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ALA Emerging Leaders Team K Poster


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ALA Emerging Leaders Team K Poster

  1. 1. ALA Emerging Leaders Program 2010 Team K: Accessibility/Usability StudyIs the website accessible to everyone? results and recommendationsWe asked Librarians who useassistive devices about 1. Place the search box on the top left corner of the home page. Participants used the search box frequently, it should be easier to access with assistive devices. 1.1 Finding the latest ALA press release 1.2 Finding an accredited library school 2. Ensure that all images, button, and form elements have Alt Text that is concise and meaningful. 1.3 Finding a committee chair 1.4 Using a form 3. Provide additional skip navigation throughout the website for easier navigation. Consistent application of skip navigation, a vitally important function, will improve accessibility.Then, we asked ALA members about 4. Employ scannable-text principles including higlighted keywords, meaningful headings and sub- 2.1 Editing their ALA membership profile headings, bold text, bulleted lists, and left-justified menus. 2.2 Submitting a committee volunteer form Participants using assistive devices scan a web page, just as other web users do. These functions 2.3 Using the ALA Job List will make using more efficient for them. 5. Create cleaner pages with consolidated navigation options and concise content.Team K: Chelle Batchelor, Lisa Chow, Cynthia Matthias, Jennifer RutnerALA Advisor: Louise Gruenberg