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Leadership and Career Development for the New Information Professional


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Leadership and Career Development for the New Information Professional

  1. 1. Leadership & Career Development for the New Information Professional: Tips, Tricks, and Tools Lisa Chow | Sandra Sajonas March 23, 2012 SLA@Pratt Skill Share Fair
  2. 2. Self Assessment ActivitySWOT Goals - 1, 2, 5 year goals
  3. 3. Career Strategy PeopleProfessional Brand Online Presence
  4. 4. Find a mentor or twoFind colleagues to share &bounce off ideas Get to know your fellow librarians/students
  5. 5. Find opportunities topublish and present
  6. 6. SlideShare
  7. 7. Update your resume regularlyHave a web presence
  8. 8. Google Sites
  9. 9. Portfolio on Google Sites
  10. 10. Portfolio on Google Sites
  11. 11. Google Tools• Google Docs• Google Calendar• Picasa (photo editing and sharing)• Google Analytics (web analytics)• Google Alerts
  12. 12. Apply to various library programs & initiatives Get involved with associations & groups
  13. 13. Attend cheap/free local librarian eventsAttend national & local conferences
  14. 14. Keep up with library land (and the world) listservs, blogs, RSS, Google Alertscheck library association sites regularly
  15. 15. Propose ideas, start projects, see what happens
  16. 16. Going beyond your job titleBeing creative with your name tag
  17. 17. Business CardsSUMMARY OF QUALIFICATONS•    Successful project manager•    Dynamic speaker and presenter•    Active in emerging library trends
  18. 18. Revisit GoalsMake it a SMART Goal Write down 1 goal for each career strategy area that you are going to work on. People: Professional Brand: Online Presence:
  19. 19. Questions?_____________________________________ People Interact ~ Its about people.