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  • You may have toured the iPad once or twice. You may use one every day. You may love them. You may hate them. But for today, we’re going to go on a fun tour of all the possibilities. You don’t have to know anything, do anything, or learn how to use everything. Put on your normal teacher thinking about best practices for teaching and learning and consider possibilities for how this tool might make our jobs work better as students learn even more while engaged in learning. I’m just one tour guide. You have several here and we’ll introduce you to more.
  • Evernote, Wunderlist,
  • Midland iPad TLC Nov. 26

    1. 1. Mobile Technologies:New Tools forPowerful StudentEngagement QR Codes and Audioboo Midland Elementary November 26, 2012
    2. 2. Where We’re Going in this TLC1. Discovering the best uses of Tablets in Schools  Professional Use  Presentation Use  Student Use2. Let’s Get Practical with What we Have3. Future: How Do We Become Advocates for what’s best in teaching and learning with all the Tools Coming Our Way
    3. 3. Unique Possibilities with Tablets • Skill practice with built in self-monitoring • Greater access for research work • Production: videos, Photo Stories and more • Voice for those who have none • Bridge Learning Gaps • Engage Learners • Scaffold Reading • Collaborate • Reward • And…
    4. 4. No Matter Where We Are InOur Relationship with iPads:
    5. 5. It’s not All about Apps…It IS all about what bestsupports rigorous learning
    6. 6. Can we Hear it for a Top Ten List? REALLY?
    7. 7. Introducing Some ofOur New Best FriendsCollaborators here and around the world!
    8. 8. Your QR Code HandoutUse the QRafter APP
    9. 9. Before We Go Further:You Pick Two
    10. 10. Professional UseIncrease our personal and professionalefficiency
    11. 11. http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/249303
    12. 12. http://www.scoop.it/t/edtech-footenotes
    13. 13. AppsFire Deals • Teacher Appreciation Week • Earth Day • ???
    14. 14. Everyday Grooves
    15. 15. Presentation UseScaffolding, Building Schema, Introducingand Modeling Skills
    16. 16. Model NoteTaking Skills while reading Digital MediaFor great “side by side” notetaking on the iPad
    17. 17. Build Concepts of Print andblend Learning with Rewards JibJab Junior Books, now called Storybots
    18. 18. Student UseIncrease our personal and professionalefficiency
    19. 19. So How Does a Mobile Device Increase Student Learning? When it’s managed well When it’s used for best practices of teaching and learning When it engages students When it meets unique student needs that are challenging to meet any other way
    20. 20. Unique Capacity to Collaborate while Interacting with Literature using Storia and SubText
    21. 21. The Unique Advantages of QR Codes QR Codes to Enhance and Extend Information and Research OR…
    22. 22. QR CodeBook Reviews http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/bookrev/index.htm
    23. 23. QR Code Buddy Read Bookmarks
    24. 24. QR Code ArtGallery:SuperheroesAre you ready for newadventures in reading,writing, research andpublication!(AudioBoo)
    25. 25. Use it as a management tool to Guide Students to Research Tools Ethnobotany Plant Card Sampler Ethnobotany Research Graphic Organizers
    26. 26. Creating Engaging, High Quality Tours Or for a “computer version with Geographic ContextNative Plant Tour
    27. 27. Create Digital Stories
    28. 28. Sonic Pics SamplerVideolicious and Storykit are new favorites!
    29. 29. Support Writing Instruction: Toontastic Tapose : A multimedia journal ($2.99) Add maps, notes, take photos or videos and embed them all in your journal.
    30. 30. Puppet Pals
    31. 31. Puppet Pals Samples• Take photos from texts as backdrops• Take “screen shots” during web research• Take photos with the iPad camera
    32. 32. Give Every Student a Voice: Dragon Dictation
    33. 33. Provide Meaningful and EngagingPractice: Pocket Phonics
    34. 34. Motion Math: Hungry Fish
    35. 35. Your Turn • Audioboo • QR Codes