisee Fee : Rs. 150000 (Rs. One Lac Fifty Thousand) Our Support: Our Brand Name Teachers Training Message Service Lab Designing Placement Support Common Website and Promotion on Web. Assets Testing and Repairing Tools (5 Pcs each) SMD Machine, Soldering Iron, wire, iron stand, desoldering wire, file, twiser set, Nose Plair, Hammer etc. Magnifier lamp-1 Desktop Diagnostic Card - 1 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope -1 Laptop Diagnostic Card - 1 Dead Motherboard -5 Advance Multimeter - 3 Laptop Motherboard -5 Laptop for Assembling dissembling -2 P4 System -2
  12. 12.  Franchisee Scheme 2 Franchisee Fee : Rs. 3,00000 (Rs. Three Lac) Our Support: Our Brand Name Teachers Training Message Service Lab Designing Placement Support Web Support Unique Website and Promotion on Web.Assets Testing and Repairing Tools (10 Pcs each) SMD Machine, Soldering Iron, wire, iron stand, desoldering wire, file, twiser set, Nose Plair, Hammer etc. Magnifier lamp -3 Desktop Diagnostic Card - 2 Micro Soldering Iron - 2 Laptop Diagnostic Card - 2 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope -1 Dead Motherboard -15 BIOS Update Machine OK Motherboard - 5 Laptop Motherboard -10 Laptop for Assembling dissembling - 4
  13. 13. Our Testing and Repairing Tools
  14. 14. Our VisionTo Import Quality Technical Training, this will not only enhance knowledge but will also ensure a career. Our MissionOur Main Mission is to pull up lower and middle class people by giving quality IT Training.