Presentazione Hp E Health Conference


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Digital Hospital is the new patient-centric paradigm for advanced healthcare

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Presentazione Hp E Health Conference

  1. 1. Roma - 14 aprile 2011 Digital Hospital 2.0Il paziente al centrodell’Ospedaledel futuroLorenzo Capodicasa ZemellaHP Technology Consulting 1
  2. 2. Roma - 14 aprile 2011 HP DIGITAL HOSPITAL POSITIONING Discovery& Clinical Mfg & Marketing Primary PaymentDevelopment trials Distribution and sales Care Healthcare Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Healthcare Payers Providers Biotech Pharma Medical Devices Private Hospitals Government Genomics Drug Discovery Medical Imaging Govt Hospitals Hospital & Medical Service Plans Proteomics Drug Delivery Cardio Devices Home Care Accident & Health Bioinformatics OTC Orthopedic Devices Telemedicine Insurance Agrotech Generics Diagnostics Surgical Biomaterials Research & Manufacturing Services 2
  3. 3. Roma - 14 aprile 2011 HOSPITAL DRIVERS TO CHANGE• Budget pressure o Patients require a high level care service but budgets are being cut and compressed. The latest advances in technology, and the design of new process and workflows help to increase productivity, provide a higher quality of care and improve patient safety and satisfaction thus reshaping cost patterns• Hospitals are changing from episodic to integrated care o Hospital patients often begin at ground zero after admissions, with work-up, diagnosis and then treatment. In the integrated model a longitudinal medical record follows a patient in time, capturing information on treatments, lab tests, incidents, prescriptions and other data allowing Health Care providers to avoid duplicated tests and services and make more informed decisions• Focus on acute Clinical Treatments o With the evolution of research many illnesses are becoming chronic and the treatment can be delivered at home freeing up resources for providing a better treatment to acute pathologies. Tele Medicine and Home care allows this shift in treatments through different methodologies and instruments.• Integrated Communication and Collaboration o All the people participating in the care cycle of a patient needs to share and be updated with the latest information about the patient and made to collaborate and communicate efficiently. Integrated communications can be made available to patients at the bed side also for regulatory educational programs for hospitalized students.• Hospital operations monitoring o Capture, analyze and present real-time performance about clinical, technological and people processes, supporting continuous improvement for optimal clinical and financial outcomes, real-time performance optimization and risk minimization• Asset Tracking o Prioritize and minimize Investments in Biomedical Devices by maximizing utilization through real time information on availability and localization 3
  4. 4. Roma - 14 aprile 2011DIGITAL HOSPITAL 2.0: A CLOSER LOOK TO THE VISION 4
  5. 5. Roma - 14 aprile 2011HOSPITAL INFRASTRUCTURE IS FRAGMENTED TODAY Nurse Call Patient TV Door Opener Phone Mobile ward round Intercom Systems CCTV (PBX) AGV (Robot) Telephones Paper DECT/Pager Medical Devices RFID WiFi Client PC Hospital Applications Light Blinds Heating Facility Control ERP, PACS, CIS, HIS, LAB, DWH 5
  6. 6. Roma - 14 aprile 2011 INTEGRATED HOSPITAL INFRASTRUCTUREPatient terminal IP phones IP wireless MDA/ PC Mobile Pager Nurses’ phones PDA phones portal (SMS) GSM OPC, SMTP, SMNP LAN/WLAN HP Engine PACS IP converter I/O signal EPR ESPA 4.4.4 converter EHC Laboratory etc. Nurse call Patient monitoring Facility Digital Pen WiFi tags medical equipment control Everything over IP – IP Everywhere 6
  7. 7. Roma - 14 aprile 2011 HP DIGITAL HOSPITAL FRAMEWORK Hospital messaging & InfrastructureVertical PACS Distributed alerts Tele Medicine SecurityApplications Patient bedside Networking and Information Mobile nurse call and Collaboration and RFID enabledHER, EMR interactive services Distribution Electronic Nurse Portal Monitoring asset tracking & Whiteboards solutions WorkstationsDigital and Real Time location Communications Kiosks, Point of Remote Medical solutions Facility Control andBiometric Signature Services Point of Care Assistance Equipment Medical Archiving EnvironmentStrong Medical team Mobile Devices Digital Signage Appliance Control Solution monitoringAuthentication assemblyApplication Integration Unified Communications Workflows, BPM Digital Hospital Integration Engine and Collaboration IP Telephony Contact Center C Networking IP & Optical wired and wireless L V O Server & Storage Printers & Paperless PCs, Thin Clients & WorkStations D U I D Data Center Facilities 7
  8. 8. Roma - 14 aprile 2011 DIGITAL HOSPITAL BUSINESS VALUE FRAMEWORK ULTIMATE BUSINESS GOAL HIGH QUALITY PATIENT CARE AT REASONABLE COST COST CONTAINMENT COMPLIANCE QUALITY OF CARE PATIENT THROUGHPUTEXECUTIVE KPIs --------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------(Direction) Cut Operating Expense 100% compliance Minimizing Medical Errors Increase: 10% per year In-patients LENGTH OF VIOLATION per bed perCORE KPIs COST ERROR RATE STAY RATE year(Direction) ------------- --------------- ------------------------ ------------- ------------------ 5% Decrease Errors: 0% in 5 years ---- 10% Decrease ---------- Decrease Increase Adopt IT for Create Innovative, Error-proof, BUSINESS INITIATIVES Cut Enterprise (Strategy/Priority Language) Process and Productivity more Productive Digital Clinical Costs Improvement Processes • Adhere to all compliance requirements • Decrease costs per • Reduce cost of IT Clinical • 100% compliance Offer more patient Productivity bill and per claim • Integrate Information • 100% Data care options every Increase 10%OPERATING KPIs • Decrease cost of • Secure Information Integration year -------------------- compliance • Use of analytics in -------------------- Clinical &------------------------------- -------------------- ----------------------- ALL decision making CollaborativePROCESS/FUNCTION IT Solutions Implementation in time, in Patient Process Design -------------------- Treatment Teams communications budget Disease Mgmt. Datacenter Reduce HP SOLUTION Economics Technology & Business Intelligence Security Unified Complexity and INITIATIVES aligned to Information & Analytics, Service Mgmt Communication Cost of IT Dynamic Governance Integration Mobility & Messaging Infrastructure Business Needs 8
  9. 9. Roma - 14 aprile 2011 THE DIGITAL HOSPITAL PARADIGM TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PEOPLEDigital Hospital Value Proposition: Supporting the continuum of patient care with clinical solutions and the pervasive integration of technology and data, enabling a real-time information environment and intelligent, automated workflow 9
  10. 10. Roma - 14 aprile 10