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SharePoint 2010 and Colligo for ECM


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SharePoint 2010 and Colligo for complete Enterprise Content Management. This presentation drew over 1000+ attendees.

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SharePoint 2010 and Colligo for ECM

  1. 1. Is SharePoint 2010 Ready For Enterprise Content Management? With Tricia Bush, Microsoft and Barry Jinks, Colligo Networks March 2, 2010
  2. 2. Agenda • Speaker Introductions • What’s New in SharePoint 2010 for ECM? (Microsoft) • Client Solutions for SharePoint 2010 (Colligo) • Q/A Session • Next Steps
  3. 3. Our Speakers HOST: Barry Jinks President & CEO Colligo Networks, Inc. GUEST SPEAKER: Tricia Bush Director, SharePoint Enterprise Business Microsoft
  4. 4. Guest Speaker Tricia Bush Director, SharePoint Enterprise Business
  5. 5. SharePoint 2010
  6. 6. Business Collaboration Platform
  7. 7. SharePoint Insights
  8. 8. Document Sets
  9. 9. Easily Tag Content
  10. 10. Shared Taxonomy and Content Types
  11. 11. In Place Records Management
  12. 12. Multi-Stage Disposition Policy
  13. 13. Scale • • • •
  14. 14. Foundational ECM Document Human Document Records Web Content Rich Media Email Output Centric Management Management Management Management Archiving Management Workflow Supplemental ECM Embrace and Extend Workloads with Partners Transactional Physical Records Business Process Scanning and Archiving and Content Management Management Capture Library Services Management
  15. 15. Host Barry Jinks President & CEO Colligo Networks, Inc.
  16. 16. SharePoint 2010 for ECM We love it! SharePoint comes of age for ECM & RM applications  Scalability  Advanced metadata management features  Records Management features SharePoint is now the dominant platform for ECM  “The uptake of SharePoint 2007 has been dramatic in the last 2 years, with 50% of organizations polled using or implementing SharePoint (up from 32% last year) with a further 13% having plans to do so in the next 12-18 months.” – AIIM (1)  “Sixty-three percent of survey respondents indicated that their organizations source ECM from Microsoft, and the majority of this is SharePoint.” – Forrester Research (2) 1) AIIM State of the ECM Industry Report 2009 2) “Collaboration, Search, And Compliance Drive 2010 ECM Investments” – Stephen Powers, Dec. 8, 2009
  17. 17. SharePoint 2010 ECM Goals “As part of the 2010 release, SharePoint Content expertly balances user experience with policy and process, ensuring that everyone participates and all content is managed” – Microsoft Website Colligo Networks is passionate about helping ECM customers to achieve those goals.
  18. 18. ECM Business Drivers Forrester Research Study* – December 2009  72% plan to increase ECM use or deployment in 2010. Of those, the most important drivers for investment in ECM are: • 61% cited content sharing • 51% cited compliance • 45% cited improved search • 44% cited Cost-effective automation  47% percent selected records management as a productivity driver. “By making it easier to declare and organize records or automating classification, ECM decision-makers hope to take advantage of ever-improving RM capabilities.” * “Collaboration, Search, And Compliance Drive 2010 ECM Investments” – Stephen Powers, Dec. 8, 2009
  19. 19. User Participation is Key to Success “Just because an ECM system is deployed doesn’t ensure user participation – the system must be convenient, useful, and able to integrate with daily processes and tasks.” – Microsoft White Paper: “The Business Value of Microsoft SharePoint 2010” “No records management program is ever going to be successful if end users are unhappy or, worse, unwilling to use your records system.” – AIIM, Nov/Dec 2008
  20. 20. Adoption a Major Challenge “Adoption rates for many ECM deployments are only 40 to 60 percent of original projections” – Doculabs “27% of ECM users are highly disappointed in their ECM Implementations” – Jupiter Research
  21. 21. Ease of Use is Most Often Cited Satisfaction Factor “Ease of use once again tops the list of satisfaction factors for ECM systems...” - 2009 AIIM State of the ECM Industry Report
  22. 22. Top Implementation Issues: Lack of Training & Low User Acceptance
  23. 23. SharePoint Client Software Sync SharePoint Desktop Interfaces Local Cache (optional)
  24. 24. Capabilities of SharePoint Client Software • Interact with SharePoint through popular applications • Use familiar desktop operations (i.e. drag n drop) • Choose from several options to capture content • Automate content capture and classification • Unify folder structure on desktop • Access SharePoint structure and content offline • Manage and edit metadata effectively • Find content quickly using local search • Develop custom applications • Remotely configure how and where content is stored • Secure and encrypt SharePoint content on clients
  25. 25. Benefits of Deploying SharePoint Client Software • Increased user participation • More relevant content captured • Increased collaboration and content sharing • Improved quality of classification and better searches • Improved compliance • Reduced training costs and duration • More control over proliferation of SharePoint content
  26. 26. SharePoint Client Software Options • Microsoft Office • Third party applications (i.e. Colligo Contributor) • Custom Applications
  27. 27. Microsoft Office 2010 System Client Server Create & Word File & Edit Office Office metadata sync File Document Metadata Cache Excel Power- Point Create & Edit List Metadata List metadata sync SharePoint Workspace 2010
  28. 28. Microsoft Office 2010 SharePoint Capabilities Word, Excel and • Supports direct editing of SharePoint metadata PowerPoint 2010 • Offline access to SharePoint doc libs and lists SharePoint • Does not support entry or editing of doc metadata Workspace 2010 • New features restricted to SharePoint 2010 • One way sync of doc libs (read-only) Outlook 2010 • No support for metadata or content types Other Applications • Documents synched through SharePoint (Visio, PDF’s, Workspace • Metadata must be added / edited through browser CAD apps etc.)
  29. 29. Colligo Contributor System Client Server Word Cached file, list Create & & metadata sync Edit Office Colligo File Cache Metadata Excel Power- Point Create & Edit List and File Any Metadata App Non-cached file & metadata sync Colligo Contributor
  30. 30. Colligo Contributor Capabilities Any Version of • Supports SharePoint 2003, 2007, SharePoint and 2010 (upcoming) Metadata • Rich editor for metadata creation and editing Creation & Editing • Automatic extraction of email metadata on Any Document • Standalone Client (offline) Selection of • Microsoft Outlook Add-In (email management) Interfaces • Windows Explorer (file share replacement) • Limit SharePoint lists users can access Extensive • SDK to develop custom SharePoint client Configuration applications
  31. 31. Colligo Contributor Architecture Colligo Contributor Pro
  32. 32. Example Applications of Colligo Contributor Network File Mobile Share Workforces Replacement (offline) Document Project / Matter Management Management Single Exchange Instancing Public Folder Email Replacement Attachments Email Management
  33. 33. Contributor Client Application: Mobile Workers • Rich standalone client provides a consistent interface both online and offline • Drag-and-drop files and folders between SharePoint sites or between Windows and SharePoint • Add or edit custom metadata • Support for Office metadata properties • Auto extraction of email metadata • Supports mobile workforces that need offline access to SharePoint
  34. 34. Contributor File Manager Application: Network File Shares • Intelligent link between SharePoint and the Windows Explorer interface • Open/save to SharePoint from desktop applications • Drag-and-drop files and folders between SharePoint sites or between Windows and SharePoint • Add or edit custom metadata • Auto extraction of email metadata • Ideal for network file share replacement
  35. 35. Email Management in SharePoint “55% of organizations still have “little or no confidence” that important emails are recorded ... 27% consider email attachments to be “very unmanaged” “Only 19% have the facility to move important emails into a document or records management system, or a dedicated email management system, and 45% of respondents are still filing their important emails in personal Outlook folders” “Whilst it would be easy to suggest most organizations are only using SharePoint for collaboration or as a portal, 64% are using it for document management at a check-in/check-out level... only 13% have hooked in emails to SharePoint” – AIIM, 2009
  36. 36. Outlook Client for SharePoint ECM Why do you need an Outlook client for SharePoint ECM? • Email is a critical component of enterprise content; it needs to be managed • 75% of documents generated by knowledge workers is stored and sent in email (2) • Outlook is the client application that people “live in” • Knowledge workers spend 50% of their time using email (1) • All competitive ECM platforms have an Outlook interface • Outlook client drives user adoption of SharePoint for email management 1. Gartner Group 2007 2. META Group 2007
  37. 37. Contributor Outlook Add-In Application: Email Management “Colligo Contributor Add-in for Outlook ... has significantly increased the number of emails that our staff are managing in SharePoint...This has been a huge benefit for the firm.” – Susan Nordfoss, CKO, KPMG Denmark Drag n drop emails to SharePoint folders
  38. 38. Automatic and Manual Metadata Application Exceptional support for metadata • Leverage the full power of SharePoint • Develop custom editors with SDK Prompts for Content Type Creates unique file name Supports the addition of custom metadata Automatically extracts over 20 properties from emails Built-in Metadata Editor
  39. 39. Contributor Outlook Add-In Application: Exchange Public Folder Replacement Colligo for SharePoint Folders Exchange Public Folders
  40. 40. Contributor Outlook Add-In Application: Attachment Management Colligo Ribbon Group: • Upload attachments to SharePoint • Tag with metadata • Attach files already in SharePoint • Set custom rules Replaces with link to SharePoint file Custom Attachment Rules • Attachment rules may be customized
  41. 41. Colligo Contributor Supports Email Mgmt Requirements SharePoint Outlook 2010 SharePoint Colligo Integration Workspace Contributor 2010 Add-In for Outlook Sync Document Libraries 1-way 2-way 2-way Drag and drop emails to SharePoint via Outlook Folders  Use Outlook rules to move emails to SharePoint  Extract email Metadata automatically  Select Content Type when moving emails to SharePoint  Apply custom metadata to emails  Manage email attachments  Access SharePoint metadata, and views offline in Outlook 
  42. 42. Deployment & Configuration Helps Reduce Data Proliferation • Deployed using standard tools, such as SMS • Silent installation and activation • Configuration options include: cache location, encryption settings, metadata behavior, sync configuration, attachment rules etc. • Scripting is supported for adding or removing sites, folders and lists Example: Executive Dashboard from Clients Built by a Global Professional Services Firm using Colligo SDK • Site Configuration File: Content selection and default metadata • Contributor SDK supports values can be defined in an XML file development of custom on client. applications, metadata editors, and attachment rules
  43. 43. Case Study Program Overview RecordsExcellence is a global initiative designed to foster standardization in the way Watson Wyatt’s associates use, track, store, and dispose of e-mails, and documents. Required a client solution to provide: • Drag-and-drop of emails and files within Outlook • Offline access to SharePoint content • Seamless interface for application of metadata Solution Colligo Contributor for Outlook
  44. 44. RecordsExcellence
  45. 45. Email Client Integration with Drag/Drop
  46. 46. Business Specific Metadata Collection Custom Metadata Editor
  47. 47. Benefits of Colligo • Drag and drop e-mail and documents from multiple locations (individual and bulk) Outlook inbox Public Folders Network drives Desktops • Extensive offline capabilities to assist traveling associates manage content • File emails to SharePoint via Blackberries • Allows Watson Wyatt to invoke a consistent, easy-to- use metadata taxonomy that enables compliance • Seamless record declaration
  48. 48. Results • Drive adoption of RecordsExcellence among associates by making it easy to use • Streamline the processes of adding client & business information (emails & documents) to SharePoint • Build more structured business information with automated metadata capture • Deliver superior customer service by enabling consistent client management • Reduce risk and liability, improving regulatory compliance and efficiency
  49. 49. Results “Colligo Contributor makes SharePoint easy to use with quick drag-and-drop capabilities, metadata capture, and email management. It has helped our firm improve enterprise records management, while making regulatory compliance more efficient.” - Nishan DeSilva, Global Director, Records & Content Management, Watson Wyatt Worldwide
  50. 50. Conclusion • New capabilities in SharePoint 2010 will further drive it’s growth as an ECM platform • User adoption is the key to successful ECM deployment • Ease of use is the top measure of satisfaction with ECM • Consider deploying a SharePoint client software solution to ensure all users participate and all content is managed • Email forms a large part of content that needs to be managed and shared. By linking SharePoint into Outlook, email and attachments can become records • Several SharePoint client alternatives are available. Choosing the right one depends on the scenarios you plan to support
  51. 51. Colligo Contributor Supports Top ECM Goals Content • Promotes high user participation • Link to SharePoint through common applications sharing • Several methods to capture content, online & offline • All file types equally supported Compliance • Users choose content type, declare records • Move content automatically (Outlook rules) Improved • More relevant metadata captured • Automatic email metadata extraction Search • Standard and custom metadata editors Cost-Effective • Low cost (per seat license) • Low training overhead Automation • Easy to configure & deploy
  52. 52. Questions and Answers > Q and A session with Barry and Tricia Barry Jinks President & CEO Colligo Networks Tricia Bush Director, SharePoint Enterprise Business Microsoft
  53. 53. Next Steps > Get 30-Day Free Trial – Contributor Pro > Access Webinar Recording > Download Webinar Reference Materials > Contact Presenters Barry Jinks Tricia Bush President & CEO Director, SharePoint Enterprise Business Colligo Networks Microsoft