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“We are enjoying improved business continuity, so we have better and more reliable customer service.”                     ...
“… with Office 365, issues get quickly resolved byMicrosoft professionals and the extensive online Office365 community.”  ...
"Instead of a big upfront cost, we have a smaller,  predictable monthly cost."           - Byron Nutley, Vice President of...
"The economics of Microsoft Office 365 is a big benefit to us—we can
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Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
Nawbo presentation
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  • Slide purpose: Use this slide to welcome your guests and to set their expectations for the presentation. This presentation is not meant to be a pitch. It is intended to build a connection with your new/existing customers, educate them on the cloud, and introduce them to Office 365.Presentation purpose:This presentation is not meant to be a pitch. It is intended to build a connection with new/existing customers and to introduce Office 365. Your goal as presenter is to achieve the following:Introduce yourself and demonstrate the value you can bring to the customer.Highlight solution aspects.Show that you are someone who can discuss Office 365 solutions knowledgeably.Expand the conversation (when and if applicable) to incorporate their potential existing Microsoft investments.How to present this slide:Leverage the content below to explain what the audience can expect from the presentation.What can customers get from this presentation?Learn about the features and benefits of Office 365 and the cloud.Get immediate feedback on their questions and concerns about moving to Office 365 and/or the cloud.Talk to someone who understands IT and specific business needs.Get directions about taking action and next steps.  
  • Partner introduction: Before we get into the details of this presentation, we’d like to give you a brief description of who we are, what we do, and so on.Benefits of meeting with a partner:Seeing and meeting a face and real person associated with the monolith of Microsoft.Discussing solutions specific to a customer’s unique IT and business needs.Provide feedback/address concerns about a customer’s existing Microsoft investments.Show you’re someone willing to learn about their business and discuss solutions knowledgeably.
  • Slide purpose: To make a connection with the audience.How to present this slide:Explain the market statistics.Source for Cloud:Microsoft SMB Cloud Adoption study, March 2011http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/emea/presscentre/pressreleases/MSSMBCloudAdoption.mspxThe research questioned 3,258 SMBs that employ up to 250 employees across 16 countries worldwide to gauge their feelings and attitude towards cloud computing.  Introduction:We've talked to a lot of businesses around your size to try to understand your reality and the pains and concerns you have over your IT infrastructure. One thing we learned is that midsize businesses are very different and have unique challenges. Small businesses may be making their initial IT investments and large companies with thousands of people benefit from economies of scale when implementing IT solutions. You’re probably thinking about:You need to be faster and better than your competitors.You need to be agile and respond quickly to customers and changes in the market.You have large clients and you don’t want to have fragile systems and outages that can negatively influence how they view you.You want to adopt the latest technology that can help your people work smarter.
  • Slide purpose: Establish that you understand the challenges and concerns for businesses, and why customers may be hesitant to move to the cloud.How to present this slide: On each click, the pain points in each of the 4 boxes will appear. Read them out loud. Then speak of the challenges as mentioned below. Then click one more time to bring up the “value pillar” each box represents and use the points below to summarize the benefits. Anywhere Access – Challenges:A large percentage of today’s workforce spends at least part of their day away from their desk. Limited access to documents, email, calendars and such impacts their productivity and the level of their customer service. In addition, mobile workers need access to more than just email, and without using a VPN.Businesses need a way to meet cutthroat competition while finding new projects & customers.In a competitive marketplace, they need their workforce to have information and answers at their fingertips.Businesses need to provide better/fasterways to show work to their customers.Anywhere Access – Benefits:Anywhere access is important because you want to provide users with access to email and content when they are travelling or away from the office.When you’re trying to get a new customer, you need to have the tools at hand to address their concerns. To this end you also need effective ways to show products and designs to your customer.You also want to be able to create a sense of community when not everyone comes to work everyday in one office.Work Together – Challenges:Consistent applications for all employees means everyone has a similar experience with an application and an interface. Remote and in-house workers have trouble communicating and collaborating when they can’t access the same solutions.Lost time or fragmented experiences from separate point solutions for email, collaboration, instant messaging (IM), or communications security impact collaboration and the timeframe of delivering services. Lack of enterprise messaging and collaboration capabilities impedes team members’ ability to work together on documents and plans.Work Together – Benefits:You want to minimize employee collaboration concerns by providing remote and in-house workers with the same software.A Unified Communications solution improves productivity by enabling people to more easily work together.Easy IT – Challenges:Many companies face a heavy IT burden and feel tied to their servers, distracting IT from working on more strategic activities.Then there are security and reliability fears. Companies fear attacks from spam or viruses—especially if it impacts their customers.Another IT headache comes from problems with integration, functionality, and ease of use.Even when you have a new solution in place, that solution often requires employee training time that IT and the end user don’t have.Easy IT – Benefits:You want to simplify your IT infrastructure.You want IT-level phone support to be always available when you need help.You want to be able to control access to sensitive documents.You want to make sure all the services work with each other out of the box so you can spend less time integrating solutions and more time working on important projects.You need to know that your data is secure and that your systems don’t go down.You need to have a business continuity plan when unfortunate events happen, such as a power outage or natural disaster.Best Value – Challenges: It’s hard to keep track of licensing costs and there’s often confusion over switching licenses. Another issue is the high capital expenses that companies face for server upgrade or replacement. Companies don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing and paying for upgrades and troubleshooting.In addition, more and more companies today are expected to do more with smaller IT budgets and headcounts.And what about the hardware and software that companies already own? There’s a lot of fear over losing current infrastructure investments. Ultimately, while many companies would like the added features and benefits of new solutions, they don’t want to pay for them.Best Value – Benefits:Every dollar counts. You want to make sure you invest in technologies that have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) but also the highest return in end-user productivity.You want to have predictability of your IT cost each month and be able to easily scale up and down.You want to simplify licensing. You don’t want updates and new deployments to be a full-time job but still want to stay up-to-date to the latest technologies.
  • Slide purpose: Explain what Office 365 is at a high level. Keep in mind that most people, when they hear “Office 365”, only hear “Office” and think “Word, PowerPoint, Excel”. When they hear “cloud”, they think “web apps” only, thinking this is only a browser-based version of Office, similar to Google Apps. So it’s important to take your time and labor on these 2 points specifically.How to present this slide: Transition from previous slide by saying, “With all the business challenges they face, we are excited that there is a solution available that makes sense to them.”Overview:Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft.Office 365 includes the latest version of the familiar Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook) that you can run on your PC or laptop. Office 365 offers business class email and calendar, built-in virus and spam protection, the ability to share documents, and capabilities to show presence, do IM and audio/video conferencing.(If you feel customers will know the product names, you can mention this) These are all services powered by our enterprise-grade solutions, Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for document sharing and business processes, Lync Online for IM, presence, and conferencing.All these services are built to work together seamlessly so you can easily start an IM or schedule an online meeting in Outlook or any Office applications. Plus all these services are supported and backed by the same service level agreement (unlike Google who doesn’t support the Google Hangout as part of their SLA).It works perfectly with the Office you know and use so your employeesdon’t have to learn a new tool or require additional training from you.What’s unique with Office 365 too is that it is designed to help you work seamlessly online or offline:Say you are working on a proposal and want to get feedback from your partners or customers, you can start working on it on your own computer, then share it securely [using SharePoint Online] with partners or customers for feedback. They can then access the documents and work on them with you online instead of emailing different versions back and forth. If you go offline, say when on a plane, you can still access the documents and work on them offline [using SharePoint Workspace], and Office 365 will automatically prompt you to upload as soon as you have connections again.What’s also great with that scenario is that when you share a document using Office 365, you can access that document [using Office Web Apps] from anywhere using any major browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). When you open or edit a file with the browser, you can be sure that the formatting you spent hours perfecting will still be perfect. That is not the case with Google Apps.Another thing unique to Office 365 is that these are all business-grade services designed to give you the reliability and security you expect.We do not violate your privacy or confidentiality requirements by using scanning technologies to read your email for targeting advertising like Google does.Additional and optionalbackground info on each of the components:Familiar Office - Office Professional PlusSeamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services—for the best productivity experience across the PC, Mac, Phone and Browser. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).The world’s leading productivity tool now seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud servicesFlexible service offering with pay-as-you-go, per-user licensingThe complete, familiar Office experience with services integration in Office 365 A simplified user setup to preconfigure servicesAlways the latest version of the Office apps, including Office Web AppsODF support: View and edit ODF documents in Office Web Apps.New Browser support: Use Office Web Apps with Chrome and IE9 in native mode. Business email - Exchange OnlineCloud-based email, calendar, and contacts with always-up-to-date protection from viruses and spam.25GB MailboxOutlook and Outlook Web AccessPremium antivirus/anti-spam (Forefront)Shared calendars, contacts, and tasksMobile email for most mobile devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows PhoneEmail archiving and compliance capabilitiesHigh-quality Office document attachment previewing with Outlook Web App and Office Web Apps integration Document sharing - SharePoint Online Keep colleagues, partners and customers in sync and up-to-date on documents using the SharePoint Online Team Site. Central online content storage and management: Faster and easier access to content, easier file sharing with customersPeople search (SharePoint Online): Faster access to internal subject matter experts Post, view, share, and edit important documents, insights, and status with colleagues from almost anywhereKeep teams in sync and manage important projectsUpload docs to the Team Site in a few simple steps.Find important documents and people easilyStay up to date with company information and news Grant access to Team Sites and set permissions10GB per tenant + 500MB per user External sharing and collaboration through Windows LiveID support for SharePoint Partner AccessSharePoint Online addition of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) via WCF endpointSite scalability up to 100,000 usersAbility to connect to lists and document libraries with the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” updateWeb conferencing - Lync OnlineCloud-based instant messaging, presence, and online meeting experiences with PC-audio, video conferencing, and screen sharing. Instant messaging and presence – quickly communicate or check someone’s availability.PC-to-PC audio and video calling - invite colleagues, customers and partners to Lync Online presentations and virtual meetings that include PC-audio, video and web conferencing. Click-to-communicate from Outlook, SharePoint, and other Office Applications Online meetings with PC-audio, video conferencing, and screen sharing - easily schedule online meetings in just a few clicksSingle-click meeting creation and join from Outlook - External participants can also join via a web browser to view meeting contentCalendar integration with Outlook and ExchangeOn-the-go communication and conferencing via Lync mobile clients across multiple platformsApple-device integration with Lync for Mac client, and iPad access
  • Slide purpose: Explain the key benefits of Office 365 at a high level.How to present this slide: Transition from previous slide by saying, “With all the business-grade services designed to work together seamlessly, Office 365 provides tremendous value and benefits to your business. Let’s bring back the 4 areas that we discussed earlier as key benefits that are important to your real estate business. We’ll spend some time to drill down into each one.”
  • Slide purpose: Discuss the top features/benefits of “anywhere access.” Give the audience the opportunity to ask questions or to dive deeper. How to present this slide: Spend a little time explaining what is meant by anywhere access. Then use the points below to get into each topic. Make sure you call out specific things in the screenshots to support your points whenever you can. Overview:As mentioned earlier in the presentation, one of your pressing needs is to provide your users who are always on the go, easy access to their emails, documents, people, and meetings to work more efficiently. You want to make sure no matter where they are, they have secure access to everything without the need for VPN.With Office 365, your people can work from anywhere on nearly any device—PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. As long as they have their device, regardless of whether they’re off-site at a client’s location, in the hotel, or in the office, they have access to the same capabilities, information, and people as everyone else. Even without a laptop, they can still access their mail, calendar, contacts and meetings through their smart phones or any major browser (with Outlook Web App and Lync Mobilefor IM and online meetings).Highly secured email:With Office 365 you can access your email from anywhere from your PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry.You can also log into Outlook Web App on any device with internet access, with any major browsers,including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.Office 365 is powered by Exchange Online, the enterprise-ready mail service with best-in-class virus and spam protection.Office 365 uses SSL, or secure socket layer, encryption. This is the “s” in https for secured websites such as your bank account. This means you can securely transmit data to and from any location. You can also digitally sign and encrypt your emails to protect them from unauthorized access. Office 365 works seamlessly with Outlook with 25 GB user mailboxes and you can send attachments up to 25 MB.You have a single inbox to manage all your emails and voicemails with unified messaging. This saves you the time and hassle of keeping track of all the different ways people can reach you. You can easily stay on top of your information at all times.Lost your phone? You can easily wipe data from your device to prevent any unauthorized access.Outlook Web App in IE9 App Mode gives users the ability to launch OWA with one click and to run it with fewer distractions separated from other browsing sessions. It also keeps users informed of incoming email and IM when minimized or hidden and offers quick access to common OWA commands from the taskbar.
  • People:With Office 365, you have anywhere access to the people you work with so you can get answers faster and get more done wherever you might be.With Lync Online as part of Office 365, you see the presence of everyone in the company whether they are online, busy, in a meeting, away, or offline.It makes a big difference knowing who's online or not because when you need to get something done quickly, you know who you can “ping” (or send an instant message) to get your answers rather than sending an email that will sit in someone’s inbox.Even when you are not in front of your laptop, you can see everyone’s presence and IM them on your smart phone (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android phone) using Lync Mobile. You can also see their presence and IM them when you log into OWA using any major browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome)using Lync Web App.When you are on the go, if you don’t have the contact information such as the cell phone number of one of your colleagues on your phone, you can easily search and find your colleagues full contact information (including their cell phone number) from the company directory right on your smart phone.Because Lync Online is part of Office 365, it is seamlessly connected with Outlook, SharePoint, and other Office applications such as Word, which means you can see people’s presence right inside all these tools and you can IM people directly from Outlook, OWA, Word, and even SharePoint.Plus Lync Online is more than just presence and IM. When you start an instant chat, within the same window, you can escalate into a voice call, drag and drop more people to start a conference call, add video to make it a video conference call, and start sharing your documents or desktop to make it a full online meeting experience without leaving your initial chat window.In addition to Lync, Office 365 provides each user with a My Site on the Intranet which enables you to put up your own professional Facebook-like profile so everyone in the organization knows where you sit in the organization chart and what projects you are working on, content you have built, and colleagues you both know.You can do a keyword search on SharePoint Online and based on the profile, tags, and content your colleagues have built, SharePoint will bring up this person to help you find the internal expert you need. This makes it easier for consultants and healthcare professionals to know who are the experts in what aspects of the field to get answers to customers faster and to share knowledge base to solve problems faster.And of course, from the My Site, because SharePoint Online and Lync Online are connected out of the box, you can see whether they are busy or free (presence) and decide the best way to contact each other.
  • Anywhere access to your shared documents:With Office 365, you can save and manage all your documents with SharePoint Online so you can access them from anywhere and they are backed up automatically.When you are on the go, you can access, review, and add comments to your shared documents on SharePoint Online through the Office Hub for the Windows Phone. Or you can login to SharePoint from any computer and access, review, and do minor edits using Office Web App on just the browser. It’ll work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome so Office doesn’t need to be installed on the device at all. What’s unique about Office 365 is both Office Hub and Office Web App will open Office documents in full fidelity, meaning that by opening up a file on a phone or in a browser, it won’t mess up the formatting at all. You might have spent hours perfecting the formatting of a document so you don’t want to mess it up last minute when you just need to view or make a minor change.When you go offline,SharePoint Workspace provides a seamlessexperience by syncing the shared documents on your personal machine so you can open them even when you are not connected to SharePoint. If you make any edits while offline, it will automatically upload for you when you are online again. When you save and manage all your documents within SharePoint, you no longer need to email large files back and forth when you are collaborating. SharePoint Online will manage version control for you too so you don’t have to worry about multiple versions in your inbox with conflicting edits or choosing the wrong version of a document.SharePoint Online also supports collaboration online so you and your colleagues can access and edit on the same document together.What is Office Web Apps? Office Web Apps are an online companion to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote to let you view and edit documents using just a web browser. They have the same familiar user interfaces as the Office applications and are fully compatible so your documents always look the way you expect them to.
  • Anywhere access to shared calendar and online meetings:Many of us have multiple appointments to go to everyday and some of those might change throughout the day so it is important to be able to access your calendar from anywhere, view the details of the appointments, and join online meetings even when you are on the go.With Office 365, you can connect your smart phone to your Outlook calendar so you can keep track of your next appointment, set up new meetings (that will sync back to Outlook when you get back to the office), and send one-click "I'll be late" messages to the organizer when you get stuck in traffic (Windows Phone only).Office 365 makes it really easy to update calendars and provide detailed information for each appointment. This is especially important for jobs like a dispatcher who organizes schedules for service calls and need to provide detailed appointment information for all the technicians.When you are on the go, you can easily join online meetings from anywhere using OWA or from Lync Mobile on your smart phone. Instead of punching in conference ID and participant ID, Lync mobile will call you on your mobile phone to connect you to the conference call. You can even follow along with a presentation from your phone when the presenter uses PowerPoint Broadcasting, part of Office 365.
  • Slide purpose: For the next four slides, discuss how Office 365 helps people work better together. Give the audience the opportunity to ask questions or to go deeper. How to present this slide: Review each of the bullet points and then provide additional detail with the points below.Overview:We understand in order to be productive and differentiate yourself from competitors, it is very important that the technology you use supports you to work together easily and effectively within your organization and with your partners and customers.Share insights - improved information flow:In order to work together effectively, you need to be able to share insights and improve information flow.With SharePoint, you can save all the documents,pictures, inventory database, meeting notes, and project timeline centrally and make them easily searchable by everyone in the company so you can share insights, real time data, expertise, and project status openly and more effectively.You can provide external users with secured extranet access to project sites or documents so it is easier to share confidentialinformation and larger files with partners and customers.
  • Effective meetings for enhanced communications:With Office 365 you can schedule online [Lync]meetings with colleagues, partners, and customers, even if they are not using Lync or Office 365.The online meeting includes audio, video, IM, screen sharing, and white boarding for maximum and effective communications regardless of whether the team is in the same building or spread around the world.You can create and share OneNote meeting notes within a Lync meeting to keep everyone on the same page.With Office 365, you can see the free/busy status on all your colleagues’ calendars (through Outlook) from around the world, making it easy for scheduling with multiple people.Office 365 offers multi-language support for international organizations.Lync includes instant translation for IM.Note: If you are using Lync for the webinar, which you should, you should call that out now and if time permits, do a quick demo of white boarding, survey, or annotations to make it more interactive and fun.
  • Editing documents at the same time:With SharePoint Online, you can save and share your files online easily with others — even with people not using Office 365— and you can work in the same document at the same time as others, so you don’t have to email them back and forth, worry about version conflicts, or wait for others to finish and check back in the documents before you can go in.SharePoint Online does a good job managing multiple authors within the same document by locking a particular section of a document when one person is editing.Because all the services are connected, when you have multiple authors within the same document, you will see their names and presence and you can start an IM within Office to talk about the changes while you are editing.
  • Cross-platform support:To truly make it easy to work together, Office 365 supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian.More specifically, the screenshots you see here are of Lync Mobile on a Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android.With Office Web Apps available on all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, you can work together on any computer with an internet connection.
  • Slide purpose: For the next 4 slides, discuss how Office 365 simplifies life for IT staff. You should give the audience the opportunity to ask questions during this slide. How to present this slide: Provide an overview of what we mean by Easy IT, then review each of the 4 points,provide additional detail with the notes below, and close with reading out loud the customer quotes.Overview:Because Office 365 is a hosted or cloud-based service supported and run by Microsoft, it simplifies the world of IT for you and gives you the peace of mind you need, still allowing you to have control over what you care about. The following slides highlight some of the features that exemplify this benefit. Simplify IT management:Office 365 is designed to be easy to set up and manage, even for non-technical types. You get productivity, communication, and collaboration capabilities designed to work together and with the tools you’re already using so you can spend less time dealing with integration problems and add-ons. For example, Exchange Online was architected to work flawlessly with Outlook. It can also support Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).You get access to easy-to-use admin controls and the ability to install Office without uninstalling previous versions, all backed by industry-leading security features and a 99.9% financially-backed uptime guarantee.Theeasy-to-use web-based admin console makes it easy to add or delete users, manage email, and set document sharing policies.You can install Office quickly and speed up deployment and testing by being able to run side-by-side with your existing Office applications.Service health portal and RSS feeds to provide up-to-date service availability information.Remote PowerShell to allow scripting of routine tasks and access to raw data for reports.IT-friendly service-update policies that put you in control.All collaboration tools are designed to work together just out of the box. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Troubleshooting support tool is a free, comprehensive self-help solution giving you the ability to solve questions or issues they may have with the Office 365 suite or services.Integration with Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Security and Compliance:Office 365 provides multiple virus scanning engines, built into Exchange Online, that deliver up-to-date antivirus and anti-spam protection through filters. The end result is that IT staff can worry less about malicious software and focus their efforts on more productive areas.Remote wipe gives a user or IT administrator the ability to remove all organizational data on a mobile device.You can control mobile devices more securely with policies that enable you to create approved mobile device lists, enforce PIN lock, and remove confidential company data from lost phones.You can protect confidential and sensitive business information using data loss prevention.Role-based access control (RBAC) gives IT staff the ability to maintain control over who has access to what, setting permissions for internal and external (customers, partners) access to team and file-sharing sites.
  • Business continuity:To help protect against data center–wide or localized network failures Office 365 delivers continuous data back-up to geo-redundant servers to protect against data center-wide failures, loss, accidental deletion, or corruption. Microsoft data centers are built from the ground up to be environmentally sustainable.Locations around the world in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia help optimize performance.Microsoft data centers use state-of-the-art hardware and redundant power supplies.99% financially backed SLA:Office 365 also includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee with a financially-backed service level agreement. That means less worry for IT.
  • 24/7 IT SupportOffice 365 subscribers get global 24/7 IT professional phone support even for single-user outages or support through electronic ticketing. all plans have access to moderated community support. This delivers peace of mind that help is always there as well as faster problem resolution. Most subscriptions enable customers to create support tickets anytime they are needed.Subscribers can alsocall Microsoft support and talk to live support engineers.Microsoft has support centers around the globe, with local phone numbers in more than38 countries, as well as phone support in 20 languages, either with native speakers or through interpreters.(Another great point to mention if you have time)Out of the box:The management tools that come with Office 365 delivers full control to IT, without the need for additional management tools.Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint tools for building, testing, and packaging Sandboxed Solutions.“The reason to move to the cloud was so I did not have to staff up with skilled IT resources.”1"Office 365 is intuitive and easy to set up, making it a natural choice for our IT needs." Dick van Weering, IT Manager, GITP
  • Slide purpose: Discuss the top value benefits of Office 365. Give the audience the opportunity to ask questions or to go deeper. How to present this slide: Explain what we mean by “best value”, then review each of the 4 points,provide additional detail with the notes below, and close with reading out loud the customer quotes.OverviewEspecially true for Real Estate companies, people are your most valuable asset. So invest in the best tools so they can be at their best, all the time. Office 365 provides the best value based on what you get and what you need. Let me explain…Minimal upfront costs:No hardware investment is required for Office 365. You get the latest enterprise tools—including business-class email with 25-gigabyte (GB) mailboxes without having to invest in a server infrastructure or upgrade. You eliminate associated server maintenance when you eliminate your server(s). You just deploy quickly and easily and then manage your Office 365 services and users from a single, central administration console.Office 365 is based on services that are familiar to your workers, which means less time spent educating workers on new applications.You get a suite of integrated productivity capabilities, so you can minimize the cost and hassle of integrating point solutions.
  • Easy to scaleWith Office 365, you get predictable monthly costs with a variety of available plans, based on what your users require. If you have kiosk workers such as baristas or truck drivers who don't need the full Office but require access to emails and HR SharePoint sites, you can choose the K (Kiosk) plan for those users which is much cheaper than the E plan. As a result, you are able to provide some productivity tools to these users which you have never been able to afford before. Users on kiosk plans can access email and SharePoint simply through a browser.If you have seasonal workers, you can easily add and delete users as you need them. You are able to provide these workers the same and latest versions of Microsoft technologieswithout having to purchase perpetual licenses outright.
  • Per User LicenseSimplified per-user rather than per-device licensing of Office Professional Plus (as part of Office 365 E3 or E4 plans)Less time spent tracking licenses, more options for users as you can install Office in up to 5 devices per user
  • Always currentWhen you subscribe to Office 365, you will always be using the latest versions of Microsoft technologies.A subscription to Office 365 Plan E3 or E4 includes a subscription to Office Professional Plus 2010, giving you access to the latest Microsoft Office productivity suite without having to purchase licenses outright. You can easily standardize so everyone in the company uses the same and latest version of Office, regardless of when they last purchase a PC or laptopNote: Office Professional Plus 2010 includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, SharePoint Workspace, and Lync, plus Office Web Apps.
  • Purpose of this slide: Now that you have discussed what you and customers think about Office 365, you can add additional credibility by showing what industry experts are saying. Use this slide as additional proof for the value and benefits of Office 365. How to present this slide: A section of a quote will display on click, read the entire quote to the audience (below) to provide full context. Intro optionsIf you need more convincing, here’s what industry analysts are saying about Office 365.Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some industry analysts have to say about Office 365. Analyst quotes“It’s in a different league entirely and represents a leap into the next generation of computing.” Microsoft’s Office 365 Will Shake Up IT Edward Moltzen, CRN  "A one-week examination of Office 365's beta by the CRN Test Center finds much more than just a simple, online suite of productivity tools. Microsoft has turned the heart and soul of day-to-day computing over to the cloud in a manner that every enterprise, business or government entity can access in a meaningful way." Interesting.- The Guardian April 19, 2011 “Starting at $6 per seat per month, Office 365 is almost a no-brainer for small and medium companies … it is an exercise well worth the effort because odds are fair that Office 365 will essentially pay for itself. – Tony Bradley, PC World “My first look at Office 365 leaves me rather impressed with what Microsoft has accomplished so far. It’s a solid package for businesses that want the convenience of cloud-based applications while preserving the look and feel of the tools for users and IT staff alike.”—eWeek “For individuals and small businesses, these capabilities were so far beyond reach before that they might as well have not existed. But once you tie Office to the hosted services in Office 365, these apps come to life in ways that are both exciting and empowering to users.”—Windows IT Pro “It’s the real deal, and it blows away Google Apps.” The 15 Best Products Of 2011 by Edward Moltzen
  • Slide purpose: Use this slide to show that Office 365 is a flexible solution and can accommodate the unique work scenarios for different midsize customers or industries. How to use this slide: Take advantage of the information below to explain the four user segments on the slide. Use the industry examples to connect with your audience.Information Workers:Organizations where the majority of workers use PCs throughout the day, such as law firms, financial services, consulting, and design agenciesYou will want to make sure everyone has access to personal productivity tools (Office Professional Plus) and be able to create extranets so they can share files and documents externally with partners and customers. Kiosk Workers:Companies that have workers without an assigned PC or without easy access to email and information sites, such as shop floor workers, retail workers, factory workers, and medical professionals.It used to be too expensive to provide these workers with any productivity services, but with Office 365 K plans, you can now afford to provide corporate emails to them, allow them to access internal sites such as HR portal, and most importantly, include all of them in one central company directory (GAL).Example industries include manufacturing, medical services, retail, transportation, and hospitality. Seasonal Workers:Companies that have seasonal fluctuations in sales and demand and need to hire a large number of workers within a short period of time and provide them with access to tools, applications, and information.You will need an IT infrastructure where it is super easy to provision new users and delete them when the demand is over.Example industries include tax services, sports equipment rental, hospitality. Remote Workers:Companies that need to support a high number of remote workers such as IT or Professional ServicesYou need an IT infrastructure that supports online and offline access, mobile emails, anywhere access to documents and contacts, and has a communication platform that helps create a sense of community. (another one to add if you have time)Multiple Locations:Companies that have disbursed branch offices or multiple locations such as retailers, banking, restaurantsEasier way to deploy and manage a common communication and collaboration solution across an organization in many separate locations.
  • Slide purpose: To show the variety of licensing options available to meet customers’ unique needs. How to present this slide: Review the options on the slide, and utilize the additional notes below to answer questions from the audience, or to provide additional context. This is a great segue from the previous slide when we describe how Office 365 fits different companies and needs.Additional informationMonthly or annual billing provides flexibility and control of IT costs.With monthly billing you can scale up or down as needed and only pay for what you need.New feature plans help customers get the most out of the service at the best possible value.Combining an enterprise plan with a kiosk plan is easy so you can supply the capabilities needed for different user needs.
  • Slide purpose: Now that the audience is excited about the cloud and Office 365, use this slide to talk about the topics they should "understand" and "explore" as they are thinking about their next steps. Balance the topics of attention with the unique value of Office 365 to win against competitors. How to present this slide: Animation starts with the list of topics under "understand", then "explore". UnderstandThese are topics you want to understand and feel good about as you are thinking about making the cloud work for you. Features and roadmapSingle sign onAn integrated experience across all productivity servicesLong term commitment from the vendor on the product roadmapTrack record of building enterprise-ready productivity tools Data security and complianceData privacy policy that keeps people from sharing informationCompliant to standards you care about SupportHas a support SLA you feel comfortable withPhone support versus email only ControlLevel of access control you needAbility to control license cost the way you wantExploreThese are the topics you would want to explore and chat with a partner to make sure you have all the information and support you need to make this a smooth transition. MigrationThis includes data migration of mailboxes to Exchange Online and documents from public folders to SharePoint Online.Successful and painless migration requires careful planning.It’s best to work with a partner, either for training the internal IT staff on how to migrate or actually performing the migration. LOB integrationChat with a partner on how Office 365 could integrate with your existing LOB applications.Explore the idea of migrating a legacy system to a cloud-based application that works well with Office 365, e.g., Dynamics CRM Online. WorkflowsCompanies that have custom mail or document workflows built into their existing infrastructure should explore how the migration to Office 365 will affect these business processes.This solution could optimize existing workflows by leveraging built-in capabilities of Exchange Online and/or SharePoint Online. Partner solutionsExplore what partner services and solutions are available in Office 365 Marketplace that will be useful for your company.
  • Slide purpose: Use this slide to help drive people toward action. Offer them several reasons to come back. How to use this slide: Customize this slide with the calls to action that are most appropriate for your audience. Example next steps Schedule a free IT assessment View a full Office 365 product demo Try the service on www.office365.com Read testimonials on www.whymicrosoft,com
  • Nawbo presentation

    1. 1. We still need to get our work done when We have to make sure everything works on we are travelling. everyone’s mobile devices.In some cases, we want more control over what tools some of our employees have.Managing complex infrastructure takes our IT staff We are cost conscious nowadays more than ever. away from the important projects.
    2. 2. "IT professionals have
    3. 3. per day.” - Jan Najvárek, Co-Owner, ARTIN, s.r.o
    4. 4. “We are enjoying improved business continuity, so we have better and more reliable customer service.” - Paraic Nolan, Finance Director, Big Red Book
    5. 5. “… with Office 365, issues get quickly resolved byMicrosoft professionals and the extensive online Office365 community.” - Doug Green, Sales Engineer & Marketing Manager, PSI Solutions
    6. 6. "Instead of a big upfront cost, we have a smaller, predictable monthly cost." - Byron Nutley, Vice President of Business Operations, Zyvex Technologies
    7. 7. "The economics of Microsoft Office 365 is a big benefit to us—we can
    8. 8. "We no longer need to allocate funds to obtainingnew licenses or upgrades. “That’s a massive costsavings—and helps drive consistency across theorganization.” - Kristian Wachtell, Cardiologist, SKARF
    9. 9. that cost will prohibit usfrom giving employees access to the latestcapabilities." - Travis Morrison, Senior Systems Administrator, New Belgium Brewing