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Flowers for algernon task card


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This is a great project for teachers to use with the short story "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. It has students work in groups to extend their critical thinking about issues presented in the story.

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Flowers for algernon task card

  1. 1. A Deeper look at “Flowers for Algernon”• Learning Outcome: The student will use multimedia components in a presentation to• strengthen claims• Common Core Standard/GLE: SL.8.5—Integrate multimedia and visual displays into presentations to clarify information, strengthen claims and evidence, and add interest.• Description of Lesson: This is an extension activity for the short story “Flowers for Algernon”. Students will work with a group of four to complete the activity and will select one activity to complete. Students will create . a multimedia presentation for the class explaining their findings. Suggested Partnering Tip:1. Activity One: Read the novel Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. Create a book report to present to the class which explains the differences between the novel and the short story we Ask yourself: Where read in class. Your report should specifically address differences in plot, relationships with other could I give my students characters, and the resolution of each story . You may choose any presentation format you more choice in what would like to use but be prepared to answer any questions presented by your classmates. they use, do, or study,2. Create a visual representation of Charlie’s changing intelligence. You can create an Excel and still achieve learning spreadsheet, a table or chart analyzing Charlie’s progress reports. Your data should include I am looking for? Then three journal entries at the beginning of the story, three from the middle, and three near the ask your students the end for your analysis. Include data such as number of words in each sentence, average number same thing. Implement of misspelled words, count sentence fragments, and the number of words which contain two, the best ideas. Collect three, or four syllables. Explain how this changing data was critical to understanding the plot of feedback on how they the story.3. Research IQ (intelligence quotient) and the Rorschach Inkblot Test. Prepare a mock test for your work. Share the best class to participate in your presentation. Inform us about what the test is designed to measure, results. how accurate the test is considered to be, and what the findings may represent.4. Think about what the author was saying about the real world in this story. Identify three issues Student Choice Activity and analyze how Keyes conveys the importance through the characters and plot of the story. Create a presentation for the class with prepared discussion questions. Can you connect real world issue s occurring now to what Keyes wrote about?