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Storytelling & Transformation


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Presentation given to NEISD Principals demonstrating how technology is transforming the classroom and student learning.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Storytelling & Transformation

  1. 1. Storytelling & Transformation Lisa Carnazzo @SAtechnoChic @CarnazzosClass
  2. 2. Photos by Leigh Anne Roeber
  3. 3. Images via:
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  5. 5. a of being able to I love the ide hter is doing at see what my daug re it with her school and sha by email, so they grandparents e involved in her can b activities too. M. Acevedo
  6. 6.
  7. 7. The seamless integration of technology into my son's daily homework ritual has made it an enjoyable experience for he and I. Gone are the nights where bribery was the only trick that would do the trick! Thank You! Christela
  8. 8. Making Global Connections
  9. 9. s with pictures receiving tweet I love children are activities the of the ssons they are oing and the le d my son about a ning. I can ask lear alk about his he starts to t project and more informed. y. I feel much da J. McGill
  10. 10. -Our acti viti es -Our ning lear
  11. 11. -We post d igital artifa cts of our learni ng -Cool thing s we ge t to do
  12. 12. -Our Mu sic te acher -Our arian libr -Our asst. principal
  13. 13. ents par -Our Techno logy i n my child' s clas sroom year h this as bee n incred ible. It has pushed me as parent a to ste p out my com of fort z one an prepar d is ing my child a futu for re ful l of techno logica l advanc es. T. Ver a
  14. 14. -Other primary grade classes around the world
  15. 15. Global Projects
  16. 16. Day Dot Augmented Reality
  17. 17. Our Really Exciting Online (OREO) Project Oreo Stacking Projects by Jen
  18. 18. Comparing and tweeting our results with other classes globally
  19. 19. Riddles oubles D videos Math
  20. 20. hild is learning joy the way my c I truly en l prepare our nology, this wil through tech School, High e future(Middle kids for th technology won't d College). New School an nd she won't be ng task to her a be a daunti lly I like the d of it. Persona scare and updates you posts you have constant o us parents. forward over t J. Mayen
  21. 21. Are you telling your story?