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NAIS 2013 to flip or not to flip


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Published in: Education
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NAIS 2013 to flip or not to flip

  1. 1. To Flip or Not to Flip: Practical Lessons LearnedChris Bigenho, Greenhill School, TXJason Kern, The Oakridge School, TXLorri Carroll, Hamden Hall Country Day School, CT
  2. 2. What is "The Flip"?• instruction delivered at home, mostly through videos• moves "homework" to the classroom• gives students the ability to replay lessons• allows more individualized teacher support• more time for deeper learning
  3. 3. Chris Experiences Perspective Epistemic Stance Teaching / Learning
  4. 4. What does TEACHING look like?
  5. 5. Physics of Sports- Prior Knowledge
  6. 6. Flipped Content- Simulations
  7. 7. Class Experimentation
  8. 8. Artifact of Understanding Is this for real?
  9. 9. Algebra- Upside Down
  10. 10. Algebra- Upside Down
  11. 11. Algebra- Upside Down
  12. 12. The Snow Day Flip
  13. 13. Things to Consider...1. Level of Engagement (Passive/Active)2. Student Accountability3. Philosophy on Homework4. What does it mean to teach and learn?
  14. 14. Jasons Experiences• Flipped Senior Economics• Worked with teachers to flip units in Middle School math, science, history and foreign language• What is the best use of your time in class?
  15. 15. What if....
  16. 16. Why Flip"A picture says a thousand words"
  17. 17. Why Flip?Allow time for more classroom discussion,exploration and cooperative learning
  18. 18. Why Flip?Create a resource that can be revisited
  19. 19. Why Flip?To help differentiate/personalize instruction
  20. 20. Why Not?You already have an inquiry driven project based classroomExplore - Flip - Apply content/uploads/2012/03/science-experiments-for- kids.jpg
  21. 21. Why Not?A lesson requires direct instruction or storytelling that cannot be duplicated outside of class g
  22. 22. What is the bestuse of your time in class?
  23. 23. Lorris Experiences• My first attempt at a flipped class
  24. 24. What worked? What didnt?• had more time for • students didnt interesting problems always watch videos• students were able to • difficult to hold rewind lessons students accountable• students had • students said videos individualized were too long and attention during class boring
  25. 25. Flipped Class - Take 2!
  26. 26. and the accountability...
  27. 27. What worked? What didnt?• moved basic skills to • videos take a long time a short intro video to create• students liked hearing • assessments take a "me" long time to create• I had immediate • some students did not feedback/ data to have consistent access guide activity in class to tech • couldnt watch videos on all devices
  28. 28. Then... THEY flipped!
  29. 29. LLink to video
  30. 30. Questions??
  31. 31. Resources Flipped Learning Network
  32. 32. NAIS13 Flipped Class - Session
  33. 33. Contact InfoLorri Carroll @lcarroll94Chris Bigenho @bigenhocJason Kern @jasonmkern