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Long Time, No See? Join Us


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Long Time, No See? is an evolving, publicly generated artwork about long term visions, tangible commitment and collective imagining

Published in: Design
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Long Time, No See? Join Us

  2. 2. Register on the Long Time, No See? website.www.long-time-no-see.orgFrom this website, also download the SettingYour Compass booklet and the Fieldbook.Download the app for your iPhone OR accessthe web interface for other smartphones( Bookmarkthis for future use or create a shortcut.Spend some time reading and writing in theSetting Your Compass booklet. This is intendedto provoke some reflection about futuringand care. It provides you with an opportunityto position yourself in relation to someimportant questions. You could do this withsomeone else and have a conversation aboutthe questions.Read the Fieldbook, taking specific note of thepreparatory and safety instructions.With mobile device and Fieldbook at the ready,follow the prompts and mark your walk.Join the Long Time, No See? Facebook groupand share your experiences.Remember—you are encouraged make morethan one contribution.As part of Long Time, No See?, you areinvited to contribute your path to the future.From 14 June you will be able to access thedocumentation and apps that enable you toparticipate and create content.On 14 June, as part of ISEA 2013’s ElectricNights event to be held in Parramatta, theLong Time, No See? project will be unveilingthe realised artwork in conjunction with ICE.Participation is easy and designed to be DIY.Just follow these steps: