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E-Portfolio Presentation - NY Librarians Meetup


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E-Portfolio Presentation - NY Librarians Meetup

  1. 1. Using E-portfolios to ShowcaseYour Work, Experience, and Skills Lisa Chow | Sandra Sajonas February 12, 2013 NY Librarians Meetup Group People Interact ~ Its about people.
  2. 2. TODAYS AGENDALearn how to use e-portfolios to showcase your work, experience and skills. In this presentation, we will cover: • The basics of e-portfolios o What are they o How they compare to traditional resumes and CVs • Online tools to create and host e-portfolios • How to effectively promote your e-portfolio • Using web analytics to gauge the impact of your e-portfolio
  3. 3. CRITICAL QUESTIONS• How is a traditional resume/CV/portfolio similar and different compared to an e-portfolio?• How can I create, use and promote my e-portfolio to showcase my work, experience and skills?• How do I gauge the impact of my e-portfolio using web analytic tools?
  4. 4. Do you have an e-portfolio?
  5. 5. The basics of e-portfolios:What is an e-portfolio and why should I have one?
  6. 6. What is an e-portfolio?
  7. 7. How do they compare to traditional resumes and CVs? RESUME/CV E-PORTFOLIO• work experience • work experience• skills • skills• education • education• research • research• publications • publications• presentations • presentations• page limit • interactive• tailored for print medium • links• text-based • video, audio, photos • slideshows and presentations
  8. 8. Why should I have an e-portfolio?
  9. 9. How do I get started oncreating an e-portfolio?
  10. 10. Getting Started: Tips & Advice• Gather and compile your information, resume, presentations, course projects, papers, articles, etc.• Organize into categories and headings.• Write or draw out how you want your e- portfolio.
  11. 11. Free online tools to create and host e-portfolios
  12. 12. Coroflot Pros • Unlimited file uploads • Personal URL • Detailed traffic report • Get job alerts • Employer directory Cons •Inflexible layout •For "creative professionals"
  13. 13. Coroflot Example
  14. 14. Behance Pros • Network of creative professionals • Joblist • Company directory • App for LinkedIn profile Cons • Fixed layout • For "creative professionals"
  15. 15. Behance Example
  16. 16. Pros • Wide selection of themes to choose from • Blog feature • Can revert to previously saved versions Cons • Does not work with Google Analytics
  17. 17. Example
  18. 18. Google Sites Pros • No need to sign up for another account if you already have a gmail or google account • Gadgets and widgets to enhance your e-portfolio • Can revert to previously saved versions Cons • Google is constantly changing
  19. 19. Google Sites Example
  20. 20. Google Sites Example
  21. 21. Enhancing Your E-Portfolio Image Resources Microsoft Pictures Online
  22. 22. How do I share and promote my e-portfolio?
  23. 23. If you build it, will they come? How do you effectively promote your e-portfolio?Some ideas:• Email signature• Presentation bio• Article bios• Resume• Business card
  24. 24. Business Cards
  25. 25. Your Online Presence Your E-Portfolio Cross-link your e-portfolio and yourweb/social media presence & profiles.
  26. 26. Is anyone visiting my e-portfolio?How do I gauge the impact of my e-portfolio?
  27. 27. Making It Better: Tips & Advice Your e-portfolio is a work in progress.• Tweak along the way.• Ask others for feedback and critique on your e- portfolio.• Keep an eye on your web analytics.
  28. 28. Questions?Presentation slides and resources: People Interact ~ Its about people.________________________________________________________________________________ Our Services: Outcome-Based Evaluation | Unconferences | Leadership & Career Development